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Port Charles Update Friday 7/19/02

By Beth

Rafe keeps asking Dr. Neumann for confirmation that Livvie is really pregnant. When the doctor gives them time alone, Livvie points out that this makes the third time he's been told about the pregnancy. First she told him, then he made her take a pregnancy test, and now the doctor has confirmed it as well. It's obvious that he doesn't want her or their baby. She lays it on thick about how they always dreamed about this before he lost his memory. It's just tearing her heart apart! When he didn't return to the motel, she got scared and went to find him, then got disoriented and fell. Before hitting the ground, she thought about how much she loves their baby and was afraid of losing it, because she knew she'd be losing Rafe as well. She knows he'd rather be with Alison now, but at least she has the baby, and it will always come first. She wants to know when he's going to make up his mind about what to do. Rafe is exasperated with her; she knows he grew up without a father, so she should know he won't let his own child grow up the same way. Why does she keep fighting when she knows in her heart that he doesn't love her? Livvie insists she knows that, but what they had before he lost his memory was very strong. When he was lost, she was the one who went out looking for him, and she found him and protected him. She knows he feels really lost and detached from his own life, but she believes that will change. They made this baby together and there has to be a reason for that. Rafe realizes this and has been searching his soul for the answer. Livvie tells him to look into her eyes and search there. He can't do it. He has to search in himself and in Alison. He leaves Livvie there alone so that he can find Alison.

Alison finds Jack at the Recovery Room and informs him he was wrong. Livvie isn't lying about being pregnant. She's really carrying Rafe's child. Jack is stunned at the news. He never thought it could be true until now. Alison lashes out at him both verbally and physically. She wishes he hadn't kept insisting that she hold onto hope. She's sorry she ever listened to him. Hurt and tired of all the false hope, she runs out. Jack follows her, but she doesn't want to listen to anything else he has to say. Nothing's going to be okay ever again. She feels very empty and lonely now. She falls sobbing into Jack's arms, then looks over his shoulder and sees Rafe. Very protective, Jack tries to make her leave so he can take care of it, but she insists on talking to Rafe alone. Jack agrees but warns Rafe not to hurt her again. Rafe looks at her with amazement and wonder. For weeks, her face kept calling out to him, shining like a light in the darkness. When he kissed her awake, he didn't even think about it. Kissing her was something he had to do, not just for her sake, but to kind of bring him back to life too. When they were locked in her grandmother's attic, it was so incredibly hard for him to hold back from showing her how much he wanted her. He still wants her. Alison says that's exactly what she wants to hear, but it's just words. Rafe insists it's more than that, but Alison tells him to stop. Livvie is his wife, and she's having his baby. Alison needs to let him go, because she truly believes in marriage vows, and so does he. Even if he gets his memory back, they can't go back to the way things were. Frustrated with their circumstances, Rafe tells Alison how sorry he is.

Ian is downing straight whiskey at a bar in New York while waiting to talk to an old friend. Remembering his encounter with the shadow man, he's not worried about the possibility of seeing pink elephants. He's soon joined by his friend, Timothy Dolan, an anthropology professor with a thick Irish accent. Ian came to New York talk to him about recent events in Port Charles. He explains that he saw something earlier today, and it's been dishing out punishment to people who deserved it. He shows his friend the sketch made by Kate earlier. Already interested, Timothy becomes even more so when Ian admits it spoke to him. He had a roommate in grad school whose doctoral thesis was on modern-day folk tales--basically urban legends and the like. The drawing Kate did looks like something his old roommate had on the wall. It's known as the Avatar. It's an ancient spirit that wanders from town to town, calling for justice. At first, it dishes out punishments to fit the crime. Timothy is relying on his memory, but he thinks it's been around since Babylonian times. After it performs a few acts of justice, the people think it's a blessing, and they start to depend on it. Their dependence feeds its desire for power. It has to have a host, so it finds someone and controls him until the human disappears entirely. The stronger its power grows, the more it needs to do. Slowly its hunger for power becomes more important than its need for justice. When that time comes, the full force of the darkness is revealed to the town, but it's too late. Timothy doesn't believe in the legend at all, but Ian is convinced.

Looking out the window of her hospital room, Livvie recalls her encounter with the Avatar. It found her and she told it, "You know what I need." It knew what she wanted, and it was a fair deal. She needed a baby, and it needed her to keep the secret of its identity. They will keep that secret, because Rafe can never know that she's having its baby.

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