PC Update Friday 5/31/02



Port Charles Update Friday 5/31/02

By Kathy

Alison is talking to herself yet again -- this time about Livvie hacking out the Rafe + Alison carving.

Livvie is seducing Rafe, while remembering what Alison told her about her love life with Rafe."

Ian talking to himself, as all the characters do nowadays. He has decided he will continue to channel Kevin to help Lucy. Lucy brings him an aspirin for his headache and thanks him for helping her. Kevin begins to come true.

Livvie prepares herself for lovemaking with Rafe (she leaves the door open so he can peak).

Ian continues to channel Kevin and we get a back and forth between Kevin actually talking in "never-never land" and Ian channeling. Rebecca brings in refreshments and Kevin snaps at her. Ian becomes very agitated and Lucy tells him worriedly to let Kevin go.

Self-talking Alison continues to talk in the barn. She remembers times with Rafe and we get a montage of past scenes. Alison gets sad and tells the heavens she will love Rafe as long as she lives and leaves the barn.

Rafe is preparing the "love chamber," as he peaks at Livvie slathering lotion and perfume all over her naked body.

Rebecca tells Kevin that they are stuck in between worlds.

Ian can't remember anything that happened while he was channeling. He tells Lucy he gets a horrible pain in his head when channels. Kevin is arguing with Rebecca about her comment about being stuck in "never-never land" indefinitely. His anger shoots through Ian. Again there are the back and forth scenes. Ian/Kevin is yelling at Rebecca. This gives Lucy a clue. Ian faints.

Alison is talking to herself through the woods. She comes upon the flower seller. He gives her a tulip. She asks for a pink rose, but he tells her that all of his pink roses were bought by a romantic young guy, a real "angel."

Rafe has set up the love nest and Livvy slinks out in a skimpy white nightie. They begin having sex (I would say make love, but that decidedly is NOT what is happening here).

Previews for Monday: Chris to Lucy (Ian passed out on the couch) "I can't treat you unless I know what's going on. What was he doing before this all started?" Lucy to Chris: "We were channeling Kevin." Jack to Alison (Kate and Jamal looking on) "I thought you told me Rafe was gone." Alison to Jack: "I know I thought so too, but I think he's come back to me."

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