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Port Charles Update Tuesday 6/25/02

by Beth

Lucy still can't believe it. The sketch she found is dated three days ago. There's no doubt in her mind that Kevin drew it; she knows his work. She thinks it's a sign--a message from him. Just as Kate reminds her that Kevin's remains were found, Jack arrives to contradict her. He thinks Livvie stole Ryan's ashes and buried them on the Barrington estate to frame Alison. Lucy and Kate both realize he may be right. This gives them even more hope that Kevin may be out there somewhere, and that Alison may have a chance of being cleared. Jack is confused, having only received a cryptic call from Jamal saying to come to the hospital. He is shocked to hear about Alison's aneurysm. He runs to look through the E.R. window.

Ian and the others are still monitoring Alison's condition. Ian emerges and reports that there isn't much brain activity and she may not recover. Lucy is devastated; Alison lied in court to spare her and the others any more pain, and she may die because of it. Jack is stunned that Alison decided to plead guilty. Lucy explains she did it to spare her and Victor from any more suffering, and to keep her friends from fighting a lost cause. Jack can't understand why things turned out this way. Alison and Livvie used to be so close. Now Livvie is so different, almost unrecognizable. Lucy is determined to find her and force her to tell the truth, for Alison's sake and for Kevin's. She asks Jack to try to track Livvie and her new boyfriend down again. She has an idea, and if Jack can find them, she'll take care of the rest.

Ian and Kate talk about Alison. Kate regrets the bad counsel she gave her. She tried to help her by advising her to plead insanity. Alison couldn't do it, and to prevent any more suffering, she told a lie so horrible that her body couldn't take it. Ian points out that what happened was probably due to the stress caused by the circumstances, not by Kate herself. Kate still thinks she should have seen it coming and stopped it. Ian tells her to keep fighting for Alison, despite her condition. Kate has new hope. She's going to exonerate her, just like they did for Rebecca. She rushes out.

Rafe and Livvie check into a cheap motel after fleeing the cabin. Livvie immediately starts to unpack, resisting all Rafe's attempts to talk. It finally gets to be too much for him and he lashes out at her. She avoided his questions all the way to the motel, and he's tired of it. He wants to know what she's really running away from. It feels like they're on the run, not simply running away from something, and it doesn't feel right. It just doesn't make sense. He wants her to be honest with him. Livvie is furious. Is he saying that being with her doesn't feel right? Because that's what it sounds like. Exasperated, he admits it doesn't feel right at the moment. It doesn't feel right at all. Livvie is extremely upset that he would say that they don't feel right together, after they've gotten married. She gave him a chance to leave before, but he claimed he wanted their marriage to work. Rafe is sorry, but he can't help it. Something's not right. Something's missing and she keeps telling him to forget about it. He shouldn't have to treat his past as if it doesn't matter to him. Why does she want him to do that? She claims she's been trying to help him remember, but he's really starting to doubt that. He wants to get on with the future, but that doesn't mean he has to leave the past behind. She claims they had this incredible love affair, but he doesn't even remember that. She really turns on the waterworks now. Is he questioning whether they really love each other? He might as well be! She's gone through so much and given up so much, just to be with him. She sacrificed her family and friends to be with him. Rafe protests that he never asked her to do that. She tries to leave and he grabs her and stops her. He wants to know what's going on, and he won't let her leave the room until she tells him everything.

Karen runs into Ricky, who's at the hospital looking for Jamal. He tells her about his concert, and she's sorry she didn't make it. He notices she seems upset, and she breaks down over Alison's condition. It's too much after losing first Eve and then Kevin. She'll never understand why people lose their lives so young. Ricky reminds her that Alison is still alive, adding that it's best to just live life, because no one knows what's going to happen. Karen says that Alison has been through a lot the last few months, yet she never let anyone stop her from going after what she wanted, even if it meant going against everyone's expectation. Karen knows how hard that is to do. As they talk, Frank watches them, getting that familiar twitch that precedes one of his hallucinations, but he shakes it off. Ricky has to go practice with the band, but tells Karen to call him if she needs to talk or anything. When he's out of sight, Frank runs to Karen and inquires about Alison's condition. He thinks Karen looks tired, and says maybe later they can have dinner and talk. She agrees.

Jack makes more phone calls to try to track Livvie down. He reports back to Lucy, saying that Livvie must have ditched her cell phone. However, he talked to her credit card company and learned that she ordered food to be delivered to a motel. He gives Lucy the motel phone number. Ian joins them, and Lucy tells him she's going to do something he would probably never even do to his worst enemy, but she thinks it will work. She goes to the pay phone, and Ian asks whether she really wants to do this. She does.

Jack gets Ian's permission to see Alison. He tells her he usually can't even get a word in edgewise with her, but now she has to listen. He's so proud of her; she's really hung in there and stayed strong. He, Ian, Lucy, and Jamal all believe in her. But he knows they're not who she needs. He wishes he could bring Rafe back to her, because he knows Rafe could get through to her.

James looks down at Alison; she's so pure and unselfish, and this is where that got her. Ed points out it was interference from James that did this to Alison. He manipulated Rafe with her pain. James disagrees; this was all their own doing. Ed fully believes they'll find their way back to each other. James calls him a fool; Rafe married the first woman he stumbled across, and what a fine choice she was. Now, it's just a matter of time before Alison dies.

Livvie continues to protest Rafe's treatment of her. She's shared everything with him and doesn't deserve to be interrogated. Rafe agrees there's no use trying to get any answers from her. What he should do is go to Port Charles and talk to the people they're running away from. Livvie accuses him of being the one with the secrets. He's the one who keeps wandering off on his own, and fantasizing about another woman. Rafe says she's being stupid. He lost his memory and she has no idea what that's like. He has questions and deserves answers. He doesn't need her to blame all this on him. She yells that it is his fault! She didn't want to fall in love with him. She had a perfectly good life before he came along and turned it upside down. The motel room phone rings, and Livvie answers it. She's shocked to hear Lucy tell her that Kevin is back and in the hospital. He wants to see Livvie to tell her all about where he's been, so she should come to the hospital chapel right away. Before she can properly hang up the phone, Livvie drops the receiver and faints.

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