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Port Charles Update Friday 7/12/02

By Beth

Ricky and Karen are at the Recovery Room. As Karen distractedly picks at her food, Ricky talks about what happened. He's still psyched about being treated like a hero. Jamal shows up and Ricky invites him to sit
down for a beer. While he's at the bar, Jamal talks to Karen about all the craziness that's been happening in the park. He's glad she's okay after being assaulted. When he mentions the prevailing description of
the shadow man, Karen says it's all true: he has no face. As she admits he was the one who really rescued her, Ricky returns and demands to know why she didn't say anything about that before. He's embarrassed about thinking he was a hero and letting other people think that as well. She explains that the mugger grabbed her medical bag and then the shadow man came out of nowhere and somehow pulled him away
from her. She looked right up at him and didn't see a face or eyes. Then he disappeared when Ricky showed up. Karen says he stopped the shadow man from hurting her, but Ricky thinks that's ridiculous. She
makes the mistake of calling him a spoiled brat, which Jamal takes as his cue to leave. Karen gently explains to Ricky that she saw his excitement at being seen as a hero and she didn't want to take that
away from him. She could tell it was the first time anything like that had happened to him, and she knew from experience how important it is to feel special. She just wanted everyone to see what she sees when
she looks at him.

Outside the bike shop, Jamal is approached by a young woman who looks exactly like Casey. Seeing her, he thinks it's his old friend and asks what's up.

Livvie continues playing with the hand towel, putting it under her shirt and primping in the mirror to see how she would look if she were really pregnant. She doesn't think she has to worry any more about
losing Rafe since he really wants a family, but she absolutely has to get pregnant tonight. She goes to the dresser and pulls out a black nightgown and puts it on, then lies on the bed trying to decide exactly how she's going to seduce Rafe. She complains to herself about how long he's been gone, then it occurs to her that he must be with Alison. Frantic, she jumps up and throws a sweater on over her gown, trying to think of where Alison might be keeping him and brainwashing him. It must be someplace special to them. Suddenly she thinks she knows where they are. She slips into her shoes and runs out the door. Making her way through the woods in her nightgown, Livvie is determined to put a stop to whatever Alison is up to with her husband. She just knows they're at the barn, because that's exactly where Alison would take him. She trips over a log, blaming Alison for that as well. The sound of rustling leaves starts to spook her, and she calls out that she's not afraid so whoever is there should show himself. Looking around in panic, she trips again. From the ground, she sees an ominous figure approaching her. As it looms over, she looks up in terror and begs her assailant not to touch her.

Rafe isn't the least bit amused about being locked in the attic with Alison. He points out that she doesn't look all that upset, explaining the excuse Jack gave to get him to the attic. Rafe always heard she was a nice girl, and using lies and tricks is really beneath her. Alison accuses him of confusing her with Livvie. Rafe wants to leave Livvie out of this but Alison doesn't see how, considering how she's leading him around by the "nose." He looks around and asks where they are. Alison explains that it's her grandmother's attic and that they've been there before. Rafe insists he's never been there; he has no memory of what he's feeling. This encourages Alison, since he just admitted he's feeling something. She just wants to talk, and she had no idea Jack was going to lock them in. She bluntly says that Livvie is playing Rafe for a fool. He's offended by insults to his wife, but Alison won't back off. Livvie is feeding him nothing but lies, and
Alison believes he knows that deep down--the same way he knows he didn't just wander into her hospital room and kiss her awake. She points out how convenient Livvie's alleged pregnancy is, and wants to
know how common sense just flies out the window. She tells him to start looking with his eyes open for a change. Livvie isn't pregnant but she is desperate and willing to do anything to keep him. Rafe tries to talk but can't get a word in edgewise. Calling him a doofus, she pushes him and he falls backward over a trunk. Being called a doofus strikes Rafe as very funny. They chuckle about it, and then Rafe calls himself an everyday fool.

Alison says she knows he wants a family. They used to talk about it and she even asked him once to give her a child, but now she thinks it was selfish of her and she's embarrassed. She just wanted a part of him that could stay after he left. She always knew she could never love anyone else half as much as she loves him. He pulls her close to comfort her. Overwhelmed, she goes to the door and yells for someone to let them out, but Rafe stops her. He does care about her but doesn't know whether it's just a deep friendship instead of something more. In any case, he's married. Alison challenges him to do one thing. If he can kiss her just one time and feel nothing more than friendship, she'll never bother him or Livvie again. Just one kiss is all she's asking for, and she promises she'll leave them alone if he can honestly say it's meaningless. She pulls his face to hers and kisses him, then asks what he felt. Does he really only feel friendship for her? As his answer, he grabs her face and kisses her passionately and ravenously.

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