PC Update Wednesday 6/19/02



Port Charles Update Wednesday 6/19/02

By Beth

Karen comes off what seems like the longest shift of her life. Ricky stops by to give her his big news, and she's excited for him. She's also looking forward to hearing his band. Then she learns that his gig is tonight, and she says she can't make it. Ricky sits down with her to talk; he knows it's about Frank. He understands that they have a history, but Frank has changed. Karen tells Ricky that he doesn't know what she wants. He points out that the last time the Desire candle was lit, Frank wasn't the man she was looking at; Ricky was. He insists that she take the ticket, and says he'll be back to pick her up in a little while.

When Ricky returns to the hospital, a nurse informs him that Karen left an hour ago. The nurse hands him an envelope addressed to him, and Ricky is disappointed to find the ticket he gave her inside. He knows she's making a big mistake.

Frank goes to the high school bleachers in the hope that Karen will show up. If she does, it means she's willing to consider giving him another chance. As he waits, he thinks about another time in the same spot, when he asked her to be his girl. Then his mind switches to another scene: that of the trampy Karen from his hallucinations. As he shakes it off, he tells himself that she isn't coming. He starts to leave, but Karen announces her presence. She doesn't know what the future holds for them, and she definitely wants to take things slowly, but she's willing to try again. He agrees to give her time, and promises they'll get back what they had. He puts his arms around her, which makes her somewhat uncomfortable.

Lucy is on the phone, trying to make arrangements for Kevin's remains. She just wants to deal with it in person instead of over the phone. Then she remembers that she'll need to order flowers. Ian wants her to stop, but she says she'll go insane if she does. She wants it all to be perfect for Kevin. She doesn't understand how she could have been so wrong about everything. It just doesn't make any sense that he's dead, because she still feels him. She never really believed that he was gone. It must just be hope, because she loves him so much. Now she has to realize that she can't protect everyone she loves. She always thought the universe was supposed to do that, but she was just a fool. Now she feels so empty. Ian is consoling Lucy when there's a knock at the door. He yells that it's open, and an older man comes inside with a package for Lucy. Seeing Ian and Lucy on the couch, he gets the wrong idea, and as Ian signs for the package, the man comments about young love. Lucy goes ballistic and tells him to take his delivery and get out, but Ian insists that she really does want the package. It's from Kevin.

Kevin is trying to keep Lucy close to him by doing sketches of her and hanging them up so he can see them. He tries calling out to her, telling her she'd really like it where he is. It's her kind of universe, where simply believing can make things happen. He suddenly realizes that it's her birthday and wonders whether she got the gift he ordered for her. If so, he hopes it didn't scare her to get something from the husband she thinks is dead.

Lucy opens the package and finds a birthday card in which he tells her that the universe and his love both last forever. Then she pulls out what at first seems to be an astrological chart, but it's actually charting her very own star, just west of Orion. It's a gift from the universe, which Lucy takes as a sign that she shouldn't stop believing.

Kevin knows how hard it is for Lucy to keep her faith, but she has to. He has to get back home, and he can't do that unless she believes. He's afraid that might not be enough, and he can't spend eternity just looking at the sketches he made. In frustration, he throws one of them down.

Lucy goes outside to look for her star and finds it.

Kevin can't find the sketch. He gets down on his hands and knees, searching through the cloud-like fog. It has to be there. He calls out to Lucy and she calls out to him. He tells her to believe in the two of them.

Lucy wishes on her star. She just wants a sign that Kevin is out there somewhere. Any kind of sign. Not seeing one, she turns and goes back inside. She leaves too soon to see the missing sketch float down to where she was standing.

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