PC Update Monday 6/10/02



Port Charles Update Monday 6/10/02

By Kathy

Ricky and Karen are kanoodling and drooling all over each other in bed, as usual, when there is a knock on the door. It's Frank.

Kate is looking for Alison at the Recovery Room. She asks Ian where she is. Usual discussion about how hard it will be to defend Alison, with no evidence for the defense.

Alison is calling for Rafe outside the Recovery Room. Ian and Kate hear her and come running out. She shows them the pink rose and tells them she knows Rafe was there. Kate gives her another lecture.

Livvie tells Rafe they were about to be married before he disappeared. He is losing patience and wants to know the last thing that happened before he disappeared. Livvie makes up another fairy tale. Rafe is frustrated that he can't remember.

Ricky and Karen throw on clothes. Frank tells her through the door it's important. Karen asks Ricky to leave. He refuses. Karen opens the door to Frank, while Ricky hides.

Alison again is trying to convince everyone that Rafe is around. Kate doesn't believe it. Same old arguments, Kate leaves in disgust. Ian pats Alison on the head to comfort her and tells her he understands.

Livvie continues to try to convince Rafe that they had planned to get married and pressures him for a wedding. He wants to think about it and steps outside. Livvie talks to herself.

Ricky is hiding in Karen's apartment as she talks to Frank. Frank explains why he acted the way he did. Karen tells him she's happy for him, but it won't make what has happened go away. He sees the unmade bed and asks if she is okay, she tells him she thinks she's coming down with a cold and Frank wants to come in to check her out. Karen stops him.

Ian tells Alison he understands how she feels because of his feelings about Eve.

Rafe is talking to himself, trying to reason this whole Livvie/marriage scenario. He walks back into the cabin to Livvie's apology.

Karen keeps Frank outside. He asks Karen for the candle because he wants to find out if he has conquered his demons by remembering his past. He tells her he wants to light it with her to find out how he will react. Karen resists, but tells him she'll think about it. Frank leaves. Ricky is livid. Karen lets him have it and tells him he can't tell her what to do. Ricky tells her if she does the candle thing with Frank he wants to be with them.

Ian leaves Alison to talk to herself.

Poor old Rafe, he's getting so sucked in by Livvie. He tells her maybe if they pick up where they left off everything will come back. Livvie is excited that he has capitulated. There is a BUT, though. Rafe tells Livvie he wants to talk to Alison first.

Previews for Tuesday: Ian to Lucy: "It's time to get Dr. Collins back. He's got people waitin'." Doree to Jack: "What was that? Hey where's your friend?" Jamal is seen hiding with files.

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