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Port Charles Update Thursday 6/6/02

by Beth

At the Recovery Room, Lucy is blowing up balloons for Christina's birthday party. Ian arrives, announcing he's ready to try to contact Kevin again after the party, but Lucy thinks it's too dangerous and refuses to risk it. She thinks her new plan of proving Rebecca's innocence may bring her husband back. It could also lift the Port Charles curse, clear Alison's name, and allow Rebecca to finally rest in peace. She knows it's a long shot, but she's counting on Kate. Ian still can't believe Lucy and Kate are working together, but he's glad to have the attorney on their side. Kate arrives at the Recovery Room, ready to work.

After bringing in some flowers for the party, Jack and Jamal sit down at the bar and try to make plans for tonight. Jack suggests going to a club, or of course they can sit around like losers and try to figure out women. Jamal asks whether he's okay with the way things turned out with Livvie, and Jack replies that he doesn't really have a choice. Livvie's lost her mind, and now she's shacking up with some other guy. Jamal adds that his own ex-girlfriend is in love with an imaginary friend.

Alison continues to try to talk to Livvie, who decides she just can't have this conversation. Insisting that Alison isn't her friend, she runs out the door as Alison's phone starts ringing. Livvie is stunned to run into Rafe just outside the barn. Rafe explains that he was going crazy and had to get out of the cabin. He felt drawn to the barn, just like before. He's starting to make a real connection. Livvie warns him he shouldn't have come. When he asks why she's there, she doesn't confess her plans to torch the place. Instead, she claims that she was also drawn there because of all the wonderful memories. However, they should make new memories somewhere else. Rafe argues that he doesn't want to; he's close to finding some answers, and maybe they're in the barn. Livvie begs him not to go inside.

Alison tells Kate she's in the middle of something, but Kate won't be put off. She needs her client to meet her at the Recovery Room and fill her in on everything she knows about the man Rebecca was convicted of murdering. This surprises Alison, who questions why she needs to know all about Horatio. Hearing Lucy's plan, Alison thinks it has to work. She tells Kate she's leaving now for the Recovery Room. She goes out the door, hoping Livvie is still around, but she's gone.

Lucy looks at Kate and tells Ian she should be helping her. Ian disagrees; he'll deal with her while Lucy deals with Christina's party. They'll just be right over there, so if they need her for anything, they'll ask. When Kate calls to Ian, he points out that this is a party, not a war room. Kate reminds him that they are indeed in a war. She's trying to solve a 120-year-old murder case, bring Kevin back from wherever he is, and save Alison from the death penalty. That's why she decided to set up at the Recovery Room; they can still have their party, and she still has access to them if she needs anything. Seeing Jack and Jamal, she recruits them for more help. She tells them she needs to know what really happened over a century ago. In fact, she needs the exact dates and sequence of events from the first photo to the last. To do that, she needs cold hard facts, from the court records. She needs them to find the exact transcripts, which are more reliable than newspaper articles. From what she understands, Rebecca never heard from Horatio again after he left town, so he might not have known that she was blamed for his death. He just changed his name and then disappeared. If the guys can find out his lover's name, and the names of any of her descendents, they might be able to prove he was alive when Rebecca was hanged for his murder. Jack and Jamal are to start working on this immediately. Overhearing all this, Ian asks for an assignment of his own, and Kate instructs him to help Lucy keep it together, because this plan of hers is very much a long shot.

Having rushed over to the Recovery Room, Alison tells Kate she doesn't recall ever hearing Rebecca mention the name of Horatio's lover. She can't think of anything else that she hasn't already told her attorney. She's amazed at Lucy's plan; Rebecca always told her she'd never be able to rest until the wrongs against her were made right, and now it might actually happen because of her friends' help. Putting his hand on her shoulder, Ian assures her they're all there for her. Kate doesn't know how she's going to convince a judge that they're right, but she's going to try. Alison approaches Jamal, who gives her a hard time about Rafe, as always. Alison mentions that Livvie stopped by the barn and they actually talked, and it seems like old times for just a minute. Not realizing that Jack is now behind her, she goes on to say that Livvie talked about her new boyfriend. Realizing her faux pas, she apologizes to Jack, who says he pities the poor guy Livvie's with now, whoever he is.

Lucy reminisces about her wedding day, when Kevin simply asked for her trust and brought Christina back to her. She's sad because he should be here for her birthday party. She begs her missing husband not to give up. After all, she certainly won't. Ian joins her, ready for a party. Lucy points out that the kids aren't here yet, but Victor and Mary should be bringing them any minute. Not being a party person, Kate is ready to go back to her office, but Ian insists she needs a party as an excuse to take a break.

Jack and Jamal are on their way to do their research, but Alison stops Jamal. He doesn't want to hear whatever she has to say, but she insists on expressing her gratitude for all his efforts to clear her name. He points out that everyone in the bar loves her, but that obviously isn't enough and never will be.

Using a stone tablet as a makeshift writing surface, Kevin tries to keep track of how long he's been gone. This upsets Rebecca, who wants him to at least consider staying. She tries to tell him there's no way out, but he doesn't believe her. No matter how long it takes, he will get back home. He takes off as Rebecca tries to stop him. She knows where he'll end up, and he won't like it. Not long after he leaves, Kevin emerges from the same path he took. Rebecca explains that all roads lead right back to the same place; there's no way out. Kevin refuses to give up. Rebecca's promise that it will get easier with time only serves to anger him more. He doesn't want to adjust. He doesn't want it to get easier. He wants it to be so unbearable that he'll have no choice but to find a way out--or die trying. Rebecca tells Kevin he sounds hysterical. She really wanted to spare him this, buut now she thinks he should know. Although he believes that Lucy will get him back home, she won't. In fact, no one will bring him home, because everyone believes he's dead.

Back at the cabin, Rafe makes sure that Livvie's okay. She had gotten him away from the barn by pretending to feel faint. She tells him she's worried about him; he knows he's not supposed to leave the cabin. Rafe broaches the possibility that the doctor is wrong and that he should be getting out. When he mentions seeing another doctor, Livvie tries to talk him out of it, claiming he'll just confuse himself even more. Rafe insists that isn't what's happening. Every time he leaves the cabin, he gets flashes of things that are somewhat familiar. He just knows that if he keeps going out, he'll see more and have a better chance of remembering their life together. Livvie reluctantly admits that it might work. She suggests they relax and have some wine, then figure out what their first outing together should be. This pleases Rafe, who goes to the kitchen to get some bread and cheese. He wants to go out to dinner sometime to a place they've been together. While he's in the kitchen, Livvie adds a sleeping pill to a glass of wine. It should buy her some time to figure out what to do next. When he returns with the food, she hands him the drugged wine. She leaves the room for a moment, and Rafe sets his glass down on the table beside the other one. He looks outside, then picks up the other glass. Livvie returns, picks up the drugged wine, and makes a toast.

Livvie is sleeping on the couch, having been caught in her own trap. Rafe picks up her cell phone and calls the Port Charles Chamber of Commerce. He's looking for a nice, casual place with lots of people. The Chamber of Commerce recommends the Recovery Room, which sounds great to Rafe.

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