PC Update Tuesday 7/9/02



Port Charles Update Tuesday 7/9/02

by Beth

Karen and Ricky are walking through the park after dark. She's looking forward to hearing Ricky's band play tonight. They talk about the shadow man, and Karen mentions that one of the new nurses was considering putting herself in jeopardy just so he would come to her rescue and she'd get to meet him. Ricky thinks that's insane, but Karen thinks it's perfectly normal. She wouldn't mind meeting him herself. While they talk, someone watches them. Ricky isn't amused by Karen's confession; he thinks it's dangerous. Karen realizes she left her keys at the hospital and has to go back for them. Ricky wants to go with her for safety, but she doesn't want him to miss his sound check. As she walks alone, a man accosts her and demands her medical bag.

The young nurses see a shadow and think it's the man they've been talking about. Jack and Jamal take off after him and drag him back to the public area. Before they unmask him, Jack points out how strange it is that they were able to catch him. He's supposed to be very strong, but he didn't put up much of a fight. None, as a matter of fact. They remove the hood and see that it's Mort, the hospital orderly who frightened Kate in the stairwell--the same man who overheard the nurses, Lisa and Summer, talking earlier about wanting to meet the shadow man. Jack and Jamal give him a hard time as he claims he's one of the shadow man's helpers. Jamal realizes that he just did it to give the girls what they wanted. Mort apologizes to the girls and says he was going to tell them it was a joke, but they don't mind. In fact, they think it's sweet. They allow him to buy them a soft drink. Jack and Jamal can't believe it. They decide they've been doing things wrong. They should be chasing women, not monsters. After Mort leaves, they approach the nurses and ask to sit with them.

Still in her hospital room, Alison calls the taxi company to try to find out where Rafe is staying. When they won't tell her, she calls back and claims to be from the police department. Happy now that she knows where he's been staying, she leaves the hospital. She plans to tell him everything, not just about their relationship, but also about why he had to leave her. She's determined not to go back home without him.

Livvie isn't at all happy to see the home pregnancy test Rafe bought. She claims she doesn't need to take a test; she just knows. Besides, those things aren't accurate. Rafe eyes her and asks why she's dodging this. She finally agrees to take it, and storms off to the bathroom. She throws it at the sink and asks herself what she's going to do now. Rafe calls to her but she says she hasn't had time to finish. She panics because she knows he'll go back to Alison if he finds out she isn't really pregnant.

Livvie emerges from the bathroom and tells Rafe the test was negative. When he says he's sorry, she tells him they'll try again, but Rafe says he's leaving her for Alison. It's obvious from the dialogue that this is Livvie's fantasy, and not what really happens. Her fantasy ends and she tells herself that's exactly what will happen if Rafe finds out the truth. She gets up from the floor and starts searching for anything that might help her. She finds some mercurochrome in the vanity and decides to use it. Rafe calls to her again, and she comes out of the bathroom. Alison is just outside the motel room door, ready to take Rafe home with her, and unaware of Livvie's latest treachery.

Livvie hands Rafe the stick, saying she's too nervous to look. He doesn't know what to look for, but she tells him red means positive and blue means negative. He looks at the stick and informs her that she really is pregnant. Alison is standing in the doorway.

Who do you think is the new "Shadow" that is beating up the bad guys on Port Charles? 

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