PC Update Friday 6/14/02



Port Charles Update Friday 6/14/02

By Kathy

Kevin seems to have become enamored with the lovely dead in-limbo witch - he grabs her and lays a wet one on her.

The acting troop is at the Recovery Room sharing an after show drink. All are discussing their performances and what the outcome or the judge's decision might be. Lucy and Alison are hopeful. Alison tells Lucy about her relationship with Rafe; that they were married.

Rafe has brought Livvie to the barn to surprise her with a wedding. Livvie objects and finds excuses, but Rafe has taken care of everything -- from minister to decorations. He begins to convince Livvie.

Kevin ravishes Rebecca inexplicably. He tries to pull back, but can't stop himself. (So much for soul mates and marriage vows.)

Lucy and Ian are sharing a brew. Ian plays devil's advocate, so that Lucy isn't horribly disappointed if nothing happens. He wonders if the man who left will be the same when he comes home (a little bit of foreshadowing of the next arc perhaps?)

Jack and Jamal chew the fat at the bar. Jack becomes a bit wispy about Livvie. Jamal tries to shake him out of it. Jack pulls out Rafe's necklace that he found at Ian's cabin (he carries it around with him always).

Livvie is still protesting the barn. Rafe leads her into the barn and she sees he has decorated it with a zillion pink roses. She crumbles and decides to go through with the wedding.

Kevin's still sucking face with Rebecca. She pulls back because she starts to feel something happening to her body.

Lucy is still confident that Kevin will come back his own self and straight to her.

Jamal and Jack have fries delivered to Alison's table and sit to keep her company.

Kate enters the Recovery Room and tells the folks the judge has made a decision.

Back at the barn the wedding commences. Livvie gushes out her vows. Rafe begins his vows, but as he assembles his words, he begins to get flashbacks of Bride Alison and is thrown.

Kate announces that the judge found Rebecca innocent. The troop is overjoyed. Lucy grabs her things to get home to Kevin. Ian asks to drive her.

Poor Kevin, with Rebecca's innocence she begins to fade away to heaven. Kevin misunderstands and thinks they can both go home, but because he is still alive, he can't go with Rebecca. She tells him that he has to find the candle, direct someone in PC to it and light it. Rebecca disappears to an agonizing "Noooooooooooooooooo" from Kevin.

Alison, Jamal and Jack celebrate their victory. Jack gets a bit down about Livvie again and pulls out the necklace out of Alison's view. Jamal and Jack prepare to leave. At the door Jack turns around and aims to throw Rafe's necklace into the garbage. He misses. Alison follows Jamal and Jack to the door and hugs them goodbye. Her foot is right by the necklace on the floor.

Rafe has stalled in his vows. Livvie and the reverend shake him out of it. He begins again, but begins to hear other vows he recited in this very same barn. He stops again and says he can't go through with the ceremony because he's already married.

Kate gets a call and has bad news for Alison. She tells her they have found Kevin's remains.

Previews for Monday: Rafe to Livvie: "I remember saying them before right in this very spot." Livvie to Rafe: "No, no, honey, honey. Let me explain please." Rafe to Livvie: "No, no I may be confused about some things, but not this."

Alison to Kate: "Kevin is alive we know that he is alive." Kate to Alison: "No, Alison, he's not."

A brokenhearted Victor to Lucy: "They found Kevin's remains."

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