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Port Charles Update Wednesday 6/26/02

By Beth

Livvie is stretched out on the bed after fainting. As Rafe tends to her, she informs him that the call was from her stepmother, who said that Kevin is alive and wants to see her at the hospital. Rafe wants to go with her, but Livvie insists on going alone. In a severe understatement, she says she has so much explaining to do. She also doesn't want to introduce her father to a husband who doesn't think he wants to be married to her. She has to do this her way and see her father alone. Rafe offers to drive her there and wait for her in another part of the hospital.

Ed calls James to look at the screen, thinking that Rafe is actually going to the hospital. James accuses him of manipulating the situation, but Ed tells him it's the natural course of love. That's why James will lose. Alison and Rafe still love each other and they will find each other. James, on the other hand, is confident that Livvie will come through for him. He wants to make a side bet; he believes Livvie will convince Rafe that he's in love with her. When Ed says that will never happen, James cautions him never to underestimate the power of a dark soul, especially when it's wrapped in a beautiful package.

Ed and James argue about the nature of love, and while Ed will never believe that Rafe could fall for Livvie, James contends that every heart can be corrupted. He tries tempting Ed again with another wager, but Ed stands firm. As long as Alison is alive, so is their original bet. He has no doubt that they'll find each other. James invites him to watch what Livvie has done to try to get Rafe to fall in love with her.

Livvie stops Rafe again, claiming she really needs to see her father alone. He agrees to let her go but isn't happy about it. He paces the motel room floor, stewing over the events of the past few days. Being with Livvie feels so wrong to him. He's trying to understand her actions but isn't succeeding. He rehashes all his attempts to talk to her--attempts that resulted in arguments and fights. Unable to stand it any more, he starts going through her things and unfortunately falls into yet another trap. He finds the fake journal that she wrote about their relationship and begins to read.

A nurse checks on Alison, whose condition hasn't changed. She remembers when Alison was a candy striper, and she hopes her Prince Charming will come to kiss her awake. Alison's fingers move toward Rafe's chain, which is still around her neck. A second nurses sees this, but the other tells her it was involuntary and nothing to bother Ian with. The one who witnessed Alison's movement doesn't seem convinced.

Lucy enters the hospital chapel, where she's planning to meet with Livvie. Sitting down, she begins to talk to Kevin, explaining what's been happening and what she plans to do to make Livvie confess. She hopes he can feel her, because she really doesn't know where he is anymore.

Sketch pad and pencil in hand, Kevin sits down to draw another picture of Lucy. He's determined not to lose his connection to her or to let his situation drive him crazy. He tries to draw but feels that he's starting to forget what she looks like. He can't give up; Rebecca said he has to keep alive what's in his heart, and that means he has to make Lucy come alive. As he contemplates what she would be wearing if she were there with him, she appears. Kevin is stunned, not knowing whether she's really there. They hold each other. Kevin explains that he's been trying to get back to her for a long time. He carved her name in a tree, and he's been drawing her picture over and over again. She tells him to keep drawing it and to believe in their love. They dance, and eventually we see that Kevin's arms are empty. Lucy isn't really there. Determined, Kevin draws another picture of her, just as she asked. He'll never stop because he truly believes.

In the chapel, Lucy hugs herself. She can sense Kevin's presence. She almost believes he was holding her, and it's the closest she's felt to him in a long time. She wonders whether he can feel her too. Lucy wants him to know that what she's about to do to Livvie is for him and all the people who love him. She asks for the strength to get through it. She needs her husband, wherever he is. She goes to look for Livvie and finds her just arriving at the chapel. Obviously nervous, Livvie asks where Kevin is, and Lucy replies that he'll be along any minute. She wants to talk while they wait for him.

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