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Port Charles Update Tuesday 7/23/02

by Beth

Ricky's gig in New York doesn't live up to his expectations. The hotel is a dump and the sound system at the club is a joke. It's a lousy excuse for a tour and certainly not worth having Karen take time off work. Karen sits down with him and points out that he's been upset the entire time. He's had something to say about everything except what's really on his mind: Casey. He admits seeing Marissa really has him thinking about Casey. She looks just like her and it really freaked him out. Karen explains that she doesn't want him to forget her; it's okay to talk about her. Ricky says she's a subject that's really hard to talk about. He's angry that she's gone. She deserved a longer life and a chance to see New York. When they first met, all she wanted to do was see the city. Now he's here, but she never made it. Gently, Karen says that life isn't fair and that he and Casey were lucky to have the time they did together. Ricky feels lucky to have Karen in his life. He doesn't want to live in the past. Karen thinks they should stop doing things they don't want to do, and start doing what they do want. With this in mind, they make love. Afterward, Ricky lies awake thinking about Casey. Now he understands why it was so important for her to get to New York, and he wishes she could have made it.

While waiting for her mother to meet her in the park, Marissa again looks at Ricky's photo of Casey. Jamal is there for moral support. Marissa is convinced her mother would never lie to her about this. It's crazy. She's not going to ask her. Her mother arrives and Marissa introduces her to Jamal. When she asks what's so important, Marissa shows her the photo and asks point blank whether she's her sister. Teresa, her mother, acts amazed by the resemblance but insists that Marissa's twin died at birth. Marissa is relieved, because she'd hate to think she's been lied to all these years. Jamal seems suspicious but doesn't say anything. Teresa asks some questions about Casey and her family. Marissa explains that she had a very unhappy childhood and was bounced around from one foster home to another. She's glad Casey's not her sister, because it would be hard to live knowing she had a great life when her sister had it so bad. Hearing this, Teresa bursts into tears and admits the truth. Marissa is stunned. All she ever talked about growing up was how she missed her twin, even though she didn't even know her. She hated herself for living when her sister had died. Jamal steps in and urges her to let her mother talk. Teresa explains that she and her husband were very young when the twins were born. They didn't have any money to take care of them, so they gave them both away. Then he got a job, and they fought to get both girls back. They succeeded in getting Marissa but never found Casey, even though they searched for years. Excited at the prospect of finding her other daughter at last, Teresa asks whether they know where she is. Before Marissa can tell her the truth, Jamal interrupts and says that she's in Europe. He claims that although she had a tough time of it, she got her act together and is really happy now. She changed her name when she left and nobody can find her, but Teresa shouldn't worry about her. Teresa is relieved to hear this. Angry, Marissa tells her mother to go back to the hotel and wait for her. Teresa thanks Jamal for telling her about her other daughter, then leaves for the hotel. Marissa demands to know why Jamal didn't let her tell the truth about Casey. He replies that her mother is obviously hurting and knowing the truth would make her feel even worse. He admits she shouldn't have lied to Marissa, but they love each other, and Marissa should apologize for yelling at her. She agrees and asks Jamal to meet them for dinner later. At first he declines, then thinks better of it and accepts.

At the hospital, Frank stops by to tell Ian what he saw when driving by that rat-infested tenement. When he went by, there were people working on the place, and someone was even putting up a swingset for the kids. He can't believe Kate had that much influence on the slumlord. Ian says it wasn't Kate; it was the shadow man's justice that did it. Frank's impressed; the town is really going nuts for the shadow man. Ian doesn't think that's such a good thing. A package is delivered to him, and Frank laughs at what it is. He asks why Ian would want a Catalog of Urban Legends. Ian simply explains that since he lives in Port Charles, he thought it would be a good thing to have. He turns to the page on the Avatar.

As Livvie prepares to leave the hospital, she again thinks about her encounter with the Avatar. She tells the baby that no one will ever know that Rafe isn't his father. Rafe comes to take her home after checking out their apartment, which was her mother's place. Livvie tells him how happy he makes her, and points out that they only have eight more months of time alone, so they should start taking advantage of that. Then she feels a kick, obviously too soon in her pregnancy. She tells Rafe it must just be a cramp, and asks him to get her some water. Apprehensive, she asks herself what's happening to her. Rafe comes back with some water and insists on having her checked by a doctor or nurse. He kisses her on the cheek and then goes to find someone. Livvie knows she's not imagining this; the baby did move. How is that possible?

Rafe finds Ian reading about the Avatar and admits he's actually seen it in action. Ian is very interested in what he has to say. Rafe ran away when he was about ten years old, not wanting his destiny as a slayer to wait until he was older. He got lost and went to a village that was controlled by an avenging spirit. Eventually, the village was burned to the ground. They said it was an accident, but he always knew it was an act of vengeance. Ian asks whether he's been watching the local news lately, and Rafe admits he's been busy with other things, so Ian fills him in. Rafe thinks it must have found a new host. It can't exist on its own; it has to have a human body to inhabit. He confirms what Ian's friend Tim told him about the legend of the Avatar, adding some new information. While it is only one spirit, it can reproduce in human form. Watching from right inside her room, Livvie hears this and faints.

Who do you think is the new "Shadow" that is beating up the bad guys on Port Charles? 

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