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Port Charles Update Tuesday 5/21/02

by Dawn

&Lucy calls to Ian, who turns to her and says that he loves her and he's trying to get back to her. Lucy understands that she's listening to Kevin.

When Karen and Ricky exit the elevator at GH, everyone stares at her. Ricky wanted her to lay low for a while, but Karen can't. She tries to make light of it, but Ricky isn't amused. She says a little public humiliation builds character, but Ricky thinks Frank should be the one publicly humiliated. Karen has to get back to work, but she does appreciate Ricky's offer to stick around. As Ricky reluctantly leaves, a man named Derek Stewart approaches Karen. He offers her a hundred thousand dollars to pose nude in his magazine.

Livvie is still kissing Rafe as Jack watches. Removing her blouse, she sees Jack through the window. She runs to the window as he walks away. Confused, Rafe jumps to his feet, losing his necklace in the process. He wants to know why Livvie is so upset and who Jack is.

Lucy touches Ian's face, feeling Kevin making contact. She begs him to tell her where he is. As she leans closer to him, Ian almost falls on her and Kevin is gone. Not remembering any of it, he frantically asks Lucy what happened. All he remembers is that he was there one minute and out there the next. Lucy's story of Kevin contacting her through him freaks him out. As Lucy frantically asks him if he remembers anything or has any clue where Kevin is, all Ian wants to do is get out of there and get a drink. As he tries to escape, Lucy grabs his arm and begs him to try again.

Rafe accuses Livvie if hiding something, and she admits that she and Jack dated before she and Rafe. She claims that Jack knew about them, but he's is uncontrollably jealous. When Livvie decides that she needs to find them somewhere else to stay, Rafe stops her. He doesn't care about who knows them or sees them. Livvie is supposed to be the woman he loves, not his keeper. He needs to know what's wrong, and that means he needs a doctor. He wants to remember.

Karen is angry, but Derek wants her to hear him out. They want her to be the center on a piece about professional women. She threatens to call security, but he's not leaving. He did research on her, and he applauds the fact that she went from stripper to doctor. Putting his card in front of her, he promises that this will only affect her bank account, not her reputation.

Jack stops his bike and remembers Livvie in the cabin. Still not willing to believe she did it, he decides that he's going to throw her out of the cabin like he promised Ali he would.

Livvie swears that nothing would make her happier then Rafe remembering what they meant to each other. But she tries to convince him that the Barringtons have connections everywhere and a doctor might be dangerous. Rafe is willing to take the risk because all the questions are driving him crazy. Livvie promises to take care of him and help him remember. But Rafe doesn't think it's fair for her to have a boyfriend stuck in neutral. He has a feeling that there is something he is supposed to be doing, or someone he's supposed to see. Reminding him that her father is already dead, Livvie swears that she doesn't want him in danger. Rafe feels like he's not doing anyone any good this way, and he needs to fix it for both of them.

Ian finally gives in to Lucy's hysterical begging and tries again. Touching the portrait, Ian doesn't feel anything. Deciding to initiate contact herself, Lucy moves close to Ian and calls to Kevin. Lucy begs Kevin to try again to contact her. He is her heart and soul and she needs him. Touching Ian's face, she tells Kevin she can't find him and she needs to because he is her everything. Gently, Lucy kisses him. At first, Ian hesitates, but finally returns her kiss.

After kissing Lucy for a few moments, Ian pushes her away, telling her that she's kissing Ian, not Kevin. Embarrassed, Lucy apologizes. He knows she only wanted to be with her husband. He has no idea why it's not working, but he needs to get out of there. Lucy refuses to leave the portrait and Ian is eager enough to not argue with her. He admits that he has a headache as he carries the portrait to the car.

Ricky gets off the elevator and looks for Karen. He wants to tell her he got a bartending job at the Foxy Trot, but she's gone

Karen is back at the Pink Paradise, remembering both the catcalls from the men when she danced and Frank's words of her being a whore that used her body. A dancer that remembers her approaches her and asks if she's back to dance. Denying that she's Kari, she jumps up and leaves the bar.

Jack is back in the cabin screaming for Livvie. She and Rafe are gone, but Jack finds the necklace.

Livvie knows Rafe's memory will get her in trouble. The doctor approaches her to tell her that Rafe has no injuries, but he needs to be around people he knows to regain his memory. Livvie promises to do that, but after the doctor is gone and Rafe appears, Livvie claims the doctor's advice is to be alone and get some rest. Rafe puts himself in her hands and admits that he doesn't need anyone else.


Ali tells Kate that Kevin said Rebecca lit a candle that made him vanish and Lucy knows it. Kate accuses her of trying to get convicted.

Rafe wants to be the person he once was and asks Livvie to not give up on him.

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