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Port Charles Update Tuesday 7/16/02

by Beth

Ricky and Karen go for a run in the park. Ricky has a gig in New York for a week and wants Karen to go there with him. She would prefer more notice, and he wishes she would be a little more spontaneous. She sees this as asking her to give up her career for him, and she doesn't like it. Ricky accuses her of overreacting. He says he's proud of her and would never ask her to give up anything for him. Karen thinks they're too different, but Ricky points out that every time they get a little closer, she pulls away or picks a fight with him. Karen insists she isn't looking for a way out, but she does think they look at life differently. She isn't like the other girlfriends he's had; she's not Casey. Sometimes she wishes she were more like her, but she isn't. She points out that Ricky never talks about her the way she talks about Frank. Ricky says there's nothing to say. He admits that Casey is dead. Karen is stunned, but Ricky says Casey knew she just had a short time left and didn't want anyone else to know. Karen is sympathetic but Ricky doesn't want her sympathy. He doesn't want to talk about Casey at all. He rushes off to prepare for his trip to Manhattan.

Marissa takes a metal detector to the woods, where she's searching for clues about the shadow man. She finds Livvie's shoe and picks it up, believing it belongs to the shadow's latest victim. She's startled by the arrival of Jamal, who admits he followed her to the woods. He asks about the shoe and laughs when she tells him why she has it. He doesn't think it's safe for her to be running around alone in the woods, considering everything that's been happening. She claims that her martial arts training equips her to take care of herself, but Jamal thinks it's all an act. While telling him how well she can take care of herself, Marissa falls and hurts her ankle. Jamal tends to the swollen foot and apologizes for being a jerk. Marissa asks whether she really looks that much like Casey, and Jamal says they could be twins. Marissa reveals that she had a twin who died at birth. Jamal helps her up, and she makes sure she still has the shoe she found. They come to an uneasy truce but Marissa still doesn't like his attitude.

Alison and Jack are in the park getting some exercise. Alison questions whether they should be there, since it's where the shadow man attacked his last victim. When Jack says she could be his sidekick, Alison laughs at the thought of being the Shadowette. Jack's glad to see her smiling again, even though she and Rafe aren't exactly back together yet. As they talk, Rafe comes running up to them and asks whether they've seen Livvie, since she didn't go back to the motel at all last night. Rafe blames Jack for Livvie's disappearance; if Jack hadn't interfered, Rafe would have been with her at the motel, where he belonged. Jack laughs at his panic. Livvie is just hiding somewhere, thinking up the next step in her plan. That's what she does. She used to do it to him all the time. Rafe doesn't appreciate hearing this about his wife. Jack further angers him by saying he doesn't believe she's really pregnant, but that if she is, Rafe has no way of knowing the baby is his. Alison tries to mediate to prevent a fight. Jack insists Livvie is just hiding out, plotting. That's how manipulative she is. He used to worry himself sick about her, even knowing he should just run the other way, and then she'd come back with some wild explanation of where she'd been. Rafe accuses Jack of still being hung up on Livvie, saying that's why he followed her to the cabin and attacked her. Jack informs him that Livvie was the one who went after him. She took off her clothes and then told Rafe he tried to rape her. Rafe punches at Jack but Jack deflects the blow. Alison is trying to keep them apart when she sees Jamal and calls for his help. Jamal breaks it up while Alison sees Marissa and thinks she's Casey, but Marissa sets her straight. Seeing the shoe she's carrying, Rafe recognizes it and identifies it as Livvie's.

Ian and Frank are at a run-down apartment building, where they're treating a little boy who was bitten by a rat. Kate emerges from the building after finding several code violations inside. The owner appears on the scene and claims there are no rats in his building. He picked the wrong person to say that to, since Ian has treated a total of five kids with rat bites. They get into an argument, and Kate informs the owner that she'll be representing all the tenants in a suit against him. Angry, he threatens to evict the boy's mother if she talks, then storms off, hiding around the corner so he can eavesdrop. Frank and Ian take the boy to the hospital, and Ian wants Kate to go with them but she decides to stay around and take some photos. Ian doesn't like it but Kate assures him that the owner isn't as tough as he sounds. She goes back inside and starts taking photos. The owner confronts her, wanting to know how much money she wants to just forget about it. Kate informs him that she's not backing down. He grabs her camera and when she demands it back, he throws it down and says he isn't playing nice anymore.

Who do you think is the new "Shadow" that is beating up the bad guys on Port Charles? 

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