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Port Charles Update Wednesday 5/15/02

By Dawn

Ian enters Kate's office and informs her that Lucy believes Ali is innocent. Ian wants them to help each other and work together. As Kate informs him that she can™t discuss Ali™s case with him, Ali, Jamal, and Jack enter. They have proof that Ali is innocent and that something strange is going on in the barn.

Rafe is having a nightmare and Livvie wakes him. She calms him down and promises to help him remember his life. Grateful to her, Rafe tells her that he knows she has a life to get back to. Her father is gone, her best friend murdered him, and she doesn™t mind sharing it with him. He asks her if there was someone, maybe a girlfriend or wife waiting for him.

Lucy lets Victor in and tells him about the blocks from yesterday. She has tried stone, crystals and tarot cards. None of them worked and she knows it™s time for the two of them to try something stronger. Lucy believes they have to contact Kevin themselves. Victor agrees to do anything Lucy thinks they need to do. She leads him to the table, which is covered with candles and they sit. She is determined to find Kevin. He would never give up on her, and she refuses to give up on him. Calling to Kevin, she begs him to find a way to help them find him

After Ali refuses to allow Kate to remove everyone else from the office, Jamal gives her the photos. Jack and Jamal explain that the camera is over a hundred years old, the story in the picture also happened over a hundred years ago. Kate isn™t impressed. Jack tries to make her realize that the pictures were just taken a few days ago. Ali puts the pictures in order and tells the story of Rebecca and the minister. Ian watches them as Kate questions Ali™s knowledge of the events of Rebecca™s life. When Ali tells her that Rebecca talks to her, Kate has had enough. She angrily informs them and informs them that she can™t take this into court unless Ali wants to be laughed right into the electric chair.

Livvie tells Rafe that he has no one waiting for him. He had a funny feeling there was, but he begins to question why Livvie was out there where she found him. Livvie pretends that she had to get away to think. She knows he doesn™t remember Kevin, but he was a caring man who tried to help Ali. He did help her before when she was accused of murder, but Ali got off then due to her family™s money. Rafe believes every word Livvie says and is shocked to hear about prior murder charges, but he doesn™t understand why Livvie said she thought he was going to save Ali when she found him. Livvie denies saying it, but Rafe knows she said it.

Lucy is still calling Kevin. She reminds him of the blocks he arranged for her yesterday and she™s waiting for the next sign. She knows they both have faith and she reminds him how much trouble she gets into when he™s not around to stop her. Victor has no idea who Lucy is talking about when she reminds Kevin of Joe Scully, but Lucy reminds Kevin how he tried to stop her from getting involved. She didn™t listen to him and got kidnapped. When she was away from him, Kevin told her that being without her made him nuts. She feels the same way and she wants him back in her arms. She begs him for any clue to where he is. The universe has always put them back where they belong and she knows if she concentrates enough it will work.

Frustrated, Ali swears that this isn™t a joke and the pictures are evidence. Kate can™t use these for defense. She can™t go into court with a magic camera and a haunted portrait. Even if she could, Kate isn™t sure what this has to do with the case. Ian finally steps in. He appreciates that she is a lawyer and lives by logic. He does, too. But in the last year he has seen enough in Port Charles to make him believe in almost anything. Not phased, Kate insists that she needs a real case unless Ali is going to plead insanity. Kate™s phone rings and she answers it. They all finally give up. Jamal promises to come up with something, but Ali doesn™t believe she™ll ever be free. Jamal hugs her.

Livvie tried so convince Rafe that he misunderstood her, but at first he doesn™t buy it. Livvie admits that she went into the woods to hide from Ali and she said he would save her FROM Ali. Rafe doesn™t understand why Ali would come after her, but Livvie reminds him that Ali killed her father for challenging her. With money she can get away with anything, and someone needs to stop her. Livvie sounds so afraid of Ali that Rafe promises to protect her. She saved his life, now it™s his turn.

Hanging up the phone, Kate informs them that the hearing is scheduled for next week. She needs Ali to come in alone. They kids leave the office and Ian reminds the lawyer that if they™re right, there hasn™t been a murder. Kevin is still a missing person.

Jamal and Jack promise her that they™ll find another way. Ali isn™t convinced. Ian thinks she™s on to something. Lucy and Ali believe it, that™s enough to Ian to check into it. Ian wants to go blow up the photos, and Jack intends to take more. Ali offers to help, but Ian tells her to go rest. The cabin is empty, and she needs to get some rest. If anything comes up, they™ll call her. Ali agrees.

Rafe rehashes stuff from his past in his head, and apologizes to Livvie. Livvie is glad to have him to talk to, and she™s glad to have him back. Rafe has so many questions, but Livvie stops him. Both of her parents were therapists and she knows that remembering too much at once can do more harm then good. She wants to help him remember bit by bit. He™s happy about that, but he™s anxious to know where they™re going to start. She convinces him to take it easy and rest a little first. She wants a quiet day with just the two of them.

Lucy and Victor are still begging Kevin to contact them. Finally after a few more minutes, Victor has to say that it might not happen. Crying, Lucy refuses to give up and begs Victor to give her one more chance. Unable to say no to her, Victor agrees. Lucy begs Kevin to try to reach her and promises to move heaven and earth to find him. Her hand begins to write on the pad next to her for a few seconds before she realizes she™s doing it. Staring at it, she realizes it™s Kevin. The word lost is written on the pad several times. Victor and Lucy are happy about it, but Lucy begins to cry when she realizes that Kevin is still only sort of there. 


Serena tells Lucy that people are acting like Kevin is never coming back and she wants to know if it™s true.

Frank tells Ricky that there is something they need to clear up.

Livvie demands to know where Rafe is going and Rafe wants to know what Livvie is afraid of.

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