PC Update Monday 5/20/02



Port Charles Update Monday 5/20/02

By Kathy

Ian tells Lucy he believes her about the candle, but wonders where it is. Jamal walks in and tells them he knows what happened with the candle - that he threw it away.

Alison comes into the Recovery Room and Jack sees her. He sits down to chat. He wonders why she isn't at Ian's cabin. She tells him Livvie was there. Jack wants to go up and throw her out. Alison tells him they can't because Livvie's not alone - she has a man up there.

Rafe doesn't quite believe Livvie and he were lovers. Livvie kisses him and tries to convince him. He pulls away because it doesn't feel right. He tells her he thinks he has a connection to Alison.

Jamal explains that he threw the candle that Rebecca gave to Alison into the woods. He said it just sounded so weird, that it was hard to believe. Ian and Lucy ask what the candle looked like. Jamal doesn't remember, but he says Rebecca did come out to tell Alison about Kevin. Lucy grabs Jamal and recruits him to help look for the candle.

Rafe demands to know about his connection to Alison. Livvie lies, of course, telling him that he dated Alison after she had broken up with someone, but once he and Livvie met they had to be together. He asks if he ever loved Alison, Livvie tells him he felt sorry for her, but no more. Livvie tells him that Alison was upset that she had taken Rafe away from her, so she took away someone important to Livvie.

Alison tells Jack she doesn't want him walking in on Livvie and her lover. Jack is shocked that Livvie has hooked up with someone so quickly after their breakup, but he doesn't think she has a right to "shack" up with someone in Ian's cabin. He is determined to go up there and kick her out.

Ian, Lucy and Jamal continue to look in the woods for the candle. Ian and Jamal want to stop because it is getting late and start again in the morning. Lucy disagrees; she is determined to look until she finds something. Jamal leaves. Ian tells Lucy he can't leave her out there alone. Lucy refuses to go, Ian takes Lucy into the barn. He tells her he has a plan.

Alison doesn't think it's a good idea to go up to the cabin. She tells Jack that he just wants to see who Livvie's with. He tells her she's right. Alison asks if he will be at the hearing in the morning. He promises he will be. Alison leaves to splash water on her face. Jack takes Ian's key and leaves for the cabin.

"Alison killed my father," (yadda, yadda, yadda, AGAIN!). Rafe begins to blame himself, but Livvie tells him it's all Alison's fault. He wants to go to talk to Alison, but Livvie stops him, saying whatever she can to make him stay. Rafe tells her he can't walk away from the situation with Alison, Livvie refers to him as a Vampire Slayer, shocking him that she knows. This convinces him that they were intimate. Livvie seduces him, thereby distracting him and keeping him close.

Ian takes Lucy into the barn and tells her he thinks they should act out what happened the day Kevin disappeared. They role-play - Lucy is Alison, Ian is Kevin. They act out the events. Ian goes to the portrait and stares at it, all of a sudden he channels Kevin. Kevin tells Lucy that Rebecca stepped out of the portrait, lit a candle and he disappeared. He tells Lucy he misses her and that he's lost and can't find his way home.

Alison is wishing on a star again. Jamal finds her and tries to tell her what happened at the barn with Lucy and Ian. Alison is not in the mood to listen. She tells him she doesn't know what to do next. Jamal tells her she doesn't have to do anything at the moment, puts his arms around her and comforts her.

Rafe wants Livvie to wait, but she rolls over him like a bulldozer and straddles him. Jack looks through the window and sees Livvie taking off her blouse.

Previews for Tuesday: Livvie to Rafe: "That was Jack. He saw me." Rafe to Livvie: "All right. All right. Who's Jack and why are you so upset?" Ian to Lucy: "I'm lost." Lucy to Ian: "Doc is that you?" Ian to Lucy: "Yeah."

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