PC Update Wednesday 5/22/02



Port Charles Update Wednesday 5/22/02

By Dawn

Ian stares at the portrait before heading for the door at the lighthouse. Lucy enters the French doors and approaches him. Ian turns down her burnt breakfast offer and insists that he has to go somewhere before the hearing. Lucy accuses him of wanting to avoid her because of what happened yesterday. Sarcastically, Ian insists that channeling missing husbands happens to him every day. Lucy was talking about the kiss, and she reiterates that she only kissed him because she wanted to contact Kevin. Ian swears he's not avoiding her and he understands about the kiss.

Jack and Ali are still looking for the candle. Ali is nervous, but Jack insists that Livvie is an idiot and the only one that thinks Ali is guilty. He admits that he went to the cabin to confront her, but didn't. Ali is sorry, but Jack is convinced that Livvie is the other guy's problem now. Jack is ready to leave and Ali agrees it's time to look somewhere else. After she walks away, Jack pulls out the chain and wishes the other guy luck.

Rafe realizes his chain was gone, and he knows it was important. Livvie promises to help him find it. After she leads him into a cabin, she gets on a chair to open drapes. Dramatically, she falls on him so he'll catch her. After staring at her for a moment, Rafe offers to go make breakfast before he goes for a walk. Livvie asks him if it's that hard to touch her.

Ian is at Eve's gravesite, telling her that he sees her smile in Danny. He continues to explain about channeling Kevin and helping to find him. How strange it was for Kevin to talk through him. He knows that anything can happen in PC, but he wonders what happened to Kevin. Startling him, Kate tells him that's the million dollar question.

Ali and Jack enter the lighthouse, and Ali is surprised to see the portrait. Jack asks Lucy if she's sure that the candle is connected. Lucy tells them about Kevin speaking to her, but before she can give them the actual circumstances, Ali and Jack begin to celebrate that Kevin called her and he is okay. Lucy tries to interrupt them.

Rafe apologizes for hurting Livvie's feelings. She doesn't understand because he's never had trouble touching her before. When he kissed her, she could feel that his heart wasn't in it. Rafe swears that it's him, not her. Livvie can't get over how strange it is that they were closer then two people ought to be. Rafe doesn't understand why touching her doesn't bring back memories. Livvie is glad to have the chance to fall in love all over again, and Rafe is grateful that she's not giving up on him.

Ian accuses Kate of eavesdropping, but she explains that she was visiting her grandmother's grave. Ian asks her if she's rethought the mumbo jumbo. Kate doesn't understand how a doctor can buy into it. He tries to explain that PC is a Bermuda Triangle with better food. Kate asks him about his return to PC and he admits that it was for Lucy, who is a great friend of his. Kate continues to question him about coming back after Kevin disappeared, and he gets testy about her questions. Backing down, she turns to leave. Ian reminds her that Ali is a good kid, but Kate knows that even good kids get into trouble. Ali is so caught up in the supernatural that she can't focus. Ian admits that they might all be certifiable, but he asks her to keep an open mind.

Livvie and Rafe cuddle on the sofa. She's glad he wants to try again. Rafe knows that love doesn't just vanish, it has to be buried somewhere inside him. As he moves to put the bags away before they get reacquainted, Livvie's cell rings. Livvie tells Dara that she would be happy to be at the hearing. When Rafe enters the room, Livvie tells him that she has to go to see a friend, but he can stay there. He kisses her before she leaves.

Outside, Livvie decides that Ali has taken everything she cares, and she will make Ali's precious Rafe love her.

Jack and Ali want Lucy to bring Kevin to hearing, but Lucy has to break the rest of the story to them. Ali and Jack don't really understand the whole Ian channeled Kevin, but they do understand that Rebecca came out of the portrait and lit the candle. They both swear that they will find that candle. Ali is still curious about the portrait because the one thing she is sure of is that Rebecca won't come out of it again. Lucy wants Rebecca to get a sense of how Kevin lived and how much they miss him. Jack is almost amused that Lucy is trying to put a guilt trip on a portrait, and Lucy has to admit that it doesn't make that much sense. But she is not giving up, and Jack does agree with that. Lucy asks if they've heard from Livvie, and all Jack says is that she will be at the hearing with her new friend. As he leaves to go get ready, he opens the door for Kate. Lucy invites her in and goes to check on the kids. Kate knows something is going on, and Ali admits to Kevin's message that came through Ian. Ali argues that Lucy believes in that stuff and she's usually right about it, but Kate asks Ali if she wants to be convicted.

Ian hates to leave Eve alone. Lucy arrives and he moves to her. When he tells Lucy that he's been filling Eve in on the gossip, Lucy knows that Eve would give him hell for hanging out with her. Eve would insist that he stay away from Lucy because she's nothing but trouble. Ian knows that Eve would want to help find Kevin. Lucy agrees to that, but she also knows that Eve would NOT want her kissing Ian. Lucy crossed a line to ask him to do this when he is grieving, but Ian knows how much she loves Kevin and misses him. Taking his hand, Lucy asks him to ride with her to the hearing. They leave the graveyard arm and arm.

Livvie arrives and Jack approaches her. He asks her where her new boyfriend is and she apologizes for how he found out. Jack shows her the chain he found, and Livvie asks for it back.

Ali doesn't want to be convicted. Kate reminds her that a jury will decide if she will be tried for murder. Her friends might believe in the magic candle, channeling, and spells, but the jury won't. Before she can continue, her cell rings. Kate is glad to hear that her information panned out and her client has no idea what she's going to do at the hearing. Hanging up, she returns to Ali. It looks like they're in for a wild ride, and Ali asks her how to prepare herself. Kate tells her to collect herself and she'll meet her there. Alone, Ali paces the living room remembering Rafe telling her that her problems are his problems. But she knows that Rafe can't help her this time and she needs to help herself. She just wishes she could find the candle.

Rafe is still looking for his chain. He pulls out a bag and opens it. In with a bunch of clothes is the candle. He found it in the woods, has no idea if it's his or not, but he senses there is something about it. Frustrated, he throws it back in the bag.


Frank tells Mary that he's seeing things and something is wrong with him.

On the stand, Jack explains that he was under the influence of the candle because it was laced with a drug.

Kate asks Lucy if she recently had an affair with Ian, shocking Lucy.

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