PC Update Friday 5/24/02



Port Charles Update Friday 5/24/02

By Kathy

Karen is stripping for Ricky to prove to him that deep down she really is a trashy stripper.

Rafe is wondering how to get the 10 years he's forgotten back. He reads the newspaper with an article about Alison. He doesn't feel what Livvie has told him about Alison adds up.

The prosecutor on Alison's case objects to Kate's insinuation that "lovers" Lucy and Ian killed Kevin. Kate pounds away to everyone's objections including Alison's. Alison tries to dismiss Kate as her lawyer, but the judge won't let her. Kate continues her line of questioning.

Rafe goes through his belongings once more - a candle, a necklace, etc. He's questioning the universe/the heavens, but doesn't know why.

Kate continues questioning Lucy about her "band aid" sex with Ian. Lucy lets her have it, but has no effect on the court. The prosecution calls Livvie. Jack and Jamal agree the lies will begin and indeed they do to Livvie's same old tune -- Alison was her friend until she killed her father, yadda yadda, yadda.

Karen stops stripping, but won't admit it's because she has changed. She and Ricky argue. Karen tells him she's staying at the strip joint. Ricky picks her up, throws her over his shoulder and gets ready to carry her out.

Rafe has wandered to the barn.

The prosecutor continues to question Livvie and Livvie continues with her lies. Alison asks her why she's lying, but it's a lesson in futility, as it usually is with one-note Livvie. Everyone observing in the court is disgusted with Livvie. Alison again asks Livvie why she is doing what she is doing, Livvie shouts back. The judge hammers down his gavel and says he's heard enough. He is ready to make a ruling.

Karen demands that Ricky put her down. He tells her that he will if she agrees to leave. He puts her down and asks her what she is trying to prove. She tells him maybe Frank is right. Maybe she is the same person who used to strip. Ricky disagrees. Karen kisses him and tells him she IS the stripper. Ricky tells her to stop and she cries in his arms. He takes her home.

Rafe looks around the barn and finds the Rafe + Alison in a hart carving. He traces it with his finger.

The judge returns and turns Alison over for trial. Lucy looks on in disbelief. She and Ian clench hands.

To the cheers of PC fans around the country......KEVIN is seen wandering in an idyllic setting, shouting, "Where am I?"

Previews for Monday: Rafe: "This rose meant something to me." Jack to Livvie: "You laced the candles" Livvie to Jack: "Really?" Jack to Livvie: "Yeah, really. You told me." Livvie to Jack: "You were hallucinating at the time remember Jack?" Rebecca to Kevin: "Welcome to my world Dr. Collins." Kevin to Rebecca: "Am I dead?"

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