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Port Charles Update Thursday 7/18/02

by Beth

Marissa studies Ricky's photo of Casey, now understanding why everyone thought they were the same person. She asks Ricky about her, and he says he loved her. Uncomfortable, Karen goes to check on a patient while they talk. Ricky explains that Casey had a very rough life, bouncing around from one bad foster home to the next, and always running away. Now she's dead, and seeing Marissa made it seem as if she were back among the living. Marissa understands, but advises him to go after Karen, who didn't look at all happy about this. Ricky agrees. He finds Karen and apologizes for what happened. It was like seeing a ghost. Karen understands, saying he lit up like a Christmas tree when he saw Marissa. Ricky reassures Karen that he's with her now.

Jamal thinks Marissa should have told Ricky about her twin, but she doesn't see the point. Her sister died at birth, and this is all just a huge coincidence. She admits that Casey does look as if she could be her twin. Marissa is tired of everyone's questions, and refuses to believe she and Casey could really have been sisters. Her parents said her twin died at birth, and they would never have lied about that. Jamal heads out, and Marissa calls her mother. 

Alison yells for Jack and Rafe, who come running. She says Livvie isn't breathing, but Livvie suddenly sits up and asks what happened. That's exactly what Jack wants to know. Livvie claims not to know why they thought she was dragged off, so Rafe and Jack explain about finding a piece of her nightgown and noticing the absence of footprints. She flashes back to the moment she saw it looming over her and claims nobody dragged her anywhere. She says she went looking for Rafe and got lost. Then she thought he was leaving her and the baby, and she started running back but got her foot caught on some tree limbs. Then she lost her shoe, and bumped her head when she went to get it. Jack doesn't believe her for a second. Rafe wants to get her to the hospital to be checked out, but she protests. Jack demands to know why she doesn't want to make sure the baby is all right. Rafe picks her up and carries her off.

Doree is sitting alone at the Recovery Room when Chris joins her. She doesn't believe his claim that he's been meaning to call. He insists it's true. He wanted to take a break but didn't want to never see her again. Doree reminds him he said she was clingy. She should have listened to her mother and left sex for later, after they at least knew each other better. She doesn't normally act that way with men she barely knows, but he really got to her. She was really hot for him and didn't care that it was one-sided. Chris says he loved being with her but isn't ready for a real relationship. He thought that's where it was headed, so he needed to slow things down a bit. That's all. He didn't want to end it. She doesn't believe him but appreciates the lie, especially after the hard week she's had. The chief is after everyone to catch the shadow man but they don't have any clues. Chris doesn't think they should be looking; the guy is performing a community service. In fact, the guy is a hero. Doree takes issue with that. She thinks it's somebody who couldn't hack the police academy. Chris thinks the cops feel threatened by someone who's doing their job better than they are. Doree asks Chris whether he owns a black cape. If he did, she'd slap a pair of handcuffs on him. He likes that idea and says he'll be off in a couple of hours, but she turns him down. He wishes her luck finding the guy but thinks he just has one too many tricks for them.

While Ian gets their drinks, Kate sketches the shadow man on a napkin. It has no face because she didn't see one. Kate wasn't frightened at all. The shadow man had a sense of dignity. She wishes she had asked it some questions. She thinks there's a method to the madness; it's been making the punishment fit the crime. Ian agrees but points out that they still don't know how far it will go. Considering all the weird stuff that's happened since she's been in town, Kate wants to know whether there's anything else she should know about Port Charles. Ian thinks about this; she knows about the angels. Did he tell her about the vampires? Kate thinks he's kidding until she sees the look on his face. He decides it's not the best time to talk about that. He mentions that he's going to New York to see a friend who may be able to help with the shadow man. Kate asks for his opinion as to whether it's human, but he doesn't answer. When Ian steps away, Kate calls her boyfriend and leaves a message saying she'll be in New York for a few days. Ian returns and offers to give her a ride, since he's going there too, but she insists on taking the train. After she leaves, Ian admits he doesn't think the shadow is human.

Livvie protests being in the hospital and having blood drawn. She obviously doesn't want any tests to prove she isn't really pregnant. Dr. Neumann assures her that she's fine and her baby should be too. She has the blood test processed immediately. Outside the room, Alison and Jack nervously await the results of Livvie's tests. Jack thinks Rafe is about to find out she was lying about the pregnancy, dump her, and live happily ever after with Alison. After that, Livvie will run away for a few days and then make her way back to Jack. He decides he can't hang around waiting anymore. The doctor returns and enters Livvie's room. Alison carefully opens the door enough to hear the news. The baby is thriving. Upset, Alison runs out.

After leaving the Recovery Room, Ian drops his keys. As he bends down to get them, the shadow approaches. Ian asks what it wants. In a raspy voice, it replies, "Justice. Don't interfere."

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