PC Update Friday 5/17/02



Port Charles Update Friday 5/17/02

By Kathy

Frank has ripped open Karen's dress to the television viewing public. Chris and Doree happen to walk into the melee. Mary tries to stop the cameraman from filming. Doree tries to stop Frank and he throws her down. Chris decks him. Ricky comforts Karen.

Ian and Lucy are fixing Rebecca's portrait in the hopes she will come out and tell them where Kevin is. Lucy asks for Rebecca's help.

Livvie hears someone at the door. Afraid it's Ian she runs to the door and finds Alison. Livvie refuses to let Alison in.

Karen accuses Ricky of lighting the candle in the Recovery Room. Mary asks Frank why he did what he did. He tells her it isn't him it's the candle. No one knows what he's talking about. Doree arrests Frank. Frank appeals to Karen, but to no avail. Karen leaves with Ricky not far behind.

Livvie continues her ridiculous rants to Alison. Alison tells her she knows Livvie was the one to slash the picture, ruining all chances of finding Kevin. Livvie tells her she's glad - one witch down and one to go. There is a male cough. Alison asks who is in the cabin

Mary begs the officers not to arrest Frank, but they take him away. Doree comes back in to Chris and tells him how much she likes him, and what a good lover he is.

Back in Karen's apartment and she is receiving crank calls. Ricky comforts her.

Lucy begs Rebecca to talk to her. Ian tells Lucy he believes her, but she needs a break. She refuses. He agrees to stay. Lucy continues to talk to the portrait, as Ian looks on.

Alison figures out Livvie has a man in the cabin. She berates Livvie for dumping Jack again and immediately going to another man. Alison tells Livvie she can't believe they used to be friends. Livvie sniffs. Alison wants to see what kind of man Livvie has hidden in the cabin. A man's voice calls Livvie's name.

Ricky continues to comfort Karen in the same way he has been in the last few weeks. He holds her.

Frank is hallucinating in the prison cell.

Lucy is getting frustrated. Ian continues to tell Lucy she needs to rest. Lucy tries talking to the portrait one more time. She notices that there is something different about the portrait. We see a flashback of the last time they were in front of the portrait. Lucy realizes the candle is missing.

Alison tries to go into the cabin, but Livvie keeps her out. Alison is disgusted (rightly so) and agrees to leave. But before she does Alison tells Livvie she now thinks Caleb was the perfect match for her. She tells her they were both heartless and soulless and she leaves. Livvie vows that it's payback time. She AGAIN blames Alison for all her problems. She goes back in the cabin and tells Rafe that SHE was his lover. She kisses him and they embrace.

Previews for Monday: Alison to Jack: "Livvie's up there." Jack to Alison: "Alison, come with me." Alison to Rafe: "Where?" Jack to Alison: "We're going up there and we're going to throw her out." Alison to Rafe: "No, We can't. She's not alone. She's got another guy up there." Livvie to Rafe: "All I want is what's best for you. You trust me don't you?" Rafe to Livvie: "No."

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