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Port Charles Update Tuesday 5/14/02

by Dawn

Karen finds Frank in Recovery Room and she's anxious to talk to him. He's still not sure he won't have another episode and he wants her to go. Karen is happy to inform him that he was right about the candles and that's what caused it.

Lucy is picking up letter blocks off the floor when Ian returns. He's afraid Danny made the mess, but Lucy tells him they're Christina's blocks. She tells him about going to bail Ali out of jail and going to the barn. Ian is worried when she tells him that she believes Rebecca knows where Kevin is. She bailed out the woman accused of murdering her husband and went to talk to a woman that's been dead for a hundred years. 

Jamal and Jack find Ali at the barn. They're shocked to hear that Lucy bailed her out. Ali tells them that Lucy believes her about Rebecca, but the portrait is destroyed and now Rebecca is gone. There's no hope for finding Kevin or proving Ali didn't kill him. Jamal is happy to tell her that they can prove Rebecca was there. 

Ali demands to know how they can prove Rebecca is real. Jack and Jamal explain taking the pictures of the pictures as they develop. But they go on to tell her about the story in the photos. They make the connection between what happened to Rebecca and what is happening with Ali. Jack and Jamal know that Ali doesn't want to believe that Rebecca is capable of murder, but the pictures tell a pretty bad story. Ali tells them the story about the minister being engaged to the mayor's daughter but loving another woman. Rebecca helped him fake his own death so he could be with the one he loved. But she was framed for the murder and hanged. Ali is convinced that the next photo will prove that she is innocent. Jack and Jamal grab the camera and decide to find out. Jamal is worried about Ali, but she swears she's fine. As she stares at the heart with her and Rafe's name on the wall, Jamal sees what she's staring at. He understands, but he's sorry she can't see him right in front of her. Jamal loves her, he's willing to take care of her, and he's there.

Rafe and Livvie are at the cabin. He knows he owes her, but she swears it's nothing. Rafe can't believe that the last thing he remembers is 1991, but he's convinced she's an angel. Replying that she is just glad she was there, she tells him to think about going to bed.

Lucy knows Ian thinks she's crazy. But she's gong to do whatever it takes, even though she admits that it sounds crazy to her. Lucy reminds Ian that they've both been through some really crazy things. Ian knows that, but he's afraid that Lucy is grasping at straws and he doesn't want to see her get her hopes up. Lucy stops him by asking him if he's trying to make her prepare herself for her husband being dead. Crying, she accuses him of not being worried about her or Kevin. She thinks that he wants to know God didn't single him out for pain and if she's in as much pain as he's in, he'll feel better. Shocked, Ian can't answer her.

The hurt look on Ian's face makes Lucy sorry she said it. Ian knows she didn't mean it. He knows that she is aware that he has to search for a reason to get up everyday, and Danny is his only reason. Beginning to cry, Ian also knows that she knows that he would move heaven and earth to keep her from feeling this pain. He has to know it, because if he believed she didn't know, it would break his heart. Moving to him, Lucy begs him to forgive her. He holds her.

Frank begs Karen to tell him she's not joking. Karen tells him that other people have had reactions to the candles and she had them tested. With negative results, she's leaning towards witchcraft or black magic. Something in them is making people do things they wouldn't normally do. Frank knows Livvie tried to tell him it was witchcraft. Karen is convinced that if the candle is gone, Frank will be fine. Frank wants to believe her, but he can't stop thinking about the things he said to her. Karen refuses to believe Frank would ever say those things to her on his own, and she believes he would never hurt her. Refusing to give up on him, she tells him to look at her.

Rafe asks if it's okay if he stays the night. Livvie's answer is that she can't kick him out of cabin. He feels funny, and asks her about his family or any friends that cared about him. He knows Livvie said he was a loner, and he knows that he lived that way before. He hoped things had changed in the missing years, but he realizes they hadn't.

Ali can't talk about Rafe. Jamal is not trying to make things harder, but he offered to live with her memories. She tries to tell him, but he knows all about the ceremony, which was more of a promise then anything else. Ali tries to explain that it was a real vow to her, but she knows he doesn't get it. When Ali asks him to drop it, he can't. All Jamal wants is to make things right. He's not trying to pressure her, and Ali knows it. Jack interrupts. He knows Ali believes that Rebecca is innocent, but Jack wants her to realize that it's possible Rebecca did something. Ali wants to know how they can prove a ghost did something. Ali is convinced that the photos will prove Rebecca is innocent, and the guys agree the best thing to do is to go develop them and find out.

Karen asks him what he sees. He sees her. Just her. Relieved, they hold each other. Frank sees his beautiful Karen. Convinced the nightmare is over, they hold each other.

Livvie covers Rafe on sofa and watches him sleep. She whispers to herself that it's payback time for Ali. She took Livvie's father and destroyed her relationship with Jack. Now Livvie is going to keep Rafe as her very own secret.

While Jack develops the pictures, they all hope the next one will prove what really happened. The next photo shows Rebecca and the minister together, while she holds the bloody apron and shirt. They consider that proof she didn't kill the minister and Ali convinced that Kevin isn't dead, either.

Lucy moves away from Ian and asks him to forgive her again. She is aware of how much she's asked of him and she's sorry. Ian understands that she needs to keep believing. As hard as it is for her, she knows Kevin is out there and she has to reach him. She decides that she's going to clear her head and wait for a sign. Ian knows that if there is one sign out there, Lucy will get it. He decides to go for a walk. Lucy hasn't been sleeping, and she has to lay down. He leaves her alone. After he's gone, Lucy turns to find three of Christina's blocks still on the ground. They spell out Doc and Lucy is convinced that this is the sign she was waiting for. She knows that she had picked up all the blocks before and she is convinced Kevin is telling her to not give up. She promises him that she won't give up and she'll find him.


Ali, Jack, and Jamal find the lawyer and Ian in her office and they're anxious to show them what they found.

Rafe remembers Livvie asking him if he was there to help Ali. He wants to now why he would protect a murderer.

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