PC Update Thursday 7/11/02



Port Charles Update Thursday 7/11/02

by Beth

Ian and Kate run straight into each other at the hospital. After mutual apologies, Kate informs Ian that she's going to be staying in town after all. She got a promotion along with plenty of perks, but Ian wants to know why she looks so miserable about it. Kate explains that she and her boyfriend agreed this was the right thing to do. They talk about how Ian ended up staying in Port Charles. A daycare worker brings Danny to him and Ian holds his son close. Kate sadly comments that it's been a while since she's been held by someone who loves her. Ian asks about her boyfriend, and she glosses over it by saying this is the longest they've ever been apart. Ian looks forward to meeting him and inquires about when he'll be coming for a visit, but Kate immediately decides she's late and has to run. Ian tells Danny that Kate obviously has some mystery about her even if she won't admit it.

Alison has returned to the park bench where she sat after hearing Rafe's bad news. As she sits there, looking as if she's lost her last friend, Jack sits down with her and asks what's wrong. She doesn't want to talk about it, so he tries to take her mind off her troubles by telling about his and Jamal's attempt to catch the shadow man. Alison breaks down and tells him about Livvie's latest scheme to hold onto Rafe. Jack naturally assumes Livvie is lying about being pregnant. In fact, he'd be willing to bet anything that he's right, but Alison says that Rafe really believes her. Jack thinks Alison needs time alone with the man she loves, without interference from Livvie. He asks whether there's someplace special to both of them other than the barn, and she comes up with her grandmother's attic. Jack tells her to go there now and he'll make sure that Rafe gets there as well.

Looking at the calendar again, Livvie double checks her calculations and confirms that she should be ovulating now. She touches up her makeup and undoes a few buttons on her shirt as she prepares to try to seduce Rafe. When she emerges from the bathroom, she claims she can already feel the changes in her body. She says they must have conceived the baby on their wedding night, which is a sure sign that their love was meant to be. She tries to snuggle up to him but he's too distracted. He admits he feels really bad about Alison. This angers Livvie, who reminds him that they didn't exactly invite Alison to their room. She suggests a few names, and Rafe comes up with a few ideas of his own. As they sit on the bed, she asks him to rub her back, and as she has his hands go farther down, he warms up to the idea of having sex. Suddenly, the phone rings and Rafe jumps up. Livvie begs him not to answer it but he does anyway. The caller, Jack, tells him that Alison has locked herself in her grandmother's attic and won't come out. She's extremely upset and Jack thinks Rafe is the only one who can help her right now. Rafe promises to be right there. Livvie demands to know where he's going but he won't tell her. He grabs the keys and leaves Livvie throwing a tantrum. Then she picks up the hand towel and places it under her shirt again, thinking that as long as he believes they're having a baby, she won't lose him.

Rafe rushes to the Barrington estate and finds Jack just outside the attic door. Jack stresses that Alison is really upset and maybe he can help. Rafe knocks on the door and Alison opens up. While they're standing there looking at each other awkwardly, Jack shoves Rafe forward and locks them inside.

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