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Port Charles Update Monday 7/22/02

By Beth

After his friend Timothy scoffs at the Avatar legend, Ian admits he would like to write it off as an urban legend but can't. He saw it and heard it speak to him. Tim still thinks it's some nutcase. Ian points out that sometimes the truth is stranger than fiction. He thought Tim would realize that, being an anthropologist. His friend insists that there are times when a myth is just a myth. He comments on a beautiful woman who just came in, and Ian follows his gaze to see that it's Kate. Ian tells him she's the one who drew the sketch of the Avatar. He's surprised to see a much older man approach Kate's table and kiss her chastely. He thought her significant other was closer to her own age. Tim writes down where Ian should be able to get more information about the Avatar, then urges Ian to go meet Kate's date, declining Ian's offer to introduce him to Kate. After Tim leaves, Ian asks the bartender about Kate, and he knows her. She used to come to this place all the time. The man isn't her date; he's the restaurant owner. She always eats alone. The bartender has never seen her with anyone, and she's always rejecting men who ask to join her. He asks Ian what her story is, but Ian thinks that's her business.

In her hospital room, Livvie rehashes her encounter with the Avatar. She did what she had to do, and now she's really pregnant. Rafe never has to know the baby isn't his, and she has time to make him fall in love with her. She just wishes he were with her now. Livvie is startled by the arrival of Kevin and Lucy, who just got back from England and found out she's in the hospital. Livvie gives them the "good" news that she's pregnant. Kevin looks less than thrilled, and Lucy is furious. Lucy can't hold back. She's not really surprised, knowing Livvie the way she does. She wants to know how Rafe feels about it, and Livvie berates her. He's her husband, and even though Lucy would like to see him get back together with Alison, he's married to Livvie now and she's carrying his child. Lucy invites her to move into the lighthouse so they can help her, but Livvie says she wants to raise her child with her husband. Lucy bluntly points out that Rafe doesn't love her, but Kevin stops her. He drags her out of the room and tells her to stop upsetting his poor little pregnant daughter. He wants her to back off and give Livvie a break, but Lucy can't do that. She has a horrible feeling about this. She thinks they should go try to talk some sense into Livvie, but Kevin insists that the last thing she needs is to feel that they're ganging up on her or abandoning her. He's going to be there for his daughter, and he wants Lucy to be there with him. Lucy wants to, but everything inside her is screaming that this is wrong. Is she supposed to go along with this whole fantasy of a happy life with Rafe? There's no doubt in her mind that he loves and belongs with Alison, not Livvie. Kevin says it isn't their place to decide who belongs together. Lucy warns him that his daughter is going to have a loveless marriage because Rafe will never love her. Livvie overhears this and tells her to get out. Lucy gladly obliges.

Alison says they can't go back now, even if Rafe remembers everything. Rafe starts to tell her how right it feels to be with her, but he stops himself. There's no use saying that when it can never be. He has to try to make things work with Livvie, for the baby's sake. He wishes things were different and they could be together, because he knows now that what they had was very real. Alison tells him goodbye and turns to leave, but he stops her. It's just so hard to watch her walk away. Even though he doesn't remember their love, he knows what he's giving up, and it hurts. He's torn between being with the woman he was meant to be with, and living a lie to give his baby a father. Rafe tenderly touches Alison's face, not wanting to let her go. Being with her feels so right. Then he apologizes; he knows where he should be. He wishes he could remember their love. Alison thinks it may be better that he doesn't.

Alison is sitting on a park bench when Lucy joins her. They talk about the bad news. Lucy isn't too surprised that Rafe is staying with Livvie, since he's the kind of man who tries to always do the right thing. She points out that Livvie must have told a lot of lies to get Rafe to marry her, and now she'll be using the baby to her advantage. Alison is fully aware of this but says it doesn't matter anymore. Lucy doesn't agree. It does matter, because this situation isn't right for anyone.

Livvie tries to convince Kevin that she and Rafe are very happy. Rafe returns and asks to speak to her alone. Before leaving, Kevin promises to always be there for her. Livvie is hurt to learn that Rafe was with Alison, but she's happy to hear that he told her they couldn't see each other anymore.

The Avatar goes to the pier and enters a door. Outside, three little boys are playing, each wanting to play the part of the "shadowy avenger." He's the greatest superhero of all. Inside, while looking at some newspaper articles it has tacked up on the wall, the Avatar roars.

Who do you think is the new "Shadow" that is beating up the bad guys on Port Charles? 

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