PC Update Monday 5/13/02



Port Charles Update Monday 5/13/02

By Kathy

Jack and Jamal are looking at the Polaroid of Rebecca. They agree it proves what Alison says is true. There is a man in the picture with Rebecca as well. Jamal says he recognizes him. It's the guy Rebecca was convicted of killing.

Alison is dreaming of Rafe. Everything is back to normal all the couples have reunited because Rafe returned. Rafe tell her he loves her. Alison sleeps with a smile on her face.

Livvie is impatient and surprised that Rafe doesn't know who he is or who Alison is. She asks him if he remembers anything that has happened in Port Charles. Rafe says he never heard of Port Charles.

Ed is still perusing his contract. James tells him Rafe will go back to earth without any memory. James says if love conquers all Rafe will find Alison again and all will be well. Ed is sure Rafe will find his love with Alison again. James is not so sure. Part of the agreement is if Rafe and Alison come together on earth Rafe will become human and will live a life on earth. If Rafe and Alison don't find each other in the allotted time, James gets Ed's and Rafe's souls.

Rafe reiterates he doesn't remember anything but who he is. Livvie asks him about his belief in angels. He says he hasn't met any. Livvie tells him she and he are really good friends. Rafe tells her he doesn't remember anything. Plans are starting to percolate in that wicked little head of Livvie's. Rafe thinks its 1991 and is shocked when Livvie tells him it is 2002. Livvie suggests they go somewhere quiet so that he can regain him memory. She asks him if he trusts her. He says yes, since she said they are really good friends. Livvie leads him away.

Livvie takes Rafe to Ian and Eve's house in the woods. She tells him the house belongs to her friend, Ian. She asks if he remembers Ian. He tells her no. She tells him to sit down and relax and she'll get him some water. He looks at the pictures of Ian, Eve and Danny. Livvie comes in with the water. Rafe can't believe he's lost 10 years of his life. He asks her why she's looking at him like he's fallen out of the sky. She tells him she's just surprised. He also asks if he has any family. Livvie tells him no, that he was kind of a loner. He asks about Alison and how he knows her.

Alison is back in her dreamy dream of Rafe. Alison is out of trouble. All is good. Alison wakes up tells herself she can't stay at Lucy's, that there is only one place she wants to be.

Jack and Jamal lay out the series of pictures to try to tell the story. There is one more picture to develop. It's Rebecca with a bloody shirt by herself. Jack tells Jamal to quickly take the picture of the picture. He snaps it. The pictures tell a story that looks a lot like the Kevin/Alison scenario. Jamal wants to burn the pictures, but Jack tells Jamal to wait. They have to find out what happened to Rebecca. They decide to go back to the barn and take more pictures.

Ed signs away his soul. James is thrilled. Ed asks for his own copy. Ed tells James not to count on collecting two souls. James scoffs and leaves. Speaking to air, Ed tells Rafe he's counting on him and to follow his hart.

Rafe doesn't understand why Livvie won't tell him about Alison. She says she doesn't want to overwhelm him with information. She tells him she and Alison used to be friends and then Alison started fooling around with black magic and killed her, Livvie's, father. Rafe asks her why Alison would do something like that. Livvie tells him because her father was trying to stop Alison from spreading witchcraft all over PC. Rafe hugs her and tells her he hopes this Alison pays for all she has done. Livvie tells him she is paying.

Alison arrives at the barn and remembers her last moments with Rafe. Talking to air, as most of the characters do these days, she talks to Rafe and tells him how she feels when she dreams about him and that she wishes he was really there.

Previews for Tuesday: Karen to Frank: "Call it witchcraft, black magic what ever you want but its true that candle put a spell on you." Lucy to Ian: "I do happen to believe that Rebecca knows where Kevin is." Rafe to Alison, with Jack beside him: "Jack here found a way to prove that Rebecca was here."

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