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Port Charles Update Friday 6/28/02

By Kathy

Lucy is on the bridge contemplating the loss of Kevin. Ian approaches. Lucy tells him about what happened with Livvie. She asks Ian whether he believes Kevin is dead or alive.

Rafe asks the woman who runs the motel desk if she will loan him $20 so that he can get to the hospital to be with Livvie. She says she's a sucker for romance and gives it to him.

Livvie is gloating at Alison's bedside (little snotty priss) about her marriage to Rafe.

Ian tells Lucy they don't need an answer about Kevin tonight that they're tired and they should think about it tomorrow. Lucy feels hopeless at this point. Ian tells her he is proud of her for finding the strength to stay on her path. He gives her a comforting hug.

Rafe arrives at the hospital chapel. Kate is sitting in a pew. They exchange pleasantries and Kate leaves. Rafe pulls out the candle, talking to himself, as usual, and telling himself he doesn't know why, but he is gong to light the candle (though they don't show him lighting the candle. For once they let the audience take the leap with their imaginations instead of pounding the point until it's dead).

Bragging, boasting, crowing Livvie confesses to the unconscious Alison that she did plant all the evidence AND that she has Rafe now. She nastily tells Alison that she was right -- Rafe is a wonderful man in everyway.

Ian tries to get Lucy to go home, but she wants to stay outside just a little while longer. Ian goes for a drive. Lucy continues her soul searching. She asks for a sign and a crack of thunder with a bolt of lightening come out of nowhere.

Livvie "sweetly" wishes that Alison will have a long comatose life and leaves. Rafe is only a few steps behind her. He asks a nurse if she has seen Livvie and is told that she was seen going to ICU.

In a touching scene (more because Thorsten is such a wonderful actor, than the writing) Ian goes to Eve's grave to talk. He tells her misses her and has no more passion for life since she is gone. He tells her that the only joy he allows himself to feel is when he's sitting there with her. Kate looks on, outside the cemetery walls, tears in her eyes (ah the writers are forcing another Ian Thornhart romance on us).

Lucy is still at the bridge talking to herself. She asks for another sign to confirm that last sign. Doc appears out of the mists. Joy ensues.

We see the lit candle in the chapel.

Livvie arrives at the hotel room to find Rafe gone. She sees that he has read her fake diary and is pleased. She pulls out another boob-enhancing baby doll nightie to await his return.

Rafe starts into ICU (where Alison sleeps....) but a nurse stops him because she needs to clean up the room. He sits and waits. We see the nurse pick up refuse, as well as Rafe's necklace. When she leaves the room the necklace falls to the floor for the "millionth" time (that necklace has spent more time on floors than on Rafe's neck!). Rafe picks it up and recognizes it along with his ever-present Alison flashbacks. He enters the room and recognizes her face, but still doesn't how he knows her . He bends to his sleeping beauty and kisses her. She slowly awakens, staring into his eyes and whispering his name. He kisses her once more. (Ah amour amour.) The white candle keeps burning.........END of Superstition (thank the Good Lord!)

Previews for Torn on Monday: Livvie to motel clerk: "Did he say where he was going?" Motel clerk to Livvie: "Yeah, to look for you at the hospital." Livvie to motel clerk: "The hosptial?" Motel clerk to Livvie: "Yeah." Livvie to motel clerk: "Oh!"

Alison to Rafe: "You're really here. You're really back with me."

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