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Port Charles Update Thursday 6/27/02

by Beth

At the Recovery Room, Karen and Frank discuss Alison's condition and their own relationship. Frank is grateful that she's willing to give him another chance, and says he understands her desire to start out slowly and just be friends again. Ricky comes in to get something to eat, and seeing them together, wants to hurry and get back out of there. His takeout order is taking too long; he doesn't like seeing Karen all cozied up to Frank. Karen and Frank's food arrives, but she isn't really hungry. He says he understands, and he wants to make everything up to her. For a long time, she's been keeping a file on Yosemite and planning to go there someday. He wants to do that now. She's reluctant, but Frank already asked for time off from work. He thinks it's exactly what they need: just the two of them alone in nature, with none of the trappings of the modern world. He doesn't notice her obvious discomfort at this idea. He wants her to choose the getaway package and then he'll make the arrangements. Karen stops him. She's been thinking about something he said the other day. He said life is too short and time too precious to waste. She doesn't want to do that anymore. Ricky's order is finally ready; he pays for it and leaves.

At home, Ricky practices his drums, stopping to answer a knock at the door. Seeing Karen, he tells her he already knows she and Frank are back together. She contradicts him, then turns to leave without explaining, but he stops her. She informs him that she broke up with Frank for good. She can't stop thinking about Ricky. He gives her a passionate kiss as something to think about.

Miserable and drinking alone, Frank dips one of the Yosemite brochures into a candle flame and burns it.

Rafe continues to read the fake journal Livvie wrote to make him believe they've been in love for a while. He feels somewhat guilty for reading it, but he knows she's hiding something and thinks this might be the only way to find out what he needs to know. He reads her entry about having hot chocolate in the park, and he thinks he remembers--he just doesn't realize it was with Alison and not the lying, psychotic piece of garbage he's married to. When he gets to the part about how she'll always love him, he feels even worse about doubting her. Her only secret seems to be how much she loves him. Wanting to make it up to her, he decides it's time to start a new life together. He picks up the phone and dials.

One of the nurses checks on Alison, whose hand is still reaching toward Rafe's necklace. Seeing the jewelry, the nurse removes it and lays it down just as Jack comes in. Alison's consciousness has arrived in a white place filled with clouds. She looks around, wondering where she is and why. She calls out for Rafe. She really hopes he's there, because she misses him so much. She suddenly has a thought. Did she die? Is this the only way she and Rafe can be together forever? She isn't going to give up on Rafe or their love. She promises to find him so they can be together again, the way they were meant to be.

The nurse informs Jack that there's no change. He talks to Alison gently and lovingly, reminding her of how sweet and unafraid for herself she was when she first saw his fangs. He knows she's innocent, and he and the others are going to make sure she's cleared. He even got Lucy back on their side, and she has a plan. He promises they'll find a way to help her. He asks her to squeeze his hand to show she can hear him, but nothing happens. He kisses her cheek before leaving.

Lucy informs Livvie that Kevin is upstairs having some tests run. She doesn't know exactly what happened to him, but apparently he got knocked out somehow, and when he woke up, he was disoriented. Livvie is happy to hear that her father is alive and well. She wants to go see him, but Lucy stops her. They have to wait for him in the chapel; Colleen promised to bring him right down after the tests. Lucy is very excited about Kevin's return, but it does leave her with a lot of questions. Livvie tries to change the subject but Lucy persists. Kevin's return proves that Alison didn't kill him, and she wants to talk about why Livvie framed her. Livvie claims not to know what she's talking about. Lucy tells her it's okay, and asks her not to make it any worse, but Livvie won't confess. She accuses Lucy of talking to Jack, but Lucy explains it has nothing to do with him. She doesn't blame Livvie. She knows she thought she was doing the right thing. So does Kevin; he knows all about it and isn't mad at her. Livvie can't believe it. She can't believe Lucy told Kevin those things about her. Lucy explains that she had to tell him. He kept asking why anyone would accuse Alison of murdering him, so she told him about the bloody sweater Livvie planted, as well as the fact that she used Ryan's ashes. Kevin loves Livvie very much, and he knows that whatever she did was out of love for him. Crying, Livvie admits she loves him. She seems about to confess, or at least incriminate herself, but Colleen spoils that. She interrupts them, and seeing Livvie, expresses her condolences.

Livvie realizes she's been tricked. She's furious with Lucy for lying to her about her father being alive. Lucy tries to explain that she believes he really is alive. She'll never find him if Livvie keeps going all over town planting false evidence. Livvie accuses her of sending Jack to harass her, adding that he practically assaulted her to try to make her give a "false" confession. All attempts to reason with her fail, so Lucy changes her tactics. She won't be responsible for what she'll do to Livvie if she doesn't admit to using Ryan's ashes. Livvie won't give in; Alison did it and she has to pay. Lucy informs her that she already has. She's on life support and may die. Livvie is stunned but refuses to take the blame for Alison's condition. Besides, it's probably another lie. Lucy tells her to go to the ICU if she doesn't believe her. Livvie screams that Lucy is just as dead to her as her father is. She storms out, and Jack comes in. Lucy reports that she unfortunately didn't get any information out of her, but she's convinced she did set up Alison. Livvie seems to truly believe Alison killed him and that Lucy is nuts for believing he's alive. Jack tells her to keep on believing.

Livvie sneaks into Alison's room, pulling the shade and closing all the blinds. She doesn't want anyone to see her. She tells her former best friend that she should feel sorry for her but can't. Alison is so weak and helpless. It wouldn't take much to end her misery.

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