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Port Charles Update Thursday 5/30/02

by Beth

Jack and Jamal are back in the darkroom after taking more photos in the barn/candle shop. This is their last chance to take pictures of Rebecca and the man she was accused of killing. They have to lay them out in order and see what happened. Jamal doesn't see the point, since it won't help Alison or bring back Kevin. Nobody believes this stuff. Frustrated, he punches the wall. Jack asks whether he feels better, and Jamal retorts that he doesn't make anything better. That's his big talent. If Rafe were here, he'd make everything better. He's the best thing since the wheel. Jack tells his friend to take a deep breath. Rafe isn't here anymore. Jamal says to try telling that to Alison. She won't give him another chance because she thinks it would be cheating on Rafe. She actually said that; she feels like he's still around. Jamal wishes he were around, because then he'd kick his butt. After all, the guy had to know how she felt, but he left her anyway. Jamal can't figure out why Alison is still holding onto him.

Jamal knows he should take some responsibility for what happened. He acted like a fool and pushed her away, right into Rafe's arms. He had something great and he blew it. Now he sees a way to get it back, and it hurts that she won't give him a chance. Jack won't lie to him; he did mess up. He advises Jamal to give Alison time. Rafe isn't coming back, and sooner or later she'll realize that. Rafe is gone and Jamal is Alison's future. Jamal reminisces about good times when the four of them were together, but Jack says his relationship with Livvie is a different story. She cheated on him and even tried to kill him. They check on the photo development, and the latest one reveals two people: the minister Rebecca was accused of killing, and a woman, probably the one he ran away with. Jamal takes a Polaroid of the photo before the images can vanish.

Kate is going over a case file at a picnic table. Alison doesn't want to talk to her after what she did to Ian and Lucy in court, but she goes over to her anyway and asks why she wanted to see her. Kate wants her to enjoy the day and walk around as if everything is normal. Alison replies that it isn't normal. Kate knows she's not happy about what happened but she had to do it; they're on the same side. Alison informs her that Lucy thinks it's a good idea to keep her around; otherwise, she would have fired her. Alison doesn't like her, and she's not surprised to learn she's not the first client to feel that way. Kate tries to reason with her by saying that she rarely loses, and that's what counts. Alison insists that isn't the only thing that counts. If she drags Ian and Lucy through the mud like that again, she will be fired. Kate reluctantly agrees but asks a question. What if Ian and Lucy or someone else is responsible for Kevin's death? Isn't her job to try to explore all the possibilities? Alison's reply is an emphatic "no." She sits down and tells Kate that her job is to prove that she's innocent and Kevin's alive. Kate can stare at her all she wants, but it won't change what she knows or feels. Kate wants to pursue this latest statement, but Alison doesn't want to talk about Rafe.

Eventually Alison gives in and tells Kate about Rafe. He really is wonderful, but unfortunately he's not coming back. He's such a good man, so sweet and loving. He didn't want to leave, but he didn't have a choice. Kate thinks he sounds like the kind of man who wouldn't want Alison to sacrifice herself for him. He'd want her to fight and stay focused, and win or lose, he'd shower her with bouquets. Alison informs her that it wouldn't be bouquets; it would be one perfect pink rose. When Kate asks why he left, Alison replies that he was an angel. Looking heavenward, she says they called him back. It's obvious that Kate doesn't believe her. She should have known. Kate points out that a lot of people believe in the paranormal, and Alison adds that Kate isn't one of them. Kate doesn't care what Alison believes as long as she keeps it out of the courtroom. Alison is frustrated because nobody will listen to what really happened to Kevin. Kate advises her client to stop trying. Alison points out that Livvie will get on the stand and lie through her teeth. That doesn't bother Kate, who sees Livvie as the prosecution's weakest link. Her specialty is tearing apart people who lie on the witness stand. She wants Alison to find a way to say goodbye to Rafe, and move on. Alison thanks her for her help.

Livvie leaves the barn. She did what she came here to do, and that's the end of Alison and Rafe for good. Meanwhile, Rafe goes to a flower vendor and buys all his pink roses, telling himself that Livvie deserves them all. He goes back to the cabin and nervously waits outside for Livvie. He jumps up when she arrives with a bag of groceries. She ran some errands, and he admits that he did as well. She's not happy about that; she thought he knew he was supposed to stay at the cabin. Rafe thinks he had a really good reason for going out. He opens the door, and Livvie has a very annoyed look on her face until she sees bouquets of pink roses all over the room. He tells her they're all for her. Livvie is busy going from bouquet to bouquet, smelling the roses, when her cell phone rings. Rafe's doctor wants to be sure she's following his advice and keeping Rafe around people he knows. She lies to him, then to Rafe.

Still at the picnic table, Kate sees Jack and Jamal and stops them. She informs them that she and Alison have reached an agreement. She's going after Jack's lying ex-girlfriend, and she wants them all to stop all this weird talk. It won't help Alison's case, and they all want to get her cleared. The guys agree, but as they start to leave, Jack drops the latest photos. Kate picks one up and asks about it. She's skeptical, but Jamal insists he saw Jack take pictures of an empty barn, which had images on them when developed. Kate says that's impossible, but decides she wants to see for herself. They agree to take her with them the next time they go to the barn.

Livvie looks in the mirror, holding a rose up to her face. She recalls a conversation with Alison about her love for Rafe. Rafe brings in some firewood, and Livvie mentions hot chocolate, which is what Alison said she used to drink with him. Rafe first says he likes it, then says he's never had any. Livvie tells him they always drink it together. He thinks he's starting to remember some things now. Moving closer, Livvie gives him a sensuous kiss on his face.

Alison goes to the barn. She's filled with the memory of Rafe carving their names in a heart. She's shocked to find that Livvie has sanded their names and heart down to nothing. It's all gone. Her pink rose is gone. Everything is gone.

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