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Port Charles Update Wednesday 7/24/02

By Beth
Proofread by John

As Alison waits in the park, Jack returns from Pizza Shack, complaining because they wouldn't deliver to a park bench. Alison would have eaten at Pizza Shack, but he wanted to do something a little different. He opens the pizza box and shows her a special pizza for her twenty-first birthday. She had forgotten all about it because of everything that's happened, but Jack couldn't forget. He even put a candle on the pizza for her, which he lights and she blows out. As he pours two glasses of champagne, Alison admits she isn't really into birthdays. She thinks spending time with friends is more important. They talk about all they've been through in the past year. Jack will never forget how she stood by him all through the vampire trouble, and Alison remembers that Jack was the first person to believe she was telling the truth about Rebecca. They both think they're lucky to have each other. They make a toast and reminisce about the first time they met. She had him posing as her boyfriend Chandler in an attempt to make Jamal jealous and fool her grandmother. Jack admits he thought she was a nutcase, but looking at her fondly, he says she's changed. They all have. It seems like such a long time ago, and they never thought things would turn out this way. Jack makes another toast, which makes Alison cry. She misses Rafe so much. Telling her it's all right to cry, Jack holds her.

Alison apologizes for getting upset. She spent so long believing that Livvie was lying, but for once she was actually telling the truth. She doesn't blame Rafe for accepting responsibility, but it really hurts. How is she going to get through it? Jack may have an answer, at least for the time being. He's up for a photography job with a cycling magazine, but they want to see a portfolio. Since he doesn't have one, he would like Alison to be his model so that he can take a lot of photos right away. She scoffs at the idea at first, but he talks her into it. They make a toast to new adventures and new beginnings. Now pretty tipsy, they play at taking and posing for photos. Alison stands on the bench and pretends to be a model. Jack helps her down but they fall to the ground. Jack looks as if he wants to kiss Alison.

Ian carries Livvie to the couch and checks her vitals while a worried Rafe hovers. Still out of it, Livvie starts moaning about a monster growing inside her, causing Rafe and Ian to exchange a conspiratorial look. Livvie awakens, and Ian assures her that the baby is okay. When Rafe tells her there's no monster, Livvie worries that she said too much. Then she admits she heard them talking about a monster and just lost it. That's when she fainted. Although she knows she felt the baby kick, Ian says that's not possible. It's probably just her body adjusting to the pregnancy. He has Summer, one of the nurses, check her out while he takes Rafe aside to talk. He warns Rafe that since Livvie is frightened of otherworldly things, they should keep their earlier conversation between the two of them. Rafe agrees and mentions how hard it is to deal with the Avatar. Vampires have a pattern, needing to come out into the open to feed, but the Avatar works in a much more insidious way. People think it's a hero, and they come to trust and depend on it. Eventually they're under its control, and it's too late to do anything about it. The host body can be killed, but it will find another one. Livvie calls to Rafe, and Ian says he can take her home, warning him to keep her calm. Livvie asks Summer about her biology class, and Summer thanks her for her help in passing. She owes Livvie for that. Livvie wants Rafe to tell her everything he knows about the Avatar. Rafe says he doesn't want her to get worked up about this. He knows she gets freaked out by this kind of thing. Livvie isn't happy to hear that he knows about Caleb, but Rafe assures her he understands. He's glad he knows. He promises there's nothing to be afraid of now. Thinking about what happened the night the Avatar tracked her down in the woods, she pulls away, scared. Rafe tells her that nothing will hurt her or the baby.

Kate approaches Ian and asks how things are going with the shadow man. He plays it down, saying he thinks it's just some guy out for attention. He then asks about her trip to New York, specifically asking about her boyfriend. Kate becomes suspicious of all his questions, but he says he's just being a friend. She then lists some of the things they did while she was in town. When she mentions Chinese food, Ian says he he has a craving for some, and invites her to join him. She declines, claiming she's too tired from her trip. Ian asks himself why she's lying to him.

Now in their new apartment, Livvie rests on the couch while Rafe goes to get the rest of their things from the car. She worries about what she's done. Just outside the door, Rafe feels as if he should be with Alison, but he knows he can't. He has to focus on the baby and his life with Livvie. He also has to deal with the Avatar. Livvie dozes off and has a nightmare in which she is holding the baby and Rafe takes on look and calls it a monster. She wakes up screaming.

In the woods, the Avatar hears a woman's blood-curdling scream and runs toward it. Soon, it stands over a bloody, wounded man and utters one word. "Shame." It goes to the park fountain and washes the blood off its hands.

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