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Port Charles Update Wednesday 7/17/02

By Beth

At the hospital, Ian is complaining about the slumlord he dealt with earlier. He informs Karen that Chris is treating the little boy with the rat bite. He adds that he's sorry she and Frank broke up, but Karen says she's dating Ricky now. This surprises Ian, who notices that something is wrong. Karen says she wishes Eve were there to talk to, then realizes how insensitive that was. Ian understands; he wishes the same thing. He asks what she'd say to Eve, and Karen talks about her relationship with Ricky and her tendency to hold back due to insecurity and jealousy. Ian thinks Eve would tell her that if she has the slightest chance at happiness, she shouldn't run away from it. Karen agrees that's what Eve would say, and that she'd be right. When Ian learns from Colleen that Kate hasn't tried to reach him, he decides to go find her.

Ricky can't believe Karen brought up the subject of Casey. He thinks about the very last time he saw her. He gets a call from Karen, who says they need to talk in person. She asks him to meet her on the tenth floor of the hospital. Ricky is sure she's going to break up with him, and he prepares himself for it.

Alison can't get over how much Marissa looks like Casey. Jamal wants to know why he just had to break up a fight between Jack and Rafe. What was going on? They don't answer, but Rafe says they're wasting time and should be looking for Livvie. Marissa wants to help but her ankle won't let her, so Jamal takes her to the hospital. Rafe doesn't want Jack's help looking but ends up agreeing to it, since they can cover more ground that way. Alison wants to help too, but they both object. She did just get out of the hospital after all, and she needs rest. Rafe apologizes for anything he may have said to hurt her in the attic. Alison says she really doesn't want anything bad to happen to Livvie, despite everything that's happened. She still wants to help them look, but they won't let her. Jack tells her to go home and he'll call her later. Alison complains to herself about being left alone and vulnerable. Whether they like it or not, she's going to help look for Livvie.

Ricky arrives at the hospital and is thrilled at Karen's news. She took herself off rotation so she can go to New York with him. They need to go to the sixth floor before leaving. On the sixth floor, Jamal and Marissa are still waiting for someone to take a look at her ankle. She gets up and tries to find someone to help, just as Ricky and Karen get off the elevator. Karen and Ricky talk, then kiss. Ricky hears a very familiar voice and follows it to Marissa. As Ricky stands there staring at her, Marissa already knows what's going on. Jamal says he left Ricky a message about this. Ricky hands her a photo of Casey, and she can't believe her eyes. It's like looking in a mirror. Karen is looking very nervous.

Kate tells the slumlord how stupid he is to threaten her after so many people saw her in the building. He'd be the first person the police went after if anything happened to her. He points out that it's a bad neighborhood anyway and anything could happen. There's no one to stop him from doing what he wants. Suddenly the shadow man appears and utters one word: "Shame." The slumlord shouts at the shadow to stay away, but the shadow tells Kate to go. Now. She gets out of there fast. The slumlord yells for Kate not to leave him alone with that thing. She runs out the door and straight into Ian, telling him what happened. He goes inside and finds the slumlord tied up and gagged. Ian removes the gag and asks what happened. The man says this "thing" tied him up and he wants out of there. It's infested with rats! Ian has good news; the landlord has assured him that there are no rats. He leaves the man begging to be set free. Ian fills Kate in, but she says that's impossible. There wasn't enough time for the man to be tied up. Ian can't explain it. He asks for details, and Kate recounts exactly what happened. She says the shadow's voice sounded distant. Ian thinks they'd better have a drink; he'll call the police from the car. Lurking in the shadows, Kate's rescuer listens to their conversation and watches them leave.

Jack and Rafe walk through the woods calling Livvie's name. Jack apologizes for what he said to Rafe. He's mad that she dumped him for Rafe but still thinks he should make sure she's telling the truth, because she has the habit of only telling what she wants people to know. As an example, he brings up Caleb. Rafe is surprised to hear his name and even more surprised to learn that Jack knows all about the vampire. Well, Jack should know, since he and Livvie almost became vamps themselves. Rafe is stuck on the fact that Livvie even knows Caleb, so Jack explains that she actually married him. Jack relates the entire story of what happened when Caleb came to Port Charles. Rafe is still fixated on Livvie's relationship with the evil vampire, although Jack reminds him that she destroyed him. Jack tries to remember good things about her. Livvie can be very sweet, and that they really had something. When Rafe asks why he let go, Jack explains that he didn't; Livvie did that. He feels sorry for Rafe because he can't remember being with Alison or Livvie before. They get on with their search. Jack sees something on the ground. From the looks of things, someone was dragged through here. Rafe finds a scrap from Livvie's nightgown. Then Jack notices that their footprints are visible but there aren't any others. That doesn't make any sense unless whatever dragged her off didn't leave footprints.

Alison is also wandering the woods looking for Livvie. Shouting for her hurts Alison's head, and she sits down. That's when she sees Livvie lying on the ground. Alison goes over to Livvie and tries to rouse her. Her shouts attract Jack and Rafe.

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