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Port Charles Update Tuesday 6/11/02

by Beth

Doree calls Chris from the Case Records Room at the police station. She wants to make sure he received the basket of goodies she sent him, but he isn't at all appreciative of the gift. Not only that, he wants a break from her. This hurts her feelings, so when Jack and Jamal walk into the room, she's not inclined to be helpful. She instructs them to fill out a request form for the records they want, but it will take a few weeks. When Jack tries to explain that they don't have that much time, she's unsympathetic. Since he's male, she accuses him of trying to sweet-talk her into giving him what he wants. The guys take the hint and leave her alone, but Jack gets an idea. He peeks inside, then tells Jamal his plan. He's going to distract her so Jamal can sneak past to get the files. Jamal reluctantly agrees, although he thinks he's more charming than his friend. Jack goes back to the Case Records Room, where Doree insists he's not getting the files today. Jack assures her that's not why he came back. He couldn't help but notice that she's upset, and he's afraid he somehow made her feel worse. Jamal sneaks into the room and goes toward the file cabinets.

Doree is skeptical of Jack's motive but admits she's upset about a guy who decided she was paying too much attention to him. She's even stuck in the basement because of him; she called in sick one day so she could be with him on his day off, and someone from the department saw them. Records duty in the basement is her punishment. Jack assures her the guy doesn't deserve her. Doree apologizes for her earlier behavior, and Jack admits he understands completely; his old girlfriend could never make up her mind whether she loved him or not, and she tried to kill him twice.

Jamal has found the file from Rebecca's trial, and it's going to be very useful. He's so caught up in reading it that he closes the file door without thinking. Doree hears the loud noise and immediately becomes suspicious of Jamal's absence. Jack tries to divert attention from the real source of the noise, saying it seemed to have come from the other room, but Doree points out that there aren't any other rooms. She knows it came from right around here. The three of them go round and round the file cabinets, as Jamal tries to get out without being caught. Jack suddenly warns her to watch out for a rat, and she panics, drawing her gun. She hates rats! Jack tries to get her to put away her gun, but she refuses. If she sees a rat, she's going to shoot it. Jack calms her down by saying rats are more afraid of people than people are of rats, and she puts her gun away. She admits the safety was on all along. Jamal has made it safely out of the room. Doree thanks Jack for listening to her woes, and they exchange first names. Jack tries to hide his surprise upon learning her name. Doree hands him a request form to fill out, saying she'll rush it through the system so he can get what he needs. He thanks her and meets Jamal outside the door. Jamal tries to tell him they have exactly what they need, but Jack is a bit freaked out at having scammed his brother's girlfriend. Jamal tells him not to worry about it; they have enough evidence to blow Rebecca's case out of the water. They have to get this information to Kate immediately.

Kevin doesn't appreciate the "paradise" he's stuck in. Now that he knows Lucy thinks he's dead, he realizes that's why Lucy hasn't heard him trying to communicate with her. He lashes out at Rebecca, who's nowhere in sight. She should have told him from the beginning that everyone thinks he's dead! Now she seems to be hiding from him, which angers him even more. Kevin admits he hasn't been good company. He hasn't had nearly as much time to get used to being there as Rebecca's had. If she's found a way out without telling him, he'll really be mad. He stops and listens to the peaceful sounds of nature around him, marveling at how quiet it is. He sits down with his stone tablet and etches another mark. As he wonders aloud how Rebecca has been doing this for 120 years, she returns and announces it gets better after the first 50 years or so.

At the barn, Lucy is trying to communicate with Kevin. She wants to let him know about her plan to try to bring him back. She's hoping he'll let her know that he can hear her; all she wants is a little sign from him. Ian comes in, bringing Rebecca's portrait so that he can try to reach Kevin again. Lucy doesn't want him to risk his life that way, but he insists. He claims he was fighting it before, and that's what caused the problem. Well, he's not fighting it now. He knows how to do this, and he's determined. Lucy needs to believe her husband is still out there, Kevin needs to know she's still looking for him, and Ian needs to know there's an end to this somewhere. He doesn't want to hear Lucy's protests. Kevin's missing, Alison's on trial for a murder she didn't commit, friends are turning on each other, and couples are broken up. He doesn't want anyone else to go through what he's been through with Eve's death. If it takes finding Kevin to end all this, that's what he's going to do. Lucy tells him she loves him. She's grateful to have his friendship. Ian turns to the portrait and informs Rebecca that it's time to let Kevin come home. Lucy stops him, thinking it might not be necessary for him to try to contact Kevin. It hurts so much to be without him, and she can't risk losing Ian too. Ian won't be stopped. He wants to make sure that Kevin doesn't miss any more birthday parties. Lucy relents and tries to talk to Kevin through Ian.

Kevin accuses Rebecca of hiding from him, but she explains she just went for a long walk. They come to a truce as Kevin begins to accept that he's stuck. He doesn't know how to get used to the idea that he'll never see his loved ones again. Rebecca advises him to learn to make the best of each moment. She always looks for the silver lining, and right now, he fits that bill. Kevin finds that hard to believe, but she reminds him that her calling is to bring happiness to people's hearts. He just presents a bigger challenge than most. Kevin admits that Lucy has told him the same thing. He asks that Rebecca let him get used to the possibility that he'll never see his wife again. He admits that he's glad he isn't alone. Rebecca thinks they deserve a party, so she snaps her fingers. Some jazz begins to play, and Rebecca is now holding a tray with two glasses of wine. Sitting with Rebecca, Kevin remarks on how much she looks like Paige. He explains that she was one of Rebecca's descendants, as well as his first love. Someday he'll tell her all about Paige. Rebecca asks whether Paige liked to dance, and Kevin confirms that she did. He, however, is a different story. As the music changes to a waltz, Rebecca takes his hand and begins to dance with him. Kevin tells her she's a remarkable woman. If he has to be stuck in paradise, he's glad it's with her.

As Kevin and Rebecca dance, Ian wonders why it isn't working this time. Lucy tells him she doesn't think Ian will be able to reach Kevin now. She just got a feeling that he's stopped trying to come home.

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