PC Update Thursday 7/4/02



Port Charles Update Thursday 7/4/02

by Beth

Mary is being hassled by two punks, but they back off when Ricky comes to the rescue. Karen arrives, and they fill her in on what just happened. Mary laughs it off; she thinks they were just kidding. Karen tries to introduce Ricky to Mary but is at a loss for words, so he helps her by identifying himself as Gabby's brother instead of as Karen's new boyfriend. Mary is grateful to Ricky and tickled that he referred to her as his mother to get rid of the punks. Since Victor forgot to buy hot dog buns, she makes a quick trip to the store. Ricky and Karen talk about the awkwardness of explaining their relationship to Mary but decide to go ahead and make this their first public appearance. Frank shows up and although he doesn't like the way things turned out, he says he understands and has no hard feelings. To prove it, he and Ricky shake on it.

Livvie is looking for Rafe when she runs into Kevin, who is carrying a cooler over to the cookout site. Livvie didn't know about the cookout. Kevin left her a message about it, but she only says she didn't check her voice mail, not admitting she ditched her phone when she was on the run. Kevin wants to talk to her about her relationship with Rafe. She holds fast to her story and accuses Lucy of filling her father's head with lies about her. Kevin says all he wants is the truth, no matter what it is. She's his daughter and he will always love her. She falls into his arms crying, and promises to tell the truth. However, everything she says is a lie, and Kevin looks skeptical. He offers to use his expertise to try to get Rafe's memory back, but Livvie isn't about to let that happen. She thanks him but says Rafe isn't too keen on doctors right now.

Rafe stumbles onto Lucy, who is setting up the picnic table. He was out walking and trying to sort things out. They sit down together and Lucy tells him that he may be married to Livvie, but he belongs with Alison. She stresses that she's never seen two people more in love with each other than he and Alison. In fact, ever since he left, Alison has been waiting for him to come back to her. Rafe suggests that Lucy talk to him and show him pictures to try to help him remember, but she thinks he should talk to Alison instead, so he leaves for the hospital.

Kevin tells Lucy that he just saw Livvie. Lucy has no delusions that Livvie would have told him the truth. Kevin wants to believe his daughter and doesn't know what to do. For her part, Lucy decides she isn't going to get involved. There's so much she could say and do, but right now she wants to concentrate on Kevin and their life together. She informs him that she made reservations for London for them and the girls. While there, she wants to hang Rebecca's portrait in its rightful place.

Alison is sleeping. The dressing wrapped around her head is gone, and she has a bandage on the back of her head. Jack is at her bedside when she awakens calling out Rafe's name. She tells him she was dreaming about Rafe. Jack informs her that Rafe was there earlier but that he got rid of him. This makes Alison very unhappy. She appreciates everything Jack has done for her, but he doesn't need to protect her from Rafe. She asks him to leave because she's very tired. Within seconds of his exit, she has a nightmare that Livvie and Rafe visit her and flaunt their love for each other.

As Alison sleeps, Livvie sneaks into her room and starts harassing her again. Before long, she hears Rafe outside and runs to the closet to hide. Alison awakens when he enters the room. She asks whether he came to say goodbye, but he doesn't. He wants to talk to her about their relationship. He wants to know everything about them. Inside the closet, Livvie is getting very nervous and upset.

Coming back with a grocery bag full of buns, Mary is again confronted by the two thugs. They grab the bag, and seeing its contents, back her up against a tree in a very threatening manner.

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