PC Update Friday 7/5/02



Port Charles Update Friday 7/5/02

By Beth

Kate drops off some paperwork to Colleen, asking her to be sure that Alison gets it. As she heads out, Colleen cautions her about the newly waxed floor but Kate falls anyway. Suddenly she sees a shadow in the stairwell and screams. Colleen and Ian hear this and Ian runs to her rescue. A hospital employee had come from the stairs and startled her. Kate admonishes Ian for scaring her with stories about the faceless avenger, and Ian chuckles. He had no idea she scared that easily. They go out for a drink and Kate makes a quick call, telling the person on the other end that she'll be back home in Manhattan soon and that she loves him. She tells Ian it's her significant other. Ian decides it's getting late and time to go home. Kate gets a call from someone wanting the $20,000 she owes. She begs for a little more time; she knows the consequences of not paying.

Jack and Jamal walk through the park and commiserate about how things are going with Alison. They're going to stay away from her, since all she wants is Rafe anyway. They come across Karen and Ricky, who have a blanket spread out on the ground to enjoy the fireworks. Jamal obviously doesn't like seeing them together, and when they invite him and Jack to join them, he makes up an excuse about having work to do at the bike shop. Victor comes through the park and asks whether they've seen Mary. She went to buy hot dog buns an hour ago and isn't back yet. He has a very bad feeling about it. They all take off to look for her but don't see her anywhere.

The two punks steal Mary's money and jewelry, and as they brag about their take, a dark shadow descends upon them. They start screaming. Victor and the others find Mary huddling on the ground. She's upset because they took her wedding ring. Victor tells her it's all right as long as she's safe. At this point, Ricky mentions the two punks from before and describes what they were wearing. Jack and Jamal go off in search of them, and the others head for the hospital to have Mary checked out. On their way out of the park, they run into Ian. Before they can explain what happened, they start hearing groans. Jack and Jamal return, having had no luck. They all hear more noises and find the two hoods--Elmo and Ernie--hanging upside down from a tree. Mary identifies them as the ones who robbed her. They talk about a shadow guy, in a robe and hood, with no face. This definitely gets Ian's attention. They want to be cut loose but Victor is more interested in seeing them strung up.

Rafe wants to hear everything about how he and Alison met and fell in love. Alison agrees to tell him. She believes that when he hears the truth about everything, it will all start to make sense to him. Hiding in the closet, Livvie is panicking and trying to think of a way to stop this from happening. Alison explains that they started out as friends but soon there was no denying their feelings. Rafe is her destiny. That's why he walked into her room when he didn't even know who she was and started kissing her. That's why his kiss woke her up, when there was nothing anyone else could do. Rafe admits he was drawn to her and kissed her because he just felt that he should. Alison asks him to get her a blanket from the closet. Before he has a chance to go to the closet and find Livvie inside, Colleen comes in with the paperwork and announces it's time to check her vitals again. Rafe wants to get out of the way, so Alison asks him to fill her water pitcher. While the curtain is drawn around the bed, Livvie sneaks out of the closet and finds a new hiding place in the hall. She's disgusted with what she just heard and wants to know how she's supposed to compete with destiny. Suddenly, she gets an idea. She hides around the corner and sees Colleen leave, then watches for Rafe.

Rafe still wants more details. He's especially interested in knowing why he left if they were so close. Alison thinks that's something he has to remember on his own, so she won't tell him. She stresses that what they have is so perfect, it will never die. She truly believes that with all her heart and soul. Holding her hand, Rafe says he wants to remember, and Alison assures him that he will. For now, she wants him to go think about everything.

When Rafe comes out of Alison's room, Livvie pretends to accidentally run into him. He says they need to talk but she claims she can't deal with this right now. She acts all upset and tricks Rafe into "making" her talk. She tells him she thinks she's pregnant.

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