PC Update Tuesday 6/18/02



Port Charles Update Tuesday 6/18/02

by Beth

Karen finds Frank knocking on the door at the lighthouse. They've both heard the news about Kevin's ashes having been found on the Barrington estate. No one seems to be home, so Karen turns to leave. Frank asks her to wait. He doesn't want her to be afraid of him. She says she isn't afraid, just busy. Frank asks whether it's truly over between them. He can handle it if it is, but he does love her. He wants another chance. She has something to say that may change his mind. She confesses that she slept with Ricky. Frank is stunned and asks how it happened. She explains that he was there for her when Frank wasn't. One thing led to another, and they became close. She really doesn't know how she feels about Ricky at this point; it's complicated. She needed to feel good about herself again. Frank struggles with his feelings but says he understands. He still wants to try again with her. Karen doesn't know what to say. She wants to trust him again. He realizes he screwed up but if there's any chance at all for them, he wants to fight for it. After all, Ricky can't say that he traveled through time for her the way Frank did. He makes a decision. He's going to the high school bleachers tomorrow night. If she shows up, that will tell him he at least has a chance of winning her back. If she doesn't show up, he'll hate it, but he'll understand. He asks her to follow her heart. As she leaves, she says she might see him tomorrow night. Alone, Frank sees his old vision of Karen and Ricky making love.

Jamal runs into Ricky, who's obviously very happy. Jamal is upset to learn that it's all about Karen. He demands that Ricky stay away from her and let her be with Frank. Ricky won't hear of it. Frank's the one who tore her dress and humiliated her on the news. Jamal thinks it's wrong for anyone to move in on another man's girl just because the guy screwed up. He insists this isn't about him and Alison, but of course it is. Ricky explains that he wasn't looking for this, but it just happened. Now that he has a chance with such an amazing woman, he's going to go for it, and he's not going to worry about Frank. Frank messed up, but Ricky won't. He asks whether they're going to have to rumble about this, but Jamal says it wouldn't do any good. Two of the band members stop by the table and tell Ricky they want him to sit in on tomorrow night's gig. Jamal says he'll try to be there to catch Ricky's performance. Ricky's psyched; it's going to be the most exciting night of his life, and he wants Karen to be there.

Livvie and Rafe are lying on the couch after consummating their sham of a marriage. Livvie asks Rafe whether he's happy, and he claims he is but isn't convincing. Livvie remarks that the first time is always amazing, which makes Rafe question her. After all, she always told him they'd done it before. Livvie acts hurt and says this is their first time as a married couple and she thought it was special even if he didn't. Rafe admits he keeps getting the feeling that something's missing, but is quick to add that it doesn't have anything to do with her. Livvie wishes they could trade places. She's had such a terrible life, and there's so much she'd like to forget. There are things she can't tell anyone, not even Rafe. And so many bad things have happened in Port Charles, she just wants to leave town forever. Is Rafe's past more important to him than their future together? He could give her the most amazing wedding gift by just concentrating on their future together and the memories they'll make. She urges him to leave it all behind, but he can't stop thinking about the missing years. Livvie tells him to let it go and it will eventually come back to him if he stops trying so hard. This is the beginning for them, and she promises to make him happy. Rafe decides he should focus on her. Fortunately, he falls asleep and dreams of waking up beside his new bride, but this time the face he sees is that of a sweet, beautiful blonde. Startled, he wakes up. He wishes he knew who she is and why he gets the feeling that she needs him.

Lucy blows out the match Alison was going to use to set fire to the barn, telling her she can't burn away her guilt. Alison insists she didn't do it and tries to convince her that Rebecca is the guilty party, but Lucy is skeptical. There's no special magical candle, and she was a fool for listening to Alison. Nothing will bring Kevin back. Alison backs against the door, which knocks the table the candle is on. Neither woman sees the candle fall off the table and roll on the floor. Lucy thinks Alison had help, and she wants to know who it was. Alison begs her not to stop believing, which really sets Lucy off. She thinks Alison used her beliefs. Lucy lost touch with reality. She tells Alison to stop blaming others. Maybe Livvie was right; maybe she's a witch and she put a spell on people to make them believe her. She'd better have another spell ready, because that's the only hope she has of getting out of this. Nobody's going to save her this time. Alison pleads with her not to give up, but Lucy won't listen. She says Alison used her beliefs against her. When she took Kevin, she also took Lucy's faith in the universe. She's sick of hearing about Rebecca. She did the little play and believed Kevin would come back to her. Well, he did--in a little pile of ashes. The only thing she believes now is that Alison is a liar and a killer. Alison can burn down the barn if she wants, but it won't erase what she did. Alison is crying hard by this time.

Doree and her partner come to arrest Alison, whose bail was revoked in light of the discovery of Kevin's remains. Alone, Lucy looks around the barn. She tells Kevin that she really tried; she kept thinking he was trying to come home. Now they've found his ashes and she has to accept the truth. She doesn't know how she's going to go on without him. Why didn't he take her with him? She doesn't have any tricks or secrets left to try. She wishes there really were a magic candle that would bring him back. Sadly, she leaves the barn, not seeing the magic candle on the floor under a table.

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