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Port Charles Update Thursday 5/16/02

by Beth

Lucy looks at her notepad and tries to figure out what Kevin was trying to tell her. He says he's lost. That means he's alive. It doesn't mean he's a hostage or a prisoner. She thinks about him being lost in the woods but decides that's not possible, since someone would have found him by now. Serena lets herself in, after having ridden her bike over from home. Lucy is happy to see her but explains she just sent Danny and Christina to the park with the babysitter. Serena doesn't mind; she just wants to talk. When Lucy says she's trying to find Kevin, Serena looks sad. She wants know what's really happening with Kevin. Ian slips in unnoticed, and Serena asks whether Kevin is dead, as some people think. Lucy explains that she truly believes Kevin is alive, just missing. She feels it in her heart. Serena believes it too. She offers to stay but Lucy says she'll be fine. Serena notices Ian and asks whether he's here to help find Kevin. Ian assures her that he is, and she heads home. Lucy questions whether she did the right thing by letting her believe Kevin is alive, and Ian thinks she did. In fact, he believes Kevin is out there somewhere.

Ian shows Lucy the Polaroids that Jamal took, explaining that they tell the story of what really happened to Rebecca over a century ago. Lucy is fascinated; something paranormal is definitely going on at the barn. It might explain Kevin's disappearance, Lucy takes this as more proof that he's alive, and tells Ian about the DOC blocks and the channeling session with Victor. She thinks it's time to try to talk to Rebecca, and Ian agrees.

They go to the barn, and Lucy stares at the slashed portrait. Nothing's happening. She thought that she'd be able to sense Rebecca's aura if she kept an open mind, but she feels nothing. Ian points out that it may be because of the damage done to the portrait. Lucy tries talking to Rebecca, telling her she truly believes and asking her to help them find Kevin. Ian gets the idea that maybe the portrait is a portal for Rebecca to come through, but she can't because it's damaged. Lucy agrees, but Ian is a bit apprehensive. What if she's a real witch? They don't really know what they'd be calling back. Lucy doesn't care; she wants to do whatever it takes. Ian agrees and goes to his car to see what he can find that might repair the portrait.

Livvie can't find Rafe. She looks all through the cabin and panics when he isn't there. She rushes out the door, not seeing Alison about to reach the cabin. Alison thinks Ian was right; this might be just what she needed. Ian told her the key would be under the mat, but it's not there. She looks around and can't find the key anywhere. Frustrated, she sits down and starts talking to Rafe. Nothing has gone right since he left. Her life is such a mess. She wishes she had just a minute or a second with his arms around her again. It would make her feel so much better. His love is the one thing she could always count on, but she'll never see him again. She knows she has to find a way to move on. Realizing she can't sit there all day, she picks up her luggage and walks away.

Rafe is at the scene where Livvie found him lying on the ground. He's trying to figure out how he got there, but he can't remember anything. He hears Livvie calling out for him and lets her know where he is. She scolds him for getting away, and he asks whether he's her prisoner. She claims she was just worried, since he isn't well enough to be running around on his own, but Rafe doesn't believe her. Livvie says she was scared because Alison keeps hurting the people she's close to; she's already lost so much, and she doesn't want anything to happen to Rafe. He assures her he can take care of himself but says he understands her concern. He promises not to disappear again. He's going to protect her, and Alison won't be able to hurt her anymore. They head back to the cabin.

Livvie and Rafe return to the cabin. She offers to fix something to eat, but he's tired and just wants to get some sleep. He'll take the couch and let her have the bedroom. After the rest, they can talk some more. He lies down, and Livvie is clearly pleased with the situation. Outside, Alison is back with a key. She unlocks the door and pushes it open.

At the Recovery Room, Frank tells Karen about all the plans he has for trying to make things up to her, but she tells him it isn't necessary. The candle was making him act that way. It wasn't his fault. Now everything should be back to normal. Ricky comes in and, seeing them, turns around to leave. Karen notices him, and Frank follows her gaze, then calls Ricky over to apologize for his behavior. He knows now what caused it, and it won't happen again. He hasn't tried to be a friend to Ricky, and he'd like to make up for that now. Ricky takes him at his word, and they shake hands. Noticing a camera crew near the door, Frank goes over to his mother and asks what's going on. Mary informs him that they're doing a story on the Recovery Room, which should be good for business. Frank is curious as to why Victor isn't around for this, and Mary explains that he's just so caught up in trying to find out what happened to Kevin. In fact, he and Lucy even got into something paranormal. At the word "paranormal," Frank starts getting that familiar look on his face, and Mary asks whether he's having another one of his episodes. He brushes the feeling aside and claims it's just a headache.

Ricky and Karen talk while Frank is with his mother. They agree to be friends, and Ricky is glad things are working out for her. The reporter, Patrick Lynn, approaches Karen to be his first on-the-spot interview, but before she can decide, Frank intervenes, saying to forget it. Then he calms down briefly and Karen agrees to do the interview. Frank sits down, and Ricky joins him at the table. During the interview, Frank starts getting upset again. He sees Karen in the same red teddy she always wears in his hallucinations, and she's all over the reporter. Outraged, he goes over to them and says they should get a room. Ricky tries to stop him but is pushed down. Telling Karen to show the whole world what a slut she is, Frank rips open her blouse.

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