PC Update Monday 6/3/02



Port Charles Update Monday 6/3/02

By Kathy

Ian has collapsed. As he revives he tells Lucy to call Chris.

Alison asks the flower seller to describe the guy who bought all of the pink roses. He describes Rafe. Alison becomes excited. She is sure Rafe has returned.

Livvie and Rafe are making love. Rafe accidentally calls Livvie, Alison. Livvie becomes indignant and hurt and rushes into the bathroom.

Chris gets to Lucy's house. He examines Ian and asks what happened. Ian tells him it's the same thing that happened before. Lucy is surprised to know this is a repeat affliction. Chris wants to know what happened before Ian's massive headache. Ian tells Lucy not to tell Chris, but she does.

Kate is with Jack and Jamal in the barn taking pictures. They snap away. Jamal notices the Rafe + Alison carving has been sanded out. Kate tells them that Ali told her that she was going to try to find a way to let go of Rafe. This gives Jamal hope. All of a sudden Alison bursts in calling Rafe's name. Jack asks Alison what she's doing. He thought she told him Rafe was gone for good. She tells him she thought so too, but now she thinks he's back.

Poor ole Rafe is beating himself up for calling out the wrong name. Livvie is inexplicably upset about this, since it is just a game, which she reminds herself. Rafe begs Livvie to open the door and come out. He apologizes over and over again. Livvie opens the bathroom door and they embrace.

Chris finds this channeling stuff a tough "pill" to swallow. But he goes with it to help Ian. He pulls out a syringe, fills it with painkiller and hands it to Ian to administer himself. Chris tells Ian that he has to stop what he has been doing because if he keeps it up it will kill him.

Jamal wants to know how Alison knows Rafe is back. Alison recounts her conversation with the flower seller. The three others are skeptical. Jamal is pissed and starts up with Alison. Jack steps between them to break it up. Kate tells Alison she needs to worry about her trial instead of a lost lover. Alison holds her ground and the boys leave. Kate lets her have it about the way she is treating Jamal. Alison tells her she can't help how she feels. Kate leaves and Alison starts talking to herself again.

Both Rafe and Livvie are apologizing to each other. They try the lovemaking again.

The boys and Kate are in the darkroom developing the pictures they took in the barn. Kate is impatient, but suddenly Rebecca appears in a picture.

Lucy tells Ian he shouldn't channel again. Ian argues that he's still going to. Ian, lying on the couch closes his eyes. Lucy whispers that she won't let him channel Kevin again because she doesn't want to lose him too.

Rafe and Livvie are at it hot and heavy when Livvie jumps back and pulls up the blanket. She tells him she can feel the hesitation in his touch and it hurts her. She tells him she's sorry for pushing him and that they should wait.

Alison is in the barn preparing for a visitation from Rafe. She is talking to herself as usual. She wraps herself in a blanket to wait for Rafe's return.

Previews for Tuesday: Kate to Lucy: "How can we take a picture today of a woman who died a hundred and twenty years ago? I think you know something about this Lucy so start talkin'." Rebecca to Kevin: "This place could be a paradise for us Kevin. If you'll just give me a chance to prove it to you."

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