PC Update Monday 7/1/02



Port Charles Update Monday 7/1/02

By Kathy

Lucy and Kevin are having a joyous reunion. Livvie is awaiting Rafe's return in her skimpy baby-dolls.

Rafe is kissing Alison, though he doesn't seem to know why because he doesn't know who she is (She's the girl you keep seeing in flashback dummy!). This understandably confuses and upsets Alison.

Kevin and Lucy continue their reunion rehashing what has happened in the last 13 weeks.

Alison tries to jog Rafe's memory, to no avail. He doesn't even believe she is Alison (continuing to believe Livvie's Alison is the real one). Jack and Jamal run in with Ian, all of whom call her Alison. (This causes more rehash flashbacks of fake Alison.) Jamal asks Rafe why he left Alison when she needed him the most. Rafe explains he doesn't remember anything. Rafe is VERY confused. Ian, Jack and Jamal leave the two "love birds" alone and Alison manages to confuse Rafe more, referring to his "angelic status."

More rehash on the bridge between reunited lovers Kevin and Lucy. Victor ambles up with the grandkids, on a pajama treasure hunt. What they find is the best treasure of all -- Kevin.

Livvie answers the door thinking it is Rafe. It is the motel clerk looking for her money. She tells Livvie that Rafe was going to the hospital to look for her. Livvie gives her the cash, changes and high tails to the hospital one assumes.

Ian, Jack and Jamal hold more discussions on the miracle of Alison's consciousness. Ian is jubilant. Jack and Jamal discuss how much Alison must love Rafe.

Alison is still trying to get Rafe to remember. Nothing. A very sickly looking Alison tells Rafe to hold her and it will all come back to him. He tells her he can't because he's married.

Happy family reunited at last on the bridge -- lots of hugs with Christina, Serena and the whole group. Lucy's cell rings and Kevin answers. A shocked Ian asks Kevin how he returned; there will be more explanations later. Ian tells Kevin that Alison is out of danger and Kevin promises to tell Lucy. Ian talks to Eve about finally seeing some light.

Alison misunderstands Rafe's marriage comment, thinking of course he is referring to their wedding. Rafe tells her he is married to someone else. Evil Livvie walks in and tells Alison she is married to Rafe and that Alison should take her hands off "her" husband.

A shrouded figure (reminiscent of "A Christmas Carol") enters Port Charles.

Previews for Tuesday: Karen to Ricky as they smooch (bleck!): "I don't feel like being good." Livvie to Alison: "You hated me so much for taking Rafe away from you, you killed my father." Kevin to a surprised Livvie: "Honey she didn't kill me. I'm right here."

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