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Port Charles Update Thursday 5/23/02

by Dawn

Lucy and Ian enter courtroom together, and Lucy is worried about the fact that Ian keeps grabbing his head. He has a headache, but he swears to her that heís fine. They agree that Ali killing Kevin makes no sense, and they both agree that heís alive.

Livvie grabs for necklace in Jackís hand, but Jack wants to keep it as a reminder of who she really is. When Livvie tries to explain that there are circumstances, Jack doesnít want to hear it. As far as Jack is concerned, she is now the new guyís problem, and sarcastically asks where he is. Not answering him, Livvie agrees that sheís going to testify to bring Ali to justice for killing Kevin. Jack tries once again to tell her that Ali didnít kill Kevin, but Livvie walks away.

Kate tells Ali to not worry about the preliminary hearing. Jack and Jamal stand a few rows behind Ali and discuss how this is not right. Dara is making them testify. They both went over the woods and canít find the candle.

Lucy wants to tell everyone that Kevin is still alive, but Ian reminds her that if they tell everyone about channeling him and the magic candles, theyíll be headed for the loony bin. Lucy isnít happy about it, but she knows it.

Ali wants to testify to the truth. Kate asks her to trust that everything will be okay because she is innocent. Ali knows that Rebecca was, too, but Kate insists that Rebecca didnít have her for a defense attorney. As the judge enters, Kate promises Ali that by the end of the day they will have Dara.

Ricky exits the elevator at GH, but Colleen tells him that Karen took the day off. Ricky has been trying to call her, but Colleen knows that Karenís phone has been ringing off the hook since Frankís breakdown. Ricky insists that Frank is insane, but Colleen knows that wasnít Frank. When Ricky asks for a clue where to look for Karen, Colleen canít give him one, but she does remember a strange phone call from a girl that said she used to dance with Karen. Hoping heís wrong, Ricky goes to the elevator.

Frank appreciates Mary bailing him out, but Mary wants him to see Gail. Frank is aware that thereís more then something troubling him. He thinks heís a full fledged nutcase. He admits to Mary that heís hallucinating and those images made him attack Karen and humiliate her on TV. Mary suggests that he see Gail and possibly consider leaving town for a while to get away from the triggers. Frank knows that she means Karen, but none of this has been her fault. There is something wrong with him, and he knows it.

Karen enters the bar and bartender is glad to see her. Sheís not thinking of coming back, but the bartender doesnít believe sheís a doctor at first. When she convinces him, heís impressed. He agrees that sheís not Kari anymore, but she doesnít belong there. When the bartender goes to answer the phone, Karen remembers Frankís words and asks herself if Frank is right about her and she belongs there

Lucy testifies, but she doesnít want to hurt Ali. Dara asks her about Kevin wanting to shut down the candle shop. When Lucy hesitates, Dara asks for permission to treat her as a hostile witness, to which Lucy takes offense. Lucy is forced to admit that Kevin was going to shut down the shop after he discovered a candle laced with a drug. Dara also forces her to admit that Ali told her that she was upset when Kevin confronted her about it.

Jamal is also forced to admit that Ali was upset. Dara forces him to elaborate on how upset she was.

Dara questions Mac about the pitchfork and Kevinís blood. Kate cross examines him and she asks him if there are any witnesses to prove that Ali is lying about the pitchfork falling by accident. Heís not happy, but he has to admit that he canít prove Ali is lying. Mac testifies for Dara that they also found the apron covered in Kevinís blood and the bloody sweater was found in Aliís trunk. Kate forces him to admit that heís skeptical about Ali being able to overpower and drag Kevin to the car. Ali is 5í2" and Kevin is over 6í.  Mac is investigating accomplices that Ali might have had.

Dara brings Jamal back up to the stand to force him to admit that he and Ali are more then friends and heíd do anything for her, including hid a body. Ali jumps to her feet and defends Jamal.

Dara questions Jack, who was in the hospital when Kevin disappeared due to being under the influence of a candle laced with drugs.

Jack gets the chance to tell Kate that Livvie admitted to him that she laced the candle. As he says it, Livvie approaches Dara and whispers. Upon redirect, Dara accuses Jack of wanting to hurt Livvie the way she hurt him when he saw her with another man.

Mary knows Frank is upset, but she doesnít understand how Karen could have nothing to do with it. He canít explain it, but he wishes Kevin was there. Frank is convinced Kevin was on to something, and he doesnít want anyone else to try. Mary informs him that he sounds like a child and demands that he describe what kind of harm it will do to talk to Gail. Finally, Frank agrees to see Gail and Mary is glad. After he promises to call Gail, she leaves him to meet Victor at the courthouse. Alone, Frank wonders if the help he needs is really gone.

The bartender returns to Karen long enough to let her know that heís going to go set up. Moving to the stage alone, Karen begins to remember stripping. Her memories are interrupted by Ricky demanding to know what sheís doing.

Kate calls Lucy back to the stand. When she asks Lucy if she recently had an affair with Ian, everyone else jumps to their feet while Lucy gets silent and stares at the ground.

Frank hold Kevinís file on him and hopes that Kevin took good notes.

Karen is shocked to see Ricky. Ricky tries to convince her that she doesnít belong there. Karen argues with him, but he refuses to believe that sheís a stripper. She informs him that she danced there and took her clothes off for men. The men loved it so much that she loved how much they loved it. Ricky knows that only way she could do it was high on drugs and he tries to make her leave with him. Jerking away from him, she is adamant about being there because she wants to be. When she suggests that sheís thinking of stripping again, Ricky puts a wad of bills on the stage and challenges her to do it.

When Ali and Dara both yell at Kate, the judge asks her to explain. The DAís case is built on Ali having killed Kevin, but they canít produce a body. Kate suggests that Kevin left on his own, but Lucy denies that angrily. Kateís second suggestion is that Lucy and her lover killed him. Stunned, Ian and Lucy stare at each other while Ali orders Kate to stop.


Karen begins to strip for Ricky but stops. He knows she canít do it without drugs.

Ali fires Kate and informs her attorney that Lucy and Ian are her friends.

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