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Port Charles Update Monday 7/15/02

By Beth

Although the young woman identifies herself as Marissa Leong, Jamal doesn't believe her. He thinks his old friend Casey must be running from the police; she even has a very authentic-looking fake I.D. He says he likes her new, more conservative look. Trying not to be put off by his attitude, Marissa explains that she's a reporter--or at least will be--investigating the strange events that have been happening in Port Charles. She saw Jamal's interview on television and decided to come see him. Although he claims the shadow man is just an ordinary guy seeking attention, Marissa thinks there's much more to it than that. In fact, she thinks Port Charles has its own bona fide superhero. She knows they had some experiences with vampires, although Jamal disavows any knowledge of that and laughs at the idea. She also wants to talk about witchcraft and Alison's trial, but Jamal makes it clear that the subject is off limits. He insists that Port Charles is just like any other town, but Marissa doesn't believe that. She thinks it's a vortex. She's also convinced that Jamal is lying to her and that he really does know something about the weirdness in Port Charles. In any case, she thinks the shadow man is a superhero, but Jamal scoffs at the very idea. Marissa isn't at all impressed with him and tells him he's obnoxious. He tones it down a bit but insists there's nothing mysterious about the shadow man. Since she looks exactly like Casey, he wants her to stay at the shop long enough for him to call Ricky. Marissa had never heard of Casey before today but she's already tired of her. While Jamal is on the phone leaving Ricky a message, she takes the opportunity to slip out.

Rafe and Alison continue their passionate kiss until he pulls away, reminding both of them that he's married and his wife is pregnant. Alison won't give up until he answers her question. How does it feel to kiss her? Rafe is flustered. He obviously feels drawn to her, but he doesn't know why. It doesn't change anything. Alison disagrees. Rafe wants to get out of the attic, and Alison asks whether the memories of the two of them are coming back. She warns him that he can't run from this. She challenges him to honestly tell her that he felt nothing when he kissed her. If he can, she'll never bother him again. Rafe admits he felt something but still doesn't remember loving her. He does remember seeing her face and wanting to hold her, but that's all. He also remembers getting married in a barn, and although Alison says they did that, he knows it was with Livvie. He promised to protect Livvie and take care of her for the rest of her life, but he's doing a lousy job of that thanks to distractions from Alison. When Alison points out that Livvie tricked him into marrying her, Rafe counters that she was the only one who was there for him when he couldn't remember anything. Alison can't believe he's standing by her. She has no doubt that Livvie faked her pregnancy test results no matter what Rafe thinks. Livvie used to be her best friend, and she knows her. Alison wants to know whether Rafe would still be with Livvie instead of with her if there were no baby.

James roots for Rafe to get away from Alison. When he expresses a wish that he could go to earth and shake some sense into him, Ed points out that he can't interfere; they have an agreement. He advises James to give up; he's lost the bet. James refuses to give up yet. He's counting on going back with two souls: Rafe's and Ed's. Ed insists that Rafe and Alison will get back together. It's just a matter of time.

Rafe avoids answering the question. Alison accuses him of being afraid to remember, because that would mean realizing that the life he has now is a lie. She wants him to admit that he loves her so much that it hurts. Overcome with emotion, he grabs her and they share another passionate kiss. When Rafe asks whether this is what she wanted, she replies that what she really wants is for him to remember her the way she remembers him. She knows every single inch of his face. She knows every little thing about him. She knows how hard it is for him not to remember. Rafe wants to know what would happen if he did. It wouldn't change the fact that he's a married man and his wife is carrying his child. In his opinion, that's the only thing that matters. In frustration, he kicks the door and it opens. Sadly, Alison tells him he's obviously free to go but that she'll never give up, no matter what. Someday he will know. He lingers at the doorway before taking off. Alison stays in the attic and reminisces about good times with Rafe, from just after he saved her life, through their wedding vows. More determined than ever, she vows to never give up.

James is happy about Rafe's "escape," but Ed points out that Alison really got to him. He's not at all worried about Livvie coming between them for good. James decides to check in on Livvie and the screen is dark. Ed accuses him of having an illegal hookup, which James denies. He says that something very powerful has blocked her from their view. Ed accuses him of cheating, which James insists he isn't doing. He swears he has no idea why they can't see Livvie on the screen. He hasn't done anything to break their contract. Some unknown powerful force must be blocking their view. Ed still doesn't trust him.

Livvie runs through woods in her nightgown, fleeing whatever is after her. She falls and looks up to see a figure looming over her. Terrified, she pleads with it not to touch her.

Rafe goes back to the motel room but Livvie isn't there, although her purse is. He gets a visit from the desk clerk, who was waiting for him to return. She saw Livvie rush out earlier, only half dressed, and seeming very upset. She thought Rafe should know.

One of Livvie's shoes is on the ground where she was last seen. An unknown figure walks slowly through the woods.

Who do you think is the new "Shadow" that is beating up the bad guys on Port Charles? 

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