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Port Charles Update Monday 5/27/02

By Kathy

Rafe is looking around the barn, sees the carved "Rafe + Alison" and finds the pink rose, which is interestingly enough not dead yet (I guess angel roses last longer). He feels a connection to the pink rose.

Dara requests that Alison's bail be revoked; Kate objects, the judge decides to let the bail stand. Court is adjourned.

Jack goes over to Livvie deep down wanting to pop her one. She gets that nasty tone in her voice and denies lying on the stand, blames others for their breakup and, when Jack reminds her she laced the candles with poison, tells him that he was hallucinating at the time.

Jamal confronts Dara about accusing him of helping Alison get rid of the body.

Alison tells Kate she's fired. Lucy chimes in and tells Alison that she should keep Kate on. Kate leaves only to be stopped by Ian who wants her to answer a few questions.

Kevin is shouting in "never-never-land." Rebecca appears and welcomes him into her world. He asks her if he's dead.

Jamal apologizes to Jack for what Dara did to him on the stand. Jack tells him to forget about it, it wasn't her it was Livvie. They discuss Livvie's craziness. Jack tells Jamal he's more concerned about what Livvie is doing to Alison. Jamal makes a vow to find the candle.

Alison is concerned about keeping Kate on but Lucy convinces her.

Ian gives Kate a piece of his mind. He tells her she's a disgrace to her profession. She gets all hot and bothered that Ian has moved in with Lucy. He tells her to use a little compassion.

Rebecca explains that Kevin is not dead. They rehash what happened when Kevin disappeared. Kevin asks where he is. Rebecca replies "No where." It's where she has been for the last 120 years. She told him she wanted to teach him a lesson, so that he would leave Alison alone. He wants to know why she can't get him back. She tells him it's because his "nasty daughter" slashed her painting. He tells her she better figure out a way to get him back.

Rafe gets ready to leave the barn and the candle falls out of his backpack. He decides the candle belongs in the barn and puts it on a side table and leaves. "Candle, candle, who's got the candle!!!!"

Rafe returns to the cabin and Livvie is there to greet him. She admits that she went to testify against Alison. She's upset because it didn't make her feel better like she thought it should. Again, weepily, her daddy is gone, blah, blah, blah. Rafe embraces her. He pulls out the pink rose and tells her he thinks he's starting to get him memory back.

Kevin and Rebecca are arguing over what she has done. She tells him she was worried that what happened to her would happen to Alison, but she believes now she acted foolishly. She asks if Lucy can hear Kevin call. He asks if it is a possibility.

Lucy and Ian are talking outside the courtroom. They decide they're okay with their living situation and friendship. Ian tells Lucy he wants to try to channel Kevin again.

Jamal goes back into the courtroom for Alison. He tells her they will get her out of this. Alison tells him she sees the parallel between her situation and Rebecca's. Jamal holds her.

Rafe tells Livvie about his day at the barn. Livvie appropriates his and Alison's story (she loves pink roses, she was the one he made love to in the barn). She is tangling herself in her own web of deceit.

Kevin and Rebecca are still discussing the situation and whether Lucy can hear him or not. She's not sure but she believes it's possible.

Ian and Lucy back at Lucy's house. Ian walks up to the painting and tries to put himself in Kevin's place.

As Kevin argues with Rebecca, his words come out of Ian's mouth.

Jamal makes a vow to Alison to find the candle. He tries to kiss her, but she tells him she can't. She tells him she feels like she would be cheating on Rafe. Meanwhile back at the cabin... kissy, kissy and Rafe offers to cook dinner for Livvie. Crazy Livvie is beginning to fall for Rafe.

Tuesday's Previews: Ricky to Karen: "I have never met anyone like you Karen. That's why I don't want to be anywhere else."

Kevin: "I promised Lucy..." Ian: "...we'd dance on top of..." Kevin: "...the Lighthouse on our..." Ian: "...golden anniversary." Kevin: "I promised her." Lucy: "Oh my God. Doc!"

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