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Port Charles Update Monday 6/17/02

By Kathy

Rafe breaks away from the wedding ceremony, muttering violently that he has already being married. Livvie "lies" it away, by telling Rafe that he remembers saying those words to her.

Alison is confused at how they could find Kevin's remains when everyone knows he's still alive. She questions Kate. Kate tells her they found his cremated remains on the Barrington estate. Alison refuses to believe it. Kate tells her the police say it matches Kevin's DNA.

Lucy and Ian arrive at Lucy's house looking for Kevin. Lucy turns and looks at Rebecca's portrait. It is like new. Lucy is now convinced Kevin will return shortly.

Rebecca reinforces that Kevin has to get someone to light the candle before he can "go back to reality." She slowly fades away chanting "Believe, believe, believe," like the good witch "Glenda." Kevin yells "Nooooooooo!" then begins asking himself what he's going to do.

[Headache-inducing new intro for the MTV generation (hey, wait a minute, I was a member of that club 20 years ago! Ah well, time marches on); okay, for the NEW MTV generation, sans any indication that a hospital has ever been related with the show.]

Lucy appears all decked out in a red dress ready for Kevin's return and for Ian's inspection. He tells her she looks beautiful. This is a special dress for the Kevin and Lucy. She's setting the atmosphere. Ian, always the voice of reason, notes that IF Kevin comes home that night, all he'll want is Lucy. A knock on the door, Lucy runs yelling Doc's name. She opens the door to a disconsolate Victor who tells her that they have found Kevin's remains. For Lucy, this does not compute.

Alison doesn't think this "remains" information makes any sense. The only thing Alison can think of is that Rebecca killed Kevin. Kate is now buckling down to the reality of Alison case. She tells Alison she will have to change her plea from innocent to innocent by reason of insanity. Alison is understandably upset and asks if Kate really thinks she could have killed Kevin. Kate is ready to set up an appointment with a psychiatrist. Alison runs out of the Recovery Room upset. Kate looks down and finds the "hot potato" that is Rafe's necklace. (Who else could possibly pick up this clue and carry it around with them without Alison seeing it? The rest of the PC gang, I suppose.)

Rafe understandably upset asks why, if he has said those words to Livvie before, is he saying them again now. Livvie regurgitates what Alison must have told her about exchanging vows in the barn (so insidious). Livvie's slimy lies convince Rafe to go ahead with the wedding. The minister marries them.

Poor Kevin in Never-Never Land by himself, talks to Lucy in hopes she will feel and hear him. He tells her to find the candle, light it and bring him back to her. Lucy believes this "remains" thing is a mistake, but Victor is convinced of Kevin's demise. Lucy tells Ian to tell Victor that they have contacted Kevin, but Ian looks at Victor and tells him they don't know whether it was Kevin or his spirit. This panics Lucy, understandably. She goes to the painting using its regeneration as proof. Victor tells Lucy it's over, that they have to let go, but she refuses. Ian tearfully stands stoic, but Lucy can't breath and runs out of the house calling for "Doc."

Magically, Rafe and Livvie were able to clean up the barn in five minutes, as Alison enters the empty barn to talk to the air, as she is wont to do. Somehow, even with all the flowers and decorations and the clean up, Kevin's candle is right where Rafe left it. Alison wonders why Rebecca would do this horrible thing, and wonders if this were Rebecca's plan all along, to drag her down with her. Alison now hates Rebecca and takes Livvie's gasoline can (which also remains where Livvie left it) and prepares to burn the barn down. [Camera pan to the candle (shivering because if Alison burns the barn down, so goes the candle!)]

Livvie and Rafe are back to the cabin from their wedding. Livvie waits for Rafe to carry her over the threshold. She leaves the room to change into something more comfortable. Rafe, the poor sap, tries to talk himself into loving and being loved by Livvie.

Kevin is yelling at the top of his lungs so that Lucy will hear him. He is determined he will never give up trying to get in touch with her and get out. He apologizes for ever thinking Lucy would believe he was dead. He wonders what he can to do get through to her. Suddenly a sketch pad and pencil appears and Kevin begins drawing.

Alison is pouring gasoline all over the barn. She apologizes to Rafe (talking to air of course) for planning to torch the barn. She backs to the door for matches, light's the match, but before she can drop it, Lucy comes in and tells her "Don't you dare."

Rafe is stuttering at his scantily-clad busty duplicitous bride. They begin to make love

Previews for Tuesday: Lucy to a weeping Alison: "You ARE some sort of witch and you've bewitched everybody in this town to believe in your lies." Livvie to Rafe: "Does you past mean more to you than our future?" Frank to Karen: "I don't want this to be over." Karen to Frank: "There's something you should know that might change your mind."

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