PC Update Friday 6/7/02



Port Charles Update Friday 6/7/02

By Kathy

Rebecca tells Kevin that everyone in PC thinks he's dead. He finds that hard to believe. Rebecca says that the last thing she heard Livvie say before she slashed her portrait, was that he was dead. Kevin is pissed that Rebecca didn't tell him this in the first place.

Everyone is setting up the Recovery Room for Christina's birthday party, but everyone is also a bit upset ... the usual: Alison feels Rafe is near, Lucy wants to keep searching for her Doc..... Rafe shows up outside the Recovery Room. He's hoping someone will see him and recognize him (but we all know that will never happen).

Livvie is asleep dreaming of her crazy mother, who encourages her to keep to her crazy evil path.

Kevin is yelling at Rebecca for not telling him everything. He is incredibly upset that he will never see his family again. He calls Rebecca's magic black and tells her he doesn't want to spend eternity with her. Calling her magic black sets Rebecca off, understandably.

A waitress comes out of the Recovery Room and tells Rafe he can't go in because it's a private party. He asks her if she recognizes him, but of course she doesn't, she's new.

Alison and Kate are talking at the party about...what else?....Rafe! Lucy is making balloon animals and popping all the balloons in the process. Victor is wispy about Ryan and Kevin. Lucy thanks Frank for letting her use the RC for the party. He's happy to do something for his daughter. Lucy is wispy about Kevin and Ian comforts her. Christina sees Rafe out the window and goes outside to talk to him. She wants him to come in to the party.

More arguing between Kevin and Rebecca.

More encouragement from crazy Mommy to evil Livvie.

Christina wants Rafe to go into the party with her.

Frank tells Ian he's trying to find Karen to make things right between them.

Just as Rafe is about to take Christina back into the party, Kate appears and ushers her back without Rafe (of course she doesn't know him either).

Christina tries to tell Lucy who is outside, and as she is about to take Christina outside to see, when she is sidetracked by Alison and balloons. Alison looks over Lucy's shoulder and thinks she sees Rafe. She runs outside.

Livvie seen asleep once more hears her mothers encouraging voice. She wakes up to find Rafe gone. She is determined to continue with her evil scheme. Kevin apologizes to Rebecca for being so judgmental. Rebecca apologizes as well. She's upset that he will now be stuck there with her, his family moving on without him, she is SO lonely. Kevin pulls her into his arms to comfort her.

Back at the party and all the festivities. Lucy wants pictures of everyone at the cake for Doc.

Alison is outside sure that she saw Rafe, but he is of course gone. Alison tells herself that she has to stop doing this, but she's not talking about talking to herself, she's talking about looking for Rafe. Then she finds the pink rose he had, and knows he was there.

Rafe returns to the cabin. Livvie asks where he has been, but she's happy he's back. She tells him the way they can get their lives back is to......Ready?????........Get Married!!! What a shocker!!

Previews for Monday: Livvie to Rafe: "When we talked about what it would be like to be married." Rafe to Livvie: "But I still don't remember and I still feel like there's something missing." Ricky to Karen: "Why can't you just admit it." Karen to Ricky: "Admit what?" Ricky to Karen: "That there's something happening between us and neither of us wants to stop it."

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