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Port Charles Update Wednesday 6/5/02

By Dawn

Livvie is telling herself that what happened last night canít happen again as Rafe enters the living room and announces that he wants to go for a walk. Livvie tells him that she has to go to town for a little while, but swears to him that she has already forgotten about last night.

Frank is adamant about not blaming Mary. He knows his father was a lousy father and husband. Mary tries again to convince Frank that heís not remembering what he thinks he is. He heard Mary laughing and whispering to the man to not wake the boys. His words stop Mary and she realizes that she canít deny it anymore. Frank hugs her.

Colleen gives Karen her messages and Karen is sick of getting offers to pose nude. Colleen teases her by saying that she hates getting them, too. As Colleen walks away, Ricky approaches Karen and tells her that he has a great idea and he has something he wants to show her. Karen angrily informs him that they are not going to have sex again. Karen freezes when she realizes that Colleen has returned and heard the whole thing.

Ali wanders around the barn, going back to the sanded pole. She remembers the flower vendor describing Rafe and she knows he bought the pink roses. Hearing something at the door, Ali runs to it, thinking itís Rafe. Sheís shocked to see Livvie standing there with a gas can.

Colleen asks Karen for her signature and wanders away quickly. Karen drags Ricky aside and yells at him for being there and trying to get her to go home with him. Sarcastically, Ricky tells her to get over herself and informs her that he isnít there to hit on her. He wants her to hear a CD that he brought. He was working his bartender job and a band came in to jam. They found out he played drums and asked him to sit in. He was so good with them they burned a CD. But Ricky gets it now that the whole being friends thing was Karenís way of blowing him off. He knows why she kept telling him to get past the sex thing. She canít get past it. As he walks away and gets on the elevator, Karen feels guilty.

Rafe wanders around the cabin, going nuts. Finally he grabs his bag and runs out.

Ali accuses Livvie of showing up with a gas can to destroy the scene of the crime. Livvie takes that as an admission that Ali killed Kevin, and denies Aliís accusations that sheís trying to destroy her own crime. Ali informs her that she can sand down the barn post and she could even burn the barn down, but she canít erase what Ali and Rafe felt for each other. Ali realizes that the trial isnít enough for Livvie. Livvie wants revenge. Livvie tells Ali that she lost the two people that meant the most to her, her father and best friend. Ali denies it, but it doesnít matter to Livvie. Her father is gone, and she misses him. Livvie tried to tell everyone that she knew evil was there and what was coming. No one believed her, and they all sided with Ali. Livvie asks Ali how she would feel if everyone sided with Livvie instead, and Ali admits that it would be awful. Livvie tells her that she would know what it was like to have no one.

Mary never knew Frank saw her with the man. Frank remembers sneaking out of bed and hiding in the closet. His father came in angry and drunk, calling Mary a lot of nasty names. The same nasty names he called Karen. Mary apologizes to him. The man she was with was a good friend to her and really cared about her when she was lonely. Mary knows itís not an excuse for what she did, but Frank stops her. Heís not blaming Mary, and Mary realizes that sheís been blaming Karen for this. Frank intends to work through it and he has to go find Karen if sheíll talk to him. Mary is convinced that Karen loves him and sheíll listen. They hug and Mary sends him to find Karen. He promises her that everything will be fine.

Ricky is alone in the park beating on a light pole with his drumsticks when Karen finds him. She admits that she was wrong and friends are supposed to be happy for each other. Karen is glad to see him excited about something, and sheís relieved to hear him say that sex never crossed his mind. She hugs him and they go to listen to music.

Rafe approaches the flower vendor, who informs him that heís out of pink roses. But as soon as he mentions a blonde that was also asking for them, Rafe describes her. His own description shocks him. He knows who she is, but didnít know he knew.

Ali knows that Livvie believes everything sheís saying, but she canít understand why Livvie canít look her in the eyes and know sheíd never hurt Kevin. Ali understands how upset and angry Livvie is, she felt the same way when Rafe left town. Ali stayed in the barn to feel closer to him, and she tried to talk to Livvie about it, but Livvie wanted no part of it. Ali insists that they both donít have to be alone, but Livvie doesnít believe it can ever be like it was. Ali asks her if the misses being best friends. Crying, Livvie admits that she does, but she doesnít know how to do it anymore. Ali begs her to just start talking. Sheís happy Livvie found a new man and she wants to know all about him.

Frank arrives at GH and Colleen is glad to see him. He asks for Karen, and Colleen stammers. Frank swears to her that she doesnít need to protect Karen from him anymore, but Colleen can only advise him to let it go.

Ricky and Karen are at her apartment listening to music. Sheís excited for him and they hug. After a moment, they back up to stare at each other for a moment before passionately kissing.

Livvie starts to talk about the new guy in her life without revealing too much. She met him a while ago, but she didnít really know him. Ali asks her what heís like and all she can say is sweet and caring. Breaking down, Livvie canít continue and runs towards the door. As Ali asks her to try, Rafe approaches the barn and stops at the door.


Kevin swears that he will find a way out. Rebecca tries to stop him, but he runs away from her. Livvie runs out while Ali tries to stop her. Livvie runs

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