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Port Charles Update Thursday 6/20/02

by Beth

Livvie is amazed at being in love with Rafe and having him all to herself. When Victor calls with news that Kevin's ashes were found on the Barrington estate, she tells him she needs time to deal with this on her own and won't be coming back to town right away. However, she will be there to testify against Alison.

Victor can't believe what he just heard. He's in shock from Kevin's death, and now Livvie's reaction is just too much. Seeing him, Jack and Jamal express their condolences. Victor is pretty much in a daze as he tells them about Livvie's refusal to come home. He doesn't understand anything anymore; nothing makes sense. Jack points out that something's not right with this situation. He can't believe that Alison would actually burn Kevin and bury his ashes on the Barrington estate. Victor informs them that what isn't right is that he used to have twin boys and now all that's left of them is ashes. This arouses Jack's suspicions.

Victor talks about how Kevin always loved this spot; it's so quiet and peaceful. Jamal says he must have some great memories, which depresses Victor even more. He has terrible thoughts of Ryan, and he doesn't understand why this happened to Kevin. It's just not fair. Jack asks him about Ryan, saying Livvie never talked much about him. He gently asks whether his ashes are in a mausoleum, and Victor replies that they're actually at his house. He wasn't there for Ryan when he was alive, so after he was killed, he wanted to keep what was left of him close by. Jamal is annoyed with Jack and tells Victor he doesn't have to talk about this, but Victor says it helps to talk. Right now, though, he wants to be alone. Victor wanders off to grieve, and Jamal confronts Jack for interrogating Victor. Jack explains that he has a theory. He thought of it when Victor mentioned Ryan's ashes. He points out that identical twins have the same DNA. He knows it sounds crazy, but they both know Alison couldn't have done what she's been accused of doing. Livvie is the one person who wants her to pay for this. Jamal has trouble believing Livvie would actually go that far, but Jack points out the other things she's done to frame Alison. Also, this case is unfolding exactly the same way that Rebecca's did, except that instead of evidence being hidden by the mayor, it's being planted by Livvie.

Jamal sees Jack's point and asks how they're going to prove it. They can't just go up to Victor and ask to make sure Ryan's ashes are all there. Jack thinks Livvie probably has that covered anyway. He has another plan. If they want the truth, they have to go to the source. Livvie's greatest fear is the possibility of going crazy like so many of her relatives. Jack plans to get the truth out of her by pushing her buttons, and he's going to get it all on tape. He makes a phone call and talks someone into giving him the location of Livvie's cell phone, based on where she was when Victor called her. Jamal is going to the courthouse to support Alison, and Jack tells him to make sure she knows they believe in her and that one way or another, they're going to get the truth.

Livvie is happy that her plan is working. Planting the ashes will guarantee that Alison will be executed, just like Rebecca, and Livvie will get to live happily ever after with Rafe. He overhears a little of what she says, but unfortunately nothing incriminating. Livvie is startled, having thought Rafe was asleep. Rafe asks whether she was crying, and she lies that she was. She was trying not to bother him with this, but she just found out that her father's remains were found buried on the Barrington estate. All that's left of him is a pile of ashes. Rafe tries to comfort her, and she says it helps knowing that Alison is going to pay. Rafe wants to take her home, but she resists; her home is with him, and there's nothing left for her in Port Charles. She just wants to leave town forever. She's so glad she has him. He wants to try and follow her advice to make new memories and stop trying so hard to remember the past. The problem is that he keeps having little memory flashes of a girl. She has long blonde hair and blue eyes, and she looks kind of like "Alison" but she's sweet. He wants to know whether Livvie knows who she could be. Livvie plays the injured party, accusing Rafe of asking her, his new bride, whether he's hung up on another woman. Rafe tries to protest, but she continues berating him. She opens the door, pretending to give him a choice. She says she's giving him a way out if that's what he wants. He may as well leave, because he can't hurt her any more than he already has. She lies through her teeth and says she won't try to stop him if he wants to go. He starts to walk out, then changes his mind. He doesn't want out of anything. He's going to put the past behind him and just move on. Relieved, Livvie tells him she just wants them to be happy. Rafe promises that they will be, and that nothing and no one will get in their way.

Alison is in her cell looking very forlorn. Kate tells her they still have a chance. She's asked the judge to allow them to change her plea to not guilty by reason of diminished capacity. This time Alison can testify, and all she has to do is tell her version of what happened. Everyone will think she's crazy, but that's better than a conviction for first-degree murder. She'll be sentenced to a psychiatric institute and will probably be out by the time she's 30 or 35. Alison thinks about her options. She can have a normal life after serving fifteen years in a mental ward, or she can be executed. That's just great. She really thought Kevin was alive. She certainly didn't kill him. She realizes that Kate is right about her testimony. If she tells the truth, people will think she's crazy. She points out the irony that the one thing that can save her is something no one would ever believe. She's not sure what to do. In fact, she doesn't know anything about anything. She thought Rafe was coming back, but he isn't. She feels his presence so strongly sometimes. Maybe she really is crazy. Kate tells her she must stay focused on the case. Her life depends on it. Alison realizes this, but she thinks she's starting to lose it. She knows she has to keep it together, but ultimately, she's responsible for Kevin's death, as well as the weeks of misery and false hope she gave Lucy and Kevin's other loved ones. She knows it has to end, so she's going to change her plea and accept her fate.

Judge Connelly, the same judge who exonerated Rebecca, is presiding over Alison's case. Kate informs the court that her client would like to change her plea. The judge asks Alison to state for the record how she would like to plead. Alison's mind is so filled with accusations made against her by her friends and Livvie that she doesn't respond to the judge's request. He has to ask her two more times to state her plea. Finally, Alison officially changes her plea to guilty.

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