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Port Charles Update Tuesday 5/28/02

by Dawn

Ricky puts a blanket around Karen and states that he knew she didn’t want to be there. Karen asks how, but he just did. She thanks him.

Kevin is telling Rebecca that he has to get back to Lucy while Ian is saying the same exact words. The men speak in unison that Lucy took a leap of faith marrying Kevin and he promised her that he would never leave her again. Kevin couldn’t leave her if he wanted to because she’s part of him. When Lucy hears that Kevin promised her they’d dance on top of the lighthouse for their golden anniversary, Lucy is convinced that it’s Kevin speaking through Ian and begins to cry. Ian pulls away and holds his head.

Chris leads Doree into his office. She understands that he’s been busy, but she wants reassurance that his schedule is the only problem. He swears things are okay between them, but she takes that to mean he feels the same way she does. He’s confused, but she kisses him. Chris breaks free and reminds her that he’s trying to work. He’s not thrilled when she decides that she’s going to wait for him. As he takes his files and leaves his office, he reminds himself that he should have been careful what he wished for.

Thinking Kevin is still there, Lucy tells him that she loves him and begs him to tell her where he is. Ian is sorry to tell her that Kevin is gone. But Lucy informs him that dancing on the lighthouse roof was a promise Kevin made her on their wedding night when they were alone. It had to be him. Ian is sorry, but Lucy is concerned about him. It gave him a headache, but he swears to her that he’s all right. When Lucy acknowledges how much he’s doing for her, Ian knows that Lucy would do the same for him. His pager goes off and he tells Lucy that he has to go. Outside, he literally stumbles out of the lighthouse and wonders what is happening to him.

Rebecca knows how bad it is to be trapped between worlds, but the candle that Jamal threw away has to be lit by someone who really believes it will work. Kevin is not happy to hear that more witchcraft is involved. Rebecca insists that it’s labels like that from over 100 years ago that started this. When he and Livvie came after Ali, Rebecca panicked. But it’s not witchcraft, it’s simply the power of believing. Rebecca insists that it’s simply the power of believing that love, hope or even candles can heal. Staring at her, Kevin admits that she sounds exactly like Lucy. He tells Rebecca that Lucy brought him back from the darkness and she is the reason he believes in love. Lucy taught him how to love. Rebecca admits to Kevin that she could see how heartbroken Lucy is without him, but she never dreamed Lucy would believe. Angry, Kevin informs her that Lucy was THE ONE that would believe. Intrigued, Rebecca asks to hear this incredible love story.

Ricky wants to know if Karen is okay with him and her. Karen is adamant that there is no him and her, but Ricky doesn’t want to hear it. He wants her to forget about Frank and Casey and pretend to have just met him. Giving in, she describes what she would think of him. He enjoys hearing that he’s attractive and charming. He agrees that he would never judge or hurt her. Karen wonders why he’s not out with girls his own age, but he wants to be with her. He sees a person that has been hurt by a bunch of guys, but still gave him a chance. Most people have written him off, but she didn’t, and for that he doesn’t want to be anywhere else. He’s never met anyone like her.

Alone, Lucy stares at the portrait. She knows that she and Kevin found a way to reach each other because their love is that strong. The always find their way back to each other. Tina enters and tells Lucy that she misses her Daddy.

There is a flashback of Kevin proposing to Lucy in the broom closet at GH while Kevin and Lucy repeat the same story to Rebecca and Tina. Her saying no, him locking her in with him until she said yes. Kevin revealing that the door wasn’t really locked, but he wasn’t going to let her leave until she said yes.

Kevin finishes by telling Rebecca that he never stopped fighting for her. Tina cuddles in Lucy’s lap and informs her that Daddy will be back.

Chris finds Ian at GH, hooked up to an EGK monitor. Ian doesn’t want Chris involved, but Chris found results to blood work that Ian ran on himself. Chris offers the opinion that Doctors that treat themselves are a special type of stupid. Chris knows it has to be bad if Ian is running these kinds of tests on himself, and Chris knows the results are not normal. Ian still holds back, but Chris reminds him that Eve was his best friend and he owes her one. Ian doesn’t argue the next time Chris tells him to lie down and get results of EKG.

Karen appreciates it, but she doesn’t want to deal with anything right now. Ricky gets that and isn’t offended when Karen asks him to leave. Walking him to the door, they stare at each other. Slowly they move closer and kiss gently. As the kiss gets more passionate, they fall on the sofa together.

Rebecca is impressed by the story of Kevin and Lucy. He admits that they’ve had a lot thrown at them, but they always made it through. Kevin is determined that they are going to have that dance, and Rebecca believes it. Few women are loved the way Lucy is by him.

Holding Tina on her lap, Lucy swears that Kevin will never give up on her, so she’s not giving up on him. She promises that they’ll bring Kevin home.

Standing, Ian swears that he has a migraine. Chris disagrees. Ian has had a shock to his system, and Chris wants to know what it was. Before Ian can answer, Doree enters and Chris yells at her. Ian wants to hear about the new lady, but Chris just says too much of a good thing. Chris questions him about anything that might have triggered this and Ian doesn’t give him an idea that he knows. Ian stops Chris’s questions by thanking him. His cell rings and it’s Lucy, who wants to make sure he’s okay. She’s sorry to ask him, but she got the feeling that Kevin was scared and she feels like they have to find him soon. Ian knows that means trying to channel him again, and he agrees to do it tomorrow. Lucy asks him if he’s sure, but Ian is adamant that he can’t say no to her and he’s sure she’ll get him back. Promising to do it tomorrow, he hangs up and stares at the EKG.


Mary accuses Frank of stealing the file from Kevin’s office when he couldn’t see Kevin.

As Ricky tells Karen that last night was the greatest of his life, Karen insists that it can never happen again.

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