PC Update Friday 6/21/02



Port Charles Update Friday 6/21/02

By Kathy

Kevin is wandering in Never-Never Land looking for his sketch of Lucy.

Lucy and Ian are at the courthouse for Alison's trial; they meet up with Jamal, and wonder if Livvie is going to show up.

Livvie continues to try and convince Rafe to leave Port Charles. Rafe agrees and Livvie wants to leave right away. Rafe stalls about leaving immediately. He tells her the car is sounding funny, so he wants to have someone check it out. He leaves and Livvie begins talking to herself. She decides she will have to do something to create a past for them.

Alison has had it and when the Judge asks if she changes her plea, she says she want to plead guilty. Everyone is shocked. Kate asks her why. She tells her that it's her fault that Rebecca was unleashed into the world, so if Rebecca killed Kevin, she feels she is just as responsible. When Kate tells her she just gave herself a death sentence, a sentence Kate will not be able to overturn, Alison tells her whatever sentence is given her she wants to let stand.

Livvie sets about weaving more lies. She doctors a new journal to look old and then begins writing a fiction of her love affair with Rafe, including Alison's reaction to the fictional breakup.

Lucy tells Ian that even though she's supposed to hate Alison because of what she admitted to doing, she doesn't hate her. Jamal and Kate continue to try to stop Alison from saying that she killed Kevin. But Alison tells them she's tired and just wants it to stop. Alison takes the stand.

Livvie continues her fiction writing assignment.

On the stand, Alison lies and says she DID kill Kevin. She makes up a story. Lucy understandably upset leaves the courtroom for some air.

Kevin has found his drawing paper and pencil. He draws another picture of Lucy. Lucy, is on her back porch and looks down. It's the picture Kevin drew of her in Never-Never Land.

Livvie has finished writing in her journal. She hears the door open and thinks it's Rafe. It's not. It's Jack.

Rafe has gone to visit the barn. He looks at the pillar where "Rafe + Alison" was carved. He talks to himself and has MORE flashbacks of Alison (Geesh, you'd think he'd remember SOMETHING by now!). He says goodbye to the barn, turns to go and spies the candle that he left previously. He picks it up and studies it.

Jamal and Ian are yelling at Alison for telling lies. Alison is a little wobbly. She sits down at the Defendant table and looks over into Kate's briefcase. In it she sees Rafe's necklace. She reaches in and picks it up. The camera goes in and out of focus, as Alison puts Rafe's necklace on. She then stands up and faints.

Previews for Monday: Emergency Room at GH: Ian examining Alison: "Pupils are unequal." Karen comes out of the ER. Jamal and Kate to Karen: "Hey Karen what's happening." Karen: "We'll let you know as soon as we've got something." Jamal: "Is she going to be okay?" Karen "We'll let you know."

Livvie fakes an attack by an unsuspecting Jack, just as Rafe comes through the door: "Help me, please Rafe help me!" Rafe comes in and decks Jack. Jack falls to the floor.

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