PC Update Monday 6/24/02



Port Charles Update Monday 6/24/02

By Kathy

Rafe contemplating the candle and his flashbacks: He tells himself that he knows there is something he has to do for this girl he keeps seeing in his memory. He realizes it has to do with the candle. He puts it in his rucksack.

Jack barges his way into Livvie's cabin. He tells her she never ceases to amaze him. She acts clueless. He mentions the insanity in her family and she freaks. Jack pushes the record button on his little recorder. He asks her how she passed Ryan's ashes off as Kevin's.

Lucy can't figure out how the picture that Kevin drew of her got outside. She also doesn't recognize it. The phone rings. Lucy is told about Alison and runs out to go to the hospital.

They wheel Alison into the ER, Ian and Karen by her side.

Rafe is still talking to himself in the barn. He tells it goodbye and has "Livvie flashbacks" then an Alison flashback. He's still frustrated that he doesn't know who this blonde chick is, but decides he will move on to the future. He walks out of the barn and decides he knows what to do with the candle. He yells "Goodbye Port Charles!" another Alison flashback "And goodbye whoever you are."

Kate and Jamal observe Ian and Karen working over Alison. Mrs. Barrington shows up and Jamal tells her about Alison. She's upset, but Jamal comforts her, and she accepts his arm around her shoulders.

Ian and Karen continue to work on Alison. They believe they have her stabilized and Karen offers to go out and let the onlookers know what's happening.

Amanda Barrington and Kate are walking the corridors, Kate catching Amanda up on what has happened so far. Jamal appears with a coffee, as Lucy arrives. Karen tells the folks Alison is stabilized, but can tell them nothing more. Amanda leaves to call Alison's MIA parents and Jamal leaves to call Jack. Kate tells Lucy that Alison was lying on the stand to spare her and Victor the pain of a trial. Kate blames herself for telling Alison to change her plea to insanity to save herself. Lucy concurs that it is Kate's fault Alison is now fighting for her life.

Livvie tells Jack she doesn't know what he's talking about. He laughs and says if he had a buck for every time she said that.... Livvie emphatically denies this Ryan stuff, Jack brings up Caleb, telling her she did the same kind of lying then. He compares her to her mother. He tells her to admit what she did. Of course we have Livvie's "She killed my Dad ... blah, blah, blah." Livvie sees that Rafe is about to come into the house. She pulls this "I missed you Jack" routine unbuttons her blouse to show her enormous boobs (we've seen an awful lot of those things lately), then grabs Jack into her arms. When Rafe comes in she cries "rape," (insidious little girl) and Rafe decks Jack, who hits the floor.

More talk of Alison between Lucy and Kate. Kate tells Lucy she told Alison to tell the truth, but Alison knew if the Judge found her insane and threw her into the loony bin, then the other residents of PC (Lucy, Jamal, Jack, etc.) would end up in the crazy house as well (though why or how they would throw the others in a mental hospital, is puzzling). Amanda overhears Kate say Alison decided to do it her own way and chimes in that the girl was always willful, with Jamal adding "spunky." Amanda (in a 180) apologizes to Jamal for all the trouble she caused during his and Alison's courtship. Seems she doesn't know anything about Rafe.

Alison's vitals begin dropping, and Ian has to go back into her skull/brain to relieve pressure.

Pretend-hysterical Livvie tries to get Rafe to leave right away. Rafe wants to call the cops, but Livvie is adamant that they just leave town. Rafe finds Jack's tape recorder, Livvie tells him to leave it; she grabs the recorder pulls out the tape and destroys it. They leave.

Jack awakens alone in the cabin. He didn't see Rafe coming and doesn't know what hit him.

Lucy shows Kate the picture she found. Kate notices the date is just three days earlier. This means that Kevin must still be alive!!!!! Jamal comforts Amanda.

Ian's done all he can do for Alison. He tells Karen all they can do it wait.

Previews for Tuesday: Karen to Ricky: "First Eve, then Kevin, now Alison, it's just not fair." Jack to Lucy: "I bet you that those ashes they found weren't Kevin's but his brother Ryan's." Rafe to Livvie: "What's going on Livvie? What are you really running away from?"

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