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Port Charles Update Tuesday 6/4/02

by Dawn

Frank is talking to Joe on the phone. He's glad Joe is doing well, but he needs to talk to him about strange dreams he's been having. He asks Joe if he remembers the time he ran away, and all Joe remembers is Frank telling him to never go in the living room closet. It's more then Frank remembers.

Kevin stares in the water, telling Lucy how much he misses her. Rebecca claims to now how he feels, but she wants him to realize that it could be worse. Kevin doesn't believe it could be. She reminds him that she had to die to get there. An image in the water of Rebecca facing the noose stops Kevin.

Calling Kate a pit bull, Lucy admits her to the lighthouse. When Kate asks for Ian, Lucy informs her that Ian is out with Danny, and she can leave. Kate needs Lucy's help. Lucy told Ali to keep Kate, but that doesn't mean they're going to be friends. Agreeing with her, Kate shows Lucy the picture Jamal and Jack took of the picture with Rebecca in it. Lucy recognizes Rebecca and she isn't shocked. Kate knows that Lucy knows something and demands that she start talking.

Lucy doesn't trust Kate, but the feeling is mutual. Lucy reminds Kate that they have all tried to talk to her about this, but Kate would rather come up with the story of Lucy and her lover conjuring up a ghost. Kate admits she was wrong, but Lucy isn't ready to forgive Kate for trying to paint a scarlet letter on Lucy's forehead. All Kate can say is that defending Ali is her first priority. But the camera is now proof to Kate, and Lucy points out that the cases are too similar. It's like the pictures are documenting the past for the future. Lucy welcomes Kate to her universe. They begin to piece the story together. Both Rebecca and Ali opened a candle shop. Two men, the minister and Kevin, came to the shop and left a trail of bloody clothes. Both women looked guilty. Kate is still amazed that the wife of the murder victim is trying to help the woman accused of killing him, but they both have the same goal. They want to find Kevin before Ali's trial. Lucy finally admits that she knows that Kevin isn't dead because she knows he's with Rebecca.

Kevin is sorry. Ali told him what happened to Rebecca, but he didn't see it as real. Rebecca wanting to use happiness to ease people's pain, but they couldn't understand. It was easier for the people to kill her then to believe the minister ran off with his lover. Rebecca tries to explain to Kevin that they wouldn't listen to her, and it hanging her was just a formality to the fact that they'd already condemned her. Kevin asks her how she ended up there, and Rebecca isn't sure. She suggests the force of her feelings. Kevin admits to Rebecca that he was repressed in that department until he met Lucy. Suddenly it clicks in his mind. Rebecca can't move on until justice is served. Rebecca was hoping that Ali would be the one to make them see reality, but she can't. Rebecca knows she is stuck there, and she apologizes to Kevin again for his being stuck there. She does want to make it up to him by proving it could be paradise for them if he gives it a chance.

Frank stands at the closet door, remembering. Finally he forces himself to open the door. He remembers Mary's voice whispering to not wake the boys. He remembers being a boy watching from inside the closet.

Frank remembers more. Mary in the living room with a man, while his father yelled at her. Frank remembers hearing his father calling Mary a cheap slut.

Kate is confused how Kevin could be with a dead woman, but not dead. Lucy admits that they've found a way to contact him. She begins to describe how a portrait can be so real and lifelike, like someone could just come out of it. Kate gets that Rebecca comes out of the portrait. Lucy nods and continues the hypothetical story of a woman that stepped out of a portrait and lit a candle that made a man disappear. She knows that she is making Kate's head spin, but Kate asks how they're going to get Kevin back. Lucy isn't sure, but it suddenly occurs to her that she's been going about it all wrong. The answer to getting Kevin back could be right there in front of her.

Kevin can't stay there if Lucy isn't with him. He'll never stop trying to find his wife. Rebecca wants to show him something. When he answers her question about his favorite fruit being Kiwi, she brings him a piece of fruit that tastes like an excellent kiwi. His favorite drink is Pino grigio, and his favorite music is jazz. When Rebecca gives him both, he's amazed. She tells him that if he believes, he can have his fondest wish. Kevin wants Rebecca to understand that his fondest wish is Lucy. That's all he wants.

Sitting on the porch, Frank remembers everything. Mary and another man in the living room when his father entered and began calling Mary a slut and beating her. He demanded to know how that cheap whore, Mary, could do that to him. Mary interrupts his memories and he looks at her. When he informs her that he knows all about her affair and remembers seeing his father catch her, Mary denies everything. Frank continues with his memories. Mary continues to deny the entire thing as Frank recounts his father calling her names and hitting her. Mary insists that Frank is not remembering it the way it happened and he was always protecting her or Joe. But Frank isn't blaming Mary. His father was a lousy lover and a terrible husband. She can't convince him that what he remembers didn't happen.

Rebecca apologizes to Kevin. The only thing he wants is Lucy, and it's not fair. She agrees, but she reminds him that she learned at the end of the rope. She was murdered, he was separated from his Lucy, but it happens. Kevin tries to convince himself that it's a bad dream. He tells himself that he's going to wake up next to Lucy with Christina down the hall. He yells at Rebecca that his little girl is going to have a birthday soon and he's not going to be there. Rebecca begs him to not to this to himself or her. He is stuck there, and he can curse his fate or deal with it. Since they're trapped together, why can't they make the best of it.

Kate is confused, but Lucy continues. Rebecca put a curse on the town, and now the pictures are echoing Ali's life. Ali has talked about all trouble and misplaced blame for Rebecca. Lucy wonders if they have to change the past in order to change the current. If they correct the past to fix the future, Rebecca is cleared of murder, the curse is lifted, and Kevin comes home. Kate asks her if she is talking about solving the 120 year old murder of a minister to free Ali, and that is exactly what Lucy is talking about.

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