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Port Charles Update Wednesday 5/29/02

By Beth

After a night of passion on her sofabed, Karen awakens Ricky with kisses. Ricky tells her she's the most amazing woman he's ever met. In fact, the night before may be the single greatest night of his entire life. Karen agrees that it was great, but cautions him that it can never happen again. She jumps up and goes to get a robe and some coffee. Ricky sits on the sofabed and puts on his shirt. He can't believe what he's hearing. He certainly didn't think he was the only one who enjoyed their lovemaking. Karen admits that she enjoyed it as well, but she just didn't expect it to happen. Whatever they have between them isn't going anywhere. Ricky doesn't agree. Karen says she just needs a break. The past year has been nothing but turmoil for her. Now she needs to concentrate on her job and try to get her life together. Ricky understands that; maybe she just needs to make a fresh start and a new life for herself. Karen isn't ready to do that. When she urges him to get on with his own life, Ricky replies that he thought that's what he was doing, with her. Karen thinks he should focus on his new job, as well as go out and have some fun. He should be meeting girls, going to clubs, and salsa dancing. Hurt, Ricky goes toward the door and puts on his pants, lashing out at her. She's right, after all. He's a young, healthy Latin American stud who should be with 18-year-old babes, not an old workaholic doctor like Karen. She's not even a very good dancer! At this last remark, Karen says he's talking crazy. Ricky points out that's what he's been trying to tell her.

Karen understands what Ricky's trying to do, but she wants to do what's best for both of them. She think his feelings for her are all about sex, which Ricky finds very insulting. Karen admits they're friends but she has a lot to figure out, and she has to do it alone. Ricky agrees to back off but has one question. If she had met him first, instead of Frank, would she still be kicking him out? Karen's answer, that Ricky would have been in diapers at that point, offends him, and he turns to leave. Karen stops him, and he accuses her of being afraid of a repeat performance of what happened between them last night. She counters that it was one time only. She just wants to be friends, which angers him, but Karen really wants to try. He leans toward her and kisses first her forehead, then her neck, saying it's hard to stop there. He leaves, and Karen tries to tell herself it will never happen again. Ricky runs his finger along the outside of the door, then confidently walks away. Noticing the message light blinking on her answering machine, Karen plays a message from Frank, then tells herself she won't let him get to her either.

At the hospital, Frank is looking through Kevin's files on him when Mary sits down beside him. He's surprised to see her, but she explains she took an extra shift. She thought he'd gone to see Joe and Gaby as she suggested, but Frank says it's not the right time for that. He hasn't called Gail either. If he's going to see anybody, it will be Kevin. Mary is angry to see that he has Kevin's files. Frank insists he has to find out what's happening to him, and maybe there's something in Kevin's notes. It can't be a candle causing this. Kevin thought something from his childhood must be the cause--something he can't or doesn't want to remember. Mary has no idea what that could be. His father was an abusive drunk, but Frank thinks it has to be something more specific. Mary recalls the time he ran away from home, but Frank doesn't remember anything about that. Mary explains that he didn't get very far, and when they brought him home, he wouldn't eat or talk to her. She wonders whether it was something she did, but Frank can't imagine that it was because of her. He's determined to find out what's turning his life into a total disaster.

Alone again, Frank hears his mother laughing with a male patient at the nurses' station. This triggers a memory of her laughing and telling someone not to wake the boys. He rushes out, and Mary watches him with concern.

Alison sits in a church pew and talks to Rafe in the hope that he can hear her. She feels so close to him in the church. She knows he didn't want to leave, and wishes there were a way for him to come back to her. She feels so lost without him. The minister finds her and tells her she looks like she could use a friend. Unfortunately, Alison doesn't think there's anything that anybody could say to make it better for her.

Ed enters the room between the two "sides." James, who's been watching it all on a big screen, beckons him. He tells Ed that on his side, they're usually forced to watch the Home Shopping Network all day. He's happy to watch this little soap opera, which has such great potential. Ed asks what's going on, and James fills him in on Alison's visit to a church looking for her long lost love--"lost" being the operative word. Ed points out that the church has always been a haven for lost souls, and James shouldn't be so quick to pull the plug on this show. Vindicated, he points out Rafe's arrival at the same church.

Rafe walks into the sanctuary. The minister sits down with Alison, and not realizing that his true love is there, Rafe walks back out and goes over to the candles and kneels.

James can't believe it. Realizing they're going to be there for a while, Ed suggests they make themselves comfortable. James sits down in a black chair; Ed's chair is white.

Kneeling in front of the candles, Rafe prays for answers. He's really messed up, and he doesn't know what brought him to the church, but it feels as if he belongs here.

The minister tells Alison she came to the right place. Sometimes it helps to just talk about a problem. Alison explains that it's about a lot of things but mostly about the man she loves. He's such a good man, sort of like an angel, but he had to leave because of his job. She did think about going with him, but the timing just wasn't right. She really misses him, and it hurts so much. They were so in love, but now that he's gone she almost feels as if he's haunting her. Sometimes she reaches out her hand and can almost feel his hand intertwined in hers. As she speaks, she holds out her hand, palm down, saying it's like ...

... an unbreakable vine. In the next room, Rafe is reaching out his hand, palm up, and completing her sentence. He doesn't know who it is, but it feels like someone is holding his hand. He curls his fingers up as if he's truly holding someone's hand. Seeing the custodian, he runs over to talk to him. The custodian explains that the minister is the one he should be talking to, but Rafe doesn't think the minister could help anyway. This leads the custodian to believe it must be about a girl; it always is. Rafe contradicts him. The problem is that he can't remember the last ten years of his life. There is a girl named Livvie who knows all about him and is trying to help him remember. She's kind and caring and beautiful, and she says they're in love, but he doesn't feel anything for her.

Sometimes Alison wishes she didn't feel anything, because it hurts so much. The minister points out that love is a tremendously powerful emotion. Alison agrees; it's so powerful that sometimes she feels as if they're in the same room together. The minister counsels her to focus on something else in her life, and she admits there are other things, but she just can't make herself care about anything but Rafe. She loves him so much, and his presence is still so strong for her that she just can't let go. She's trying hard to find a way to do that, but she just can't. Tears falling down her face, she pleads with the minister to help her.

James mocks young love, saying it gets him every time. He uses a black handkerchief to wipe an imaginary tear from his eye.

Alison tells the minister she's tried everything to get over Rafe. That's probably how she got herself into trouble. After he left, all she really wanted to do was help people. But then everything got messed up, and some people actually think she killed a friend. She didn't, but her life seems to be totally out of control.

Rafe asks the custodian whether he knows what it feels like to have his life so out of control--like maybe there's someone else out there he should remember. Livvie has been great to him, and she deserves someone who really loves her.

Ed tells James he underestimated Rafe. He's been drawn to that particular church for a reason. James warns him not to get too excited. Rafe has never met Alison, and Ed can't interfere. Ed doesn't think that would be necessary anyway. The love in their hearts should be more than enough to bring them back together.

The minister hopes Alison found solace in his church.

Rafe thanks the custodian for listening. He plans to give his relationship with Livvie a try. She needs him right now and he should be there for her. He goes to the candles and starts lighting them. He figure it can't hurt, since the church is named for the saint of lost causes. That's why he's here. He hopes this isn't a lost cause. He takes another look at the sanctuary.

Alison thanks the minister for taking the time to talk, and assures him he helped her. She knows she has to focus on other things in her life now. As the minister walks away, Alison hears the floor creak behind her. She turns around but no one is there. She wishes she could stop feeling as if Rafe is so close to her.

James turns off the television and stands up. What a beautiful ending! Ed points out that it's far from over. The two face each other, and James replies that Rafe's soul is going to be his, as is Ed's.

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