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Port Charles Update Wednesday 7/10/02

By Beth

Jamal is working at the bike shop when a reporter and cameraman come in to interview him about the shadow man. The reporter, Trent Robinson, had heard that Jamal was the one who found the two punks hanging from the tree. Jamal clarifies that he was one of several people who found them, but the reporter doesn't seem too interested. In fact, she doesn't show much enthusiasm at all but keeps on going. In contrast, Jamal is wired; he talks fast and slips in a hello to Gabby. He describes how he and his friends found the two punks. He thinks they got exactly what they deserved. He mentions the shadow man, whom Trent refers to as the Port Charles Shadow. Jamal thinks the shadow is overrated; he's looking for attention and getting plenty of it. In Jamal's opinion, people will eventually get bored and forget about him. Trent thanks Jamal for the interview and he makes a crack about it being a slow news day. Trent points out that although Jamal may not think much of the shadow man, there are plenty of people who are obsessed with him.

An unknown person, probably a young woman, watches the interview from what looks like a motel room. The person turns off the television and goes to some maps tacked up on the wall. There's a red push pin in the Providence, Rhode Island, area. The unknown person adds another push pin to the map of Port Charles, New York.

Karen tries to fight off the mugger but is rescued by the shadow man, who pulls the mugger off her and starts beating him. The mugger is terrified; he has several cuts on his forehead and blood is running from the corner of his mouth. Karen looks up and recognizes her rescuer as the shadow man. Ricky, who heard her cries for help, runs over to check on her. By the time he gets there, the shadow man is gone. The mugger gets up and Ricky chases him, pushing him to the ground and getting in one solid punch to his face. Ricky rushes back to Karen and they embrace. He's furious with himself for leaving her alone.

Kevin and Lucy are getting ready for their trip to London. Lucy starts thinking maybe they shouldn't go after all, considering what Livvie's been up to, but Kevin reminds her of their agreement not to talk about that. Lucy reluctantly agrees to let that go until they get back. They're both looking forward to time with each other. Eventually Lucy notices that Ian has let himself in and has been hanging back, not wanting to intrude. He came to get some of Danny's things that were left behind. They invite him to sit down while Lucy pours them some of the whiskey he left at the lighthouse. He and Kevin both start to sit in the same chair, and it's very awkward for both of them. Ian starts to explain that he and Danny lived there during Kevin's absence, but no explanation is necessary; Kevin already knows and is very grateful to Ian for his friendship with Lucy. Ian is amazed at Kevin's tales of the world he was trapped in. As for himself, being there for Lucy and trying to get Kevin back was a distraction for him, so that he wouldn't dwell on how much he misses Eve. Lucy invites him and Danny to move back in for a while, but he graciously declines.

Karen and Ricky go back to the hospital, where Doree and Andy are ready to take their statements. Andy informs Ricky that the mugger was actually a major dirtbag they'd been looking for, for a couple of years. The funny thing is that once they got him to the station, he was simply terrified. He admitted everything, just like a deathbed confession. The police are glad Ricky got that guy off the street. Ricky thinks anyone else would have done the same thing, but he's obviously pleased with the praise he's getting. Andy asks Karen to tell them everything that happened before Ricky came to her rescue. She has a flashback to her encounter with the shadow man but doesn't mention him. Instead, she lets Ricky have all the credit by saying it all happened too fast for her to really know what happened. Lisa and Deneice pass by and congratulate Ricky on his heroism. When Deneice says he's the best-kept secret in town other than the shadow, Doree asks Ricky whether he happens to be the shadow. He's flattered but doesn't take credit for that. Doree informs him that he'll be getting a special commendation from the department, which really tickles Ricky. His sister and mother will flip when they hear about this! Doree says he deserves it, and Karen agrees.

Livvie accuses Alison of following them to the motel, but Alison doesn't care what she thinks. She came to talk to Rafe alone and she's not leaving until she's had her say. Livvie is ready to tell her about her fictional pregnancy, but Rafe stops her. He takes Alison outside and gives her the bad news. Alison is stunned. She's convinced it's all a lie, but Rafe assures her it's true. Alison still thinks Livvie doctored the test but Rafe really believes it since he bought the test himself and saw the results. Alison accuses Rafe of being happy about this. Rafe explains that he's always wanted a family. He insists it doesn't change anything, but Alison disagrees. This is the first time she even considered the possibility that he had slept with Livvie. She can't believe she never thought of that before, because he is married to her. It just doesn't matter anymore. Unable to deal with her emotions, she runs off. Rafe calls to her but doesn't bother to go after her.

Livvie watches smugly from inside, then checks the calendar to see when she's most likely to get pregnant. She determines that her most fertile day will be tomorrow, and she thoroughly intends to get pregnant then. Rafe goes back inside and tells Livvie that Alison knows. He sits on the bed with tears falling down his face. Livvie pretends to give him the option of leaving her and their baby to be with Alison, but she wants his decision right now. Rafe isn't prepared to make that decision but knows he won't abandon his own child. That's not enough for Livvie. She wants him to commit to her and their marriage one hundred percent right now, because she doesn't want to bring a baby into a loveless marriage. When he says he can't promise her that, she tells him that if he wants the baby, he has to leave Alison for good. He's truly torn but pulls her to him and promises to focus on giving the baby a happy life.

Alison walks through the park in total despair. When she comes to a bench, she sits down and asks the heavens why this is happening.

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