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Port Charles Update Tuesday 7/2/02

by Beth

Karen tries her hand at playing Ricky's drum set. She sheepishly apologizes when he catches her, but he doesn't mind. He decides he'd rather play drums with her than show her the videotape of the gig she missed. After they play a little, Karen contemplates their relationship and how they wound up together. She wonders what people will think when they find out, which Ricky takes to mean that she's embarrassed to be with him. She tries to explain that she doesn't feel that way at all. She was with Frank for a very long time and that's what everyone expects. Now she's trying to get used to the idea of a new relationship with Ricky. They fool around a little. Karen tells Ricky he has the potential to be a drumming legend. He's skeptical, but she talks him up so much that he teases her about being too good for her; maybe she should prove herself worthy. She accepts the challenge, which leads to lovemaking. Afterward, they decide to order a pizza. Karen goes to get the videotape and finds a framed photo of Casey. Ricky apologizes but Karen understands.

At the hospital, Kate questions Ian about Alison's sudden improvement. He insists he had nothing to do with saving her; Rafe did. He kissed her and she woke up, just like Sleeping Beauty. Kate is thankful that Alison is all right, but unfortunately she still has to stand trial for murder. Ian realizes he hasn't told her the other good news: Kevin is alive and well and living in the lighthouse. Kate is overwhelmed by this. She mentions needing a drink, and she and Ian decide to go out to celebrate at the end of his shift, but before they can finalize their plans, they see an obviously battered woman get off the elevator. Ian wants to treat the woman, but she insists on seeing the doctor who treated her before: Eve Lambert. Ian and Kate gently explain that she isn't there anymore but that she's Ian's wife. The woman remembers hearing about him from Eve and decides it's all right to let him treat her. She claims she fell, although no one believes her. Her husband rushes in, claiming he got her message about falling down the stairs. Ian asks Colleen to sit with her while he finds a room. Kate says that the woman's husband obviously beat her and she's scared to death of him. Ian agrees, and he's planning to call the police. Kate points out it won't do any good because the woman will deny it. Ian thinks they might be able to make the charges stick if he can find the records showing that Eve treated her before. Seeing the man trying to take his wife away, Ian tells Kate to call the police now. He approaches the couple and insists that the woman needs care, which will take a while. He takes the woman to a treatment room, and Kate informs him that the police are on their way, although she doesn't think it will do any good. The man tries to leave, telling himself he's going to kill his wife when she gets out. As he heads for the stairwell, a menacing shadow looms, frightening him.

Alison can't believe what just came out of Livvie's mouth. She asks Rafe whether it's true, and he confirms that he and Livvie are married. Livvie continues her lies, claiming that they fell in love months ago and when Alison couldn't accept it, she killed Kevin in revenge. Just coming into Alison's room, Kevin announces that Alison did no such thing. He's not dead; he's home. Livvie rushes into her father's arms and asks what happened to him. He explains that he was lost, but he's back and never going anywhere again. Lucy goes to Alison's bedside and comments on all the other good news. When she touches Rafe and calls him her cousin, he flips out and runs out the door. Alison explains that he doesn't remember anything about any of them. She doesn't know why, but he can't even be in the same room with her. She points an accusing finger at Livvie. Lucy thinks Rafe's memory loss must have something to do with being an angel, but Alison explains that he remembers absolutely nothing. Lucy is confident that they'll help him get his memory back, but Alison tells her that Livvie has already gotten her claws into him, twisted the truth, and tricked him into marrying her. Lucy is stunned. Equally stunned, Kevin backs away from Livvie and asks whether it's true. Livvie promises to tell him everything but not there in Alison's room. They go to the hall, where Livvie cries and continues her lies.

Alison can't believe this is happening. She doesn't know how Livvie managed to get Rafe for herself, except that she told him a crazy story about how he left Alison to be with her, and Alison's unwillingness to accept it. Lucy is furious with her stepdaughter. She assures Alison that Rafe will remember his love for her. Alison already thinks she saw it in his eyes, but now he just looks lost and confused. He wants to know the truth, but she doesn't know whether he'll believe it when he hears it. Lucy insists that it will work out for them. Rafe saved Alison's life just by coming back to her. His head may not realize that yet, but deep down, his heart does. Livvie can't fight that. Alison truly believes what Lucy says is true, but unfortunately Livvie is a very good liar. Lucy points out that her lies will catch up with her; maybe they already are. Alison just has to trust Rafe. She does trust him, but she hates to see what Livvie is doing to him. She can tell that Livvie will do everything she can to turn him against her, given the chance.

Livvie tells her father she's glad he's safe, because no one's ever been there for her the way he has. He promises he'll always be there for her. Now he wants her to tell him what's going on. Livvie tells him that she and Rafe fell in love. She pours it on thick about her and Rafe's forbidden love, and begs her father to believe her. Lucy interrupts them, telling Kevin she needs to get home to Christina. Kevin tries to get Livvie to go with them but she insists that Rafe needs her. After she leaves, Lucy tells Kevin she needs to talk to him about how Livvie's marriage came about. In her room, Alison sits up, determined to find Rafe and talk to him.

Rafe throws down his backpack and slides to the floor as memories of Alison compete with what he's been told by Livvie. Not at all happy with his new bride, he bangs his head against the wall. Livvie finds him looking very sullen. She's ready to go home, but he refuses to go anywhere with her until she starts telling him the truth. He just met the real Alison, who's certainly not the one Livvie introduced him to at the cabin, nor is she a killer. He wants to know what else Livvie's been telling him that isn't true. Is it all one huge lie?

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