PC Update Wednesday 7/3/02



Port Charles Update Wednesday 7/3/02

By Beth

Kate informs Ian that all charges against Alison have been dropped, thanks to Kevin and Mac. She's disappointed to hear that the wife beater left the hospital before the police arrived, but complains that domestic violence is very hard to prosecute anyway. Suddenly Frank yells for help, as he and Colleen emerge from the stairwell with the wife beater, who is babbling about the "angel of death" having no eyes. Karen takes charge of the patient and orders some tests. Ian asks Frank was the man was talking about, and all Frank knows is what Ian heard, plus he said something about a black hood. Frank says he's going to call the police. Kate points out that now the man knows what it's like to be beaten up. Ian asks whether she thinks this was some kind of vigilante justice, but she doesn't know. She asks for his opinion on the guy's wild tale, but before he can reply, Karen returns with the test results. Half the bones in the man's body are broken, his blood pressure is very low, and his pulse is racing. As if that weren't weird enough, there isn't a single mark on his body. Ian has trouble believing this, but Karen assures him it's true. It's a miracle that the man is alive. Whoever did this knew exactly how far to go without killing him. Karen is having him taken to a secure room in the ICU, and as he's transported past, Ian tries to get more information on what the angel of death looked like. Kate points out that as awful as this is, it's probably the only thing that could teach the man, Mr. Fischer, a lesson. In a way, justice was served. Ian doesn't see that as cause for celebration. He's troubled by this; a faceless, hooded assailant can't be good. Having had enough for one day, Kate decides to go home.

Jack finds Alison on the floor, from where she tried to go to Rafe. He helps her back into bed and she fills him in on what Livvie has done. Rafe doesn't remember her or the love they have for each other, and that's the worst kind of pain Alison has ever felt. She wishes she had the strength to get to Livvie and hurt her just as badly. Nothing about his ex-girlfriend surprises Jack, but he does ask whether it's possible that she's telling the truth about her relationship with Rafe. After all, Rafe did leave Alison. This really upsets her, because there's no doubt in her mind that Rafe would never have done that. She can't tell Jack why Rafe had to leave when he did, but he had no choice but to go. Jack wants Alison to calm now, but she continues. She's afraid of what Livvie is doing, because Rafe always likes to see the good in people, and Livvie will take advantage of that. Alison tries to get up, really wanting to get to Livvie before she does any more damage, but then her head collapses back against her pillow and she loses consciousness. Afraid for her, Jack yells for a nurse.

Rafe takes Livvie to the chapel to talk. She asks whether it's a subtle reminder that she shouldn't lie in the house of God. Rafe replies that he just wanted to be someplace quiet, but he agrees people shouldn't tell lies here--especially to those they claim to love. This sets Livvie off. How could he think she was lying about loving him? He admits he read about her love for him in her journal, which of course she already knows but doesn't let on. Instead, she tries to pretend she didn't want him to read it. Rafe says her journal actually made him believe they were in love, and that's what he came to the hospital to tell her. Livvie says he can believe anything he wants but he must never doubt her love for him. He's trying but doesn't understand why she lied. Was she afraid that he'd fall in love with Alison again when he finally got to see her? Livvie pretends to be offended by this. Rafe wants her to tell the truth. After giving herself some time to think, she says she lied because she was scared, but not of the possibility of him falling for Alison again. She felt threatened because she really believed Alison had murdered her father. Rafe points out that Alison was innocent and that she almost died because of Livvie's accusations. Livvie claims that wasn't her fault. She's not the one who put her on trial; the state did because of all the evidence. She claims Alison was so obsessed with Rafe that she threatened her. She had to bring in a fake Alison because Rafe was so determined to see her. Rafe still doesn't know what to believe. All this time his loving wife has been keeping him from remembering anything, and he doesn't believe the doctor really advised her to keep him away from people who know him--people who have no clue why they're together. Livvie reminds him they had a secret love and says he knows that, but Rafe says he doesn't know that at all. All he knows is what she tells him. He felt really drawn here, but all she did was try to keep him away. If she really knew him the way she claims, she'd know that what he's wanted his whole life is a home and a family. Something tells him this is the place for that, yet Livvie keeps trying to keep him away.

Livvie claims everything she did was to protect them, but Rafe doesn't believe that. She kept him from his own family. He catches her in a lie when she says she thought they could return to Port Charles after Alison went to prison. Before, she'd always told him they were leaving forever. Livvie twists it around to make it seem that she changed her mind when Kevin returned. She really wants to stay now that her father is back. So does Rafe, but he can't forget that she lied and kept him isolated from everyone who's important to him. If he had followed his instincts and done what he thought was right, he might have remembered more. Now he doesn't know whether he'll ever get his memory back. He needs to find out who he is and who all these people are to him. She says she'll help, but he doesn't want her help. He's doing it without her, and the first person he needs to see is Alison--the real one. He needs to know who she is to him. Alone in the chapel, Livvie fumes about Alison. Livvie found Rafe and Alison will never get him back. She swears to take care of the problem.

Alison utters both Rafe's and Jack's names. Deneice assures Jack she'll be fine as long as she doesn't become agitated again. Jack tenderly tells Alison he won't let anyone hurt her; she's been the best friend he could ever have, and now she's stuck with him. As he starts to leave, he sees Rafe at the door and orders him to get out. Rafe insists he won't wake her; it will just take a minute. Jack keeps a protective eye out, and when Rafe touches her, he forces him to leave. Rafe understands they have a lot to talk about, considering the fact that he punched him out at the cabin. Jack doesn't want to talk. He just wants Rafe to know that he'd better not hurt Alison. If he does, Jack will kill him.

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